Best Mic For Twitch Streaming

There are many prerequisites if you’re hoping to make it in the streaming world. Just like any other media sector, there’s cut-throat competition. As a Twitch streamer, delivering crystal clear and crisp audio to your audience is pertinent. It’s among those factors that will either make or break your Twitch channel. So, with that in mind, here’s a review of the best mic for twitch streaming.

Types of Streaming Microphones

Apart from a webcam, another important tool you need for streaming is a microphone. When you want set up a home studio to record your streaming to twitch, TV, Video Games, or music making, you will need a high quality microphone. If you are shopping for a high quality microphone, you will come across two different options. These include the dynamic and condenser microphones. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with these microphones.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are used in most homes and studios. You can be used to twitch and television streaming as well as music production. They are the highest and most durable microphones on the market today. They give you the most reliable sound. They sell at different prices in the market. They are more expensive than other microphones. If you want to be consistent in streaming, you need these superior microphones.

The advantages of condenser microphones:

●They operate at high frequency
●They have louder output
●They are sensitive to loud sounds

The major shortcoming of condenser microphones is that they are more expensive than dynamic microphones, but they offer high quality sounds. These microphones rarely disappoint.

Examples of condenser microphone include Oktava MC012, which is sold at $99, AKG C414B sold for $700.

Dynamic Microphones

The other type of microphone is dynamic microphones. They are not of the same quality as a condenser microphone. They are cheaper than condenser microphones. With the changing technology, modern, dynamic microphones work perfectly like condensers. They are used to produce high quality and good sound streaming on twitch and TV; it could be used for drums and voice.

You will never have a distorted sound with this high quality microphone. Some of the highest quality dynamic microphones in the market include Shure SM57 sold for $99, Shure SM58 sold for $109, and Sennheiser E602 sold for $100. These microphones will give you excellent sound result.

Dynamic microphones are more rugged than condensers.

The major benefits of dynamic microphones are that

●They resist abuse and moisture

●They are better for storage as they do not rust easily

The shortcomings for these microphones are that

●They do not offer the best sound quality to twitch streaming

●Unlike their condenser counterparts, this microphone needs an alternative power source to operate

●Their sound quality is not accurate

If you’re a newbie but already have considerable subs, it’s perhaps time for you to upgrade your mic. That is unless you’re already making use of some of the best mics on the market. But if you’re a veteran Twitch streamer, check out these mics in case you’re planning to upgrade your stream setup.

Best 3 Mics For Twitch Streaming


The brand really made a statement in the market of USB headphones through its QUADCAST S. We’ll tell you why exactly it’s such a hit when it comes to mics for streaming.

QUADCAST S boasts of various features. These include pop filters that are present internally and easy gain controls. For those who love colors and lights, the mic offers flashy lights on the body.

Buying a mic stand is more often than not an extra charge that streamers need to consider. But the HyperX QUADCAST S comes along with a mic stand.

With QUADCAST S, HyperX guarantees the most efficient and clear audio for streaming on Twitch. If that wasn’t enough, all those perks and features come at a very exceptional price.

Features We Loved

  • To mute your mic, you only need to tap on it.
  • QUADCAST S comes with the pop-filter.
  • The mic lies in the affordable range.

Blue Yeti X

The brand, Blue, produces mics that are very well-received in the streaming community. That holds true not only for the latest Blue Yeti X but also for its predecessors.

In comparison to the earlier models, Yeti X, the latest variant is indeed smaller. There also have been improvements in its design. That’s evident from the front section that now houses an adjustable dial.

Do you find it inconvenient to change audio outputs all the time? Say goodbye to those things with the new Blue Yeti X.

Go ahead and change your audio output whenever you wish to, quite easily. You won’t be requiring any other third-party software to help you tweak the audio settings.

Besides, the cost of the mic is something that we must not miss out on. The Blue Yeti X is a great buy, especially if you’ve just started as a streamer. The mic comes at an affordable price while offering all the best features.

For sure, it’s among the most convenient and best mic for Twitch streaming.

Features We Loved

  • The mic comes with a mic stand.
  • The efficient 11-segment dial.
  • Spectacular price.

Razer Seiren X

When it comes to the most cost-effective USB mic, the Seiren X by Razer surely made a name for itself. It achieved that without ever compromising on the top features that Seiren X boasts of.

So it makes for a natural choice for new streamers or those on a tight budget.

Also, for those of you with limited space on your streaming stations, go for this mic without a doubt. The mic doesn’t take up too much desk space as Seiren X is pretty sleek and has a compact design.

Unlike mics that require you to shout to get your message across, Seiren X boasts of an ultra-precise pickup. So, Razer Seiren X ensures to pick up the input quite efficiently.

Another attractive aspect of the mic is its compatibility with various platforms. Apart from the usual desktop setup, you may use the mic with a PS5 or PS4.

So for gamers who wish to stream gameplays, the mic will exceed all your expectations.

Features We Loved

  • Compatible with many devices such as PS5 and PS4. Besides, it’s also licensed.
  • The compact design of Seiren X surely makes all the difference.
  • The mic comes at an affordable price. On top of that, it goes on sale quite often.

Shure MV7

The MV7 by Shure is among the best mic for Twitch streaming.

The mic offers a lot of flexibility in terms of usage. That’s because you can still employ it even if you don’t possess a mix amp.

MV7 offers users both USB ports and XLR cable features.

You can bet on the fact that the mic will deliver on the quality front. So much so that it matches the level of those used by professional artists and top streamers.

Shure offers all those features at an efficient price. At the same time, you might have to shell out some money for a mic stand.

Its form factor allows you the flexibility to move it out of your way when you’re not using it. You can simply attach it to a microphone arm.

Features We Loved

  • You can easily mute your audio by tapping on the mic.
  • It offers a pop-filter.
  • In comparison to professional-grade mics, very affordable.

Audio-Technica AT2020

Even though it’s a very efficient mic, many streamers shy away from it due to its price. It’s true that among the mic we listed, AT2020 by Audio-Technica does lie on the more expensive side.

But in case you’re ready and have the required budget, nothing gets better than the Audio-Technica AT2020. That’s especially true if you’re making use of a mix amp to hand.

Versatility is a feature that comes very naturally to the AT2020. That’s evident if you consider many Twitch streamers who use it on a daily basis.

Also, you need other components to make the mic function efficiently. These are the mixing board and XLR cable.

So if you’re not prepared to shell out a lot of money, we advise you to go for other options.

But it’s worth it if your application extends beyond streaming and you’re strictly looking for top-quality mics.

Features We Loved

  • The quality of output audio is a level above all the mics.
  • The design is sleek and does give it a very appealing look.