Best Ways to Get Followers on Twitch

If you are into online video gaming, you probably know what Twitch is. Twitch is the largest and most popular online video game streaming platform in the world.

The platform has become a haven for gamers as it provides them with thousands of followers and plenty of ways to make money. However, building your follower base is not an easy task, especially if you have an enormous competition.

So how do you gain followers on Twitch? Which are the best ways to get followers on Twitch?

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can implement to make your videos stand out in the crowd. This article will list some of the best practices that pro-streamers use to build up their follower base.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep.

Best ways to get followers on Twitch

We have listed seven practical tips that pro streamers use to build up their audience.

Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in the success of any online platform. Platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram can help your brand grow by providing proper engagement with your audience.

Many successful Twitch streamers use these platforms to engage with their followers. You can connect with your fans, keep them posted about your latest events, and reach out to more potential followers.

This strategy can propel your Twitch account to a whole new level and help you gain more audience.


Your followers began following you because they want regular updates about a particular game. If you fail to maintain consistency between your streams, the chances are that you will witness a dip in your audience base.

Following a schedule encourages your followers to tune into your channel, promoting trust and brand authority. It will also facilitate regular viewing and help you grow your audience count.

Many successful streamers create a streaming schedule and share it with their viewers to gain more exposure. It makes them look professional and trustworthy.

Events and Meetups

Events and Meetups are two successful ways of engaging with your audience. These strategies can help you meet your fans and followers in person. You can engage with them by sharing your experiences and exchanging tips.

Events are an excellent way of engaging with your fans and other streamers. It will help you make new contacts and put you in the limelight among potential followers who didn’t know you before.

Every major city across the globe holds such kinds of events to promote their game or players.

Offer Value

One of the crucial mistakes that new streamers make on Twitch is that they began streaming content without evaluating the needs of their viewers. Remember, viewers want value for their time, and if you can’t fulfill their needs, they will skip your content and proceed to the next streamer.

Providing value to your audience is vital to gain followers and establish your brand identity. Here are some of the few reasons why viewers watch content on Twitch.

  • To entertain themselves by watching a professional play their favorite game
  • To make better purchase decisions
  • To get advice and tips on games
  • To watch favorite players competing in events and tournaments
  • To watch unique content
  • To gain in-depth knowledge about a game
  • Make your Twitch layout visually appealing.

One of the primary things new streamers fail to implement on their channel is investing in an appealing Twitch layout. Although it will not help your cause instantly, it will aid your success in the long run.

A Twitch layout with an easy-to-follow design will attract and retain more viewers. You can use several elements, such as using images, adding colors, and adding a chat room to look more professional and attract and retain more audience.

A visually optimized channel appeals more to viewers and is one of the best tactics to gain new followers.

Choose the correct game.

Choosing the suitable game for streaming is vital to grow your channel and gain followers. If you pick an unpopular game, you would likely end up with fewer to no viewers. Likewise, playing a popular game may force you to compete against thousands of other streamers, and you will face a hard time ranking among them.

So what should we do? Evaluating and researching is the best practice to follow while choosing games, and you should pick a game with lower than 20 streamers. This strategy will help you rank higher in search results, thereby increasing your audience and followers.

Stream longer

One of the common mistakes beginners commit on Twitch is streaming for a limited period. If you stream for only one hour, you will have fewer viewers noticing your content, which is not ideal for your channel.

Many successful streamers stream for hours, making them rank higher in search results. This strategy will gain your channel more exposure and followers.

Additionally, you can create a schedule or implement a countdown screen and turn your webcam on to interact with your audience. It will allow your audience to learn more about your channel and turn visitors into followers.

Interact with your audience

One of the vital tactics many successful streamers use is audience interaction. Viewers tune into your live stream primarily because they want to know you and interact with other viewers through the chat room.

Audience interaction is an excellent technique to gain followers, especially if you are a newbie. Here are some of the crucial things top streamers implement on their channel.

Keep checking your chat room and try to reply to as many comments as possible. This strategy increases audience engagements and will allow your channel to grow more.
Chatting or talking on your stream is an excellent way of attracting viewers, even if you start with zero viewers. It helps to engage the potential audience and allows your brand to prosper.
Encourage loyal viewing through channel points. If you have enabled channel points on your channel, your viewers can accumulate them by interacting and watching your stream. You can offer rewards to viewers who have earned enough points, such as emotes and giveaway entries.

Final Thought

Twitch can become a gold mine for gamers if they are willing to do some hard work. By following the above strategies, you should be able to gain new followers and build your brand.