Best Twitch Extensions: Our 2021 Top 6 Picks!

Do you need help finding the best twitch extensions? If so, you’re in the right place!

Twitch is among the most popular names in gaming. The platform has more than fifteen million active users, and as such, it dominates the gaming space for live streaming.

In addition, there are over 250 extensions currently available to help streamers with different tasks on the platform. Essentially, Twitch extensions help improve engagements and keep your viewers coming back.

In this article, we’ll recommend the six best extensions for your Twitch stream. We’ll also discuss what Twitch extensions are, the different types, and why you need them. So, keep on reading to learn more.

Twitch Extensions: What are They?

Twitch extensions are basically interactive tools that give streamers an additional advantage on Twitch. Some extensions enable viewers to interact directly, while some help with commenting.

Twitch extensions help improve interaction with your viewers as well as engagement on your channel. Today, there are over 200 extensions, all of which are developed by third-party services.

As a Twitch streamer, you can only use a maximum of six extensions on your channel. Of these six, you’re limited to three panel extensions, one overlay, and two components. Each of these types works differently, here’s how:

  • Panels: These extensions are present in the About me section of your Twitch account.
  • Overlay: These extensions appear over the footage but in a transparent manner.
  • Components: These extensions are part of your video. Nonetheless, viewers can hide them at any point.

Twitch Extensions Types

You’ll find a Discovery page on the Twitch platform, where it divides extensions into different categories. They include:

  • Games in Extensions
  • Polling & Voting
  • Music
  • Viewer Engagement
  • Streamer Tools
  • Extensions for Games
  • Loyalty & Recognition
  • Schedule & Countdowns
  • Bits
  • Mobile

Twitch Extensions: Why Use Them?

It’s critical to interact with your audience and keep them entertained to grow your channel or even monetize it. One great way to achieve this is by using interactive extensions and engaging with them.

Whether it’s by having them engage with your game, setting up challenges, or playing side games, viewer interaction plays a big role in determining the success of your broadcast.

Live broadcasts can become boring for your viewers in some time. As such, it’s important to keep them engaged and entertained in every possible way. That’s what Twitch extensions help with on your channel. You can use these tools for the following purposes:

  • Interact
  • Engage
  • Share important details
  • Increase revenue
  • Add game overlays to improve broadcast quality

As a streamer, it’s your job to keep your viewers engaged and entertained. At the same time, you also need to market yourself for potential sponsorships or donations. That’s where Twitch extensions can help you with.

6 Best Twitch Extensions

Now that the basics are covered let’s have a look at the six best Twitch extensions.

Sound Alerts

Type: Panel, Mobile, Component

Category: Viewer Engagement

Monetization: Yes

Sound Alerts lets you upload sounds and music for your viewers to play on your broadcast. You can even choose from the existing library. Once you’re done selecting, you can set prices for each sound.

While streaming, your viewers will be able to use bits to purchase and play a sound. Once the transaction is complete, the viewers can play it while you’re live streaming. In addition, you’ll earn a commission of 80% from all bits paid, while the developer will get the remaining 20%.

Own3d Design Panels
Developer: Own3d

Type: Panel

Category: Streamer Tools

Monetization: No

This is another pretty helpful extension for Twitch streamers, especially if you’re just starting out. When viewers open your channel, the first thing they see isn’t your video stream but the page design. So, without an appealing or attractive design, there’s a high chance of your viewers leaving and never coming back.

That’s where this free extension can help. Own3d Design Panel lets you optimize your channel and make it more presentable and attractive. It even lets you use animated Twitch panels and is constantly working towards bringing new options to improve your Twitch page.

Crowd Control
Developer: Warp World

Type: Overlay

Category: Interactive Gaming

Monetization: Yes

Crowd Control is another great Twitch extension that you can use for your channel. It helps in making your live stream more interactive. Crowd Control does this by allowing your audience to exchange Channel Points or bits for coins.

The viewers can then use the coins to activate in-game effects and items. The monetization mechanic works the same as Sounds Control, where you get 80% commission, and the developer gets 20%.

Amazon Blacksmith
Developer: Amazon

Type: Mobile, Overlay, Panel, component

Category: Streamer Tools

Monetization: Yes

Amazon Blacksmith is a great extension for your Twitch profile. It lets you display a list of Amazon products (computing or gaming gear) that you use.

You also have complete authority over which items you wish to display. Plus, you get a commission for every purchase made by your viewers.

Prime sub & Loot Reminder
Developer: Prime Gaming

Type: Component, Overlay

Category: Loyalty & Recognition

Monetization: Yes

This is an overlay extension that sits at the corner of your screen. As the name suggests, it reminds your viewers about their free Prime subscription. In addition, it also notifies them about any other Prime gaming benefits.

Stream Avatars

Type: Mobile, Component, Panel

Category: Viewer Engagement

Monetization: Yes

This Twitch extension appears at the bottom part of your screen during live streaming. When you use this tool, it’ll allow your subscribers and followers to pick a character or avatar of their choice.

Once they have their pick, they can engage on your broadcast by battling each other or performing actions. The viewers can even customize their avatar. Want more customization options? You can even upload your custom pixel art avatars for viewers to use.

Final Thoughts

There are several other extensions available. However, these are some of the best Twitch extensions worth considering. They can help improve the overall experience for your viewers and even monetize your channel. So, start using these tools and see how you attract more viewers and keep them entertained.

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