Best Internet Speed To Be A Twitch Streamer?

Have the itch to become a Twitch streamer? Streaming can be very rewarding. Not only is it a great way to have more fun while gaming, but it can also be a viable way to turn your hobby into a rewarding side hustle.

However, streaming requires a lot of equipment and fast Internet. Are you wondering whether or not you have the Internet bandwidth to make it work? In this article, we will be going over what you need from your internet to be a Twitch streamer.

What Is The Minimum Internet Speed?

A lot of people tend to focus on download speeds. The truth is, it’s your upload speed that is going to dictate the quality in which you will be able to stream.

If you are looking for the absolute bare minimum, you would be looking at around 3mbps upload speeds. This would be the bare minimum recommendation for those looking to stream without constantly buffering.

Will You Be Using The Internet At The Same Time?

This is a big one that you have to consider. While you could get by with a 3mbps upload connection, not everyone is going to be using the Internet on their own. If you don’t live on your own, you may be sharing the connection across multiple devices and people.

Therefore, you need to factor in whether or not you will have other devices using up upload bandwidth while you are streaming. If so, you need to account for this usage. For instance, if you have security cameras uploading video feeds or if you have people uploading media in your home during your streams, you are likely to experience issues with such low Internet speeds.

What Should You Do?

Ideally, you want to get a better internet connection to stream if you are looking to start a channel. A solid ADSL connection is a bare minimum you should be looking for. If possible, you should look for high-speed cable or fiber Internet with high download speeds for the best results.