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How To Get Verified On Twitch

How To Get Verified On Twitch

Are you an avid social media user? Then you’ve definitely seen the blue tick next to your favorite influencers name. Signifying their success on the

Funny Twitch Streamers6523

Funny Twitch Streamers

The most popular video-streaming platform in the world is home to thousands of funny, entertaining and sometimes downright weird personalities. Some streamers are just there

a woman holding a slow iphone because of too many apps

Reasons Why Your iPhone is Slow

If you’re experiencing slow iPhone performance, there may be a few things you can do to speed up your device. Here are some of the

speed running for charity

Speedrunning for Charity

For a long time, video gaming has been stuck with the stigma of being for loners who’d rather sit at home alone and not interact

man who needs to get better at apex legends

How To Get Better At Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the Battle Royale games available right now that anyone can play for free. The game features fast movements, and compared

green-screen-for streaming

Best Green Screen For Streaming

If you want your streaming channel to compete with the major platforms, your stream needs to look professional. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford a

Best White Gaming Motherboard

Gaming is not only about having the best graphic card, processor, headset, and RAM; it is also about developing the best-looking hardware, which sets it

best white headset

Best White Gaming Headset

Having a gaming monitor, gaming chair and a gaming keyboard is not enough if you’re missing out on a high-quality gaming headset. Today is the

Best White Gaming Chair

Today, a lot of people, particularly gamers, chose to have a minimalist and straightforward gaming setup. The white color seems to be the number one

Best White Gaming Mouse

There are lots of white gaming mice out there, which make it hard to find the one that meets your needs and preferences. If you

white gaming setup widescreen

Best White Mechanical Keyboard

Having the best and suitable equipment is essential in your internet gaming conquest, and one of the most critical tools is, of course, the keyboard.

white battlestation gaming setup

Best White Gaming Setups

There is a reason all white gaming setups are one of the most popular design choices for bright and minimalist decors. If you’re trying to