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Best Soundproofing Options For Twitch Streamers

Professional and competent sound is crucial, especially if you’re a full-time Twitch (or any other platform for that matter) streamer. When we talk about streaming, nothing’s more frustrating than the ambient background noises.

Forget good quality audio; you cannot even think of recording decent quality audio. And nobody has the time and patience to fine-tune audio settings every time they do a live stream! With that in mind, have you ever considered what the best soundproofing options for Twitch streamers are?

Yes! If you wish to stream efficiently in the absence of ambient noise, consider soundproofing your streaming room.

In this article, we’ll look into the best soundproofing options for Twitch streamers. Also, we’ll be sharing a few tips and hacks in the buying. So make sure to read until the end!

Best Soundproofing Options for Twitch Streamers

Fleece Blankets

Linens, Duvets, and Blankets offer effective options to soundproof your room if you’re a streamer. Especially if you’re on a new budget and on a budget, you can hang blankets on the walls of your streaming room.

Trust us! These blankets are really efficient when it comes to soundproofing. Visit the thrift stores around your locality if you wish to save up on a few more bucks.

Ensure to properly wash the blankets if, indeed, you purchase them from a thrift store. Similar to online stores, you’ll be able to find many linens and blankets.

These blankets are very effective when it comes to absorbing sound waves. But unlike brand new blankets from Amazon, they might look a little worn and scrappy.


For the purposes of live streams and recordings, the fleece blankets make your room echo-free and take care of all the ambient noise. Not only that, they add a certain character to your room by keeping it clean and beautiful.

These blankets come in a variety of colors. So you can choose a color that fits the vibe you’re going for. The blanket completely deadens the sounds, ensuring a perfect space for you to stream peacefully.

For even more efficiency, what you can do is layer two fleece blankets. Layer the new blanket on top of the one you purchased from the thrift store.

DIY Soundproof Panels

DIY soundproof panels offer an efficient option to insulate sounds. They are effective, easy to make, and cheap.

Making of DIY Soundproof Panels

Firstly, you would require certain supplies (cheaply available). These are:

  • Expanding spray foam
  • Spray paints (optional)
  • Non-scratch pads
  • Egg cartons
  • Cardboard

Make a 2’’ deep tray out of the cardboard. Ensure that egg cartons and cardboard are of similar sizes. The carton acts as a lid for the tray.

Fill the entire tray with foam using the expanding spray foam. Make sure to leave air gaps.

Squish the foam using the egg carton. That will help cover the entire space inside the tray. The foam should be ideally sticking to both the carton and the tray. Leave it aside for over 24 hours to dry.

This DIY soundproof panel helps you achieve sound cancellation to a certain extent. It’s very cost-effective in comparison to professional panels that can get pretty expensive. With a single can of expanding spray foam, you should be able to able to make around four of these panels.


  • DIY soundproof panels offer a cheaper alternative.
  • Efficient active sound cancellation.

Studio Soundproof Panels

Although DIY soundproof do a decent job, it comes with limited efficiency. So if budget isn’t an issue for you, you should definitely go for professional-grade studio soundproof panels.

It’ll absorb all the ambient sounds from inside the room as well as noise from outside. Thicker and abundant layers are always better when it comes to these acoustic panels.

You can efficiently place them on the ceiling of your streaming room. The foam in the panels will help dissipate the sounds better by trapping them.


  • The panels help separate the room from whatever lies outside.
  • It traps the sound efficiently to create an echo-free and quiet environment.
  • Absence of ambient noise.
  • Soundproofing Buying Guide

Before you go on ahead and employ these products and methods that we mentioned, there exist certain things you must pay heed to.

In order to make your streaming room soundproof, you need to get a gist of what sound is and how it works. The most effective way is to understand sound by using the analogy of dropping a pebble in a bathtub or a pool.

Say you drop a pebble or any other object in a bathtub filled with water. On dropping, you’ll be able to witness tiny waves traveling outwards towards the boundaries.

All these waves originate from the point where the pebble/object makes contact with water and dives into it. That’s not all! These waves, when it reaches the boundary wall, reflect back and traverse back to the point, creating numerous ripples.

The sounds waves originating from you also work in a similar fashion inside your streaming room. You need to consider noise disturbance from outside sources as well, especially if you’re living with family or friends.

Soundproof your room in such a manner that the sound waves cancel out each other.


Streaming on Twitch is more than just your viewers watching you play or stream whatever that you’re good at. It’s about building a long-term and faithful relationship. But that’s only possible if they are able to comprehend what you’re saying in a clear and crisp manner.

For such reasons, soundproofing your streaming room is vital. At the same time, do not expect to develop an excellent pro sound setup. Make use of cheaper alternatives as you begin taking on this journey.

Use rugs, carpets, and foam floor tiles to soundproof your floor, acoustic panels for the ceiling and walls, and thick curtains for the windows.

Also, to get the most effective results, remember that the more you layer it, the better it is.