Best White Gaming Motherboard

Gaming is not only about having the best graphic card, processor, headset, and RAM; it is also about developing the best-looking hardware, which sets it apart from the rest. The motherboard is a vital hardware that will make your rig appears remarkable. The newest color theme common amongst gaming fanatics is white; because it makes the RGB led reflect rightly in making the hardware look lively. If you want to jump into this bandwagon but don’t know which one to purchase, worry no more as we will be reviewing the best white motherboard available on Amazon.

ZXT N7 Z390

The company has been in the business for a while, and they are a renowned maker of things like power supply, lighting, cooling kits as well as chassis. In 2018, the company attempted to move towards the ruthless aim of becoming a manufacturer of the motherboard. The company is also notorious for putting its effort into designs and styles, and that’s what NZXT successfully obtained with their white motherboards. The eggshell theme makes it feel and look premium as well as in line with the newest fashion in the industry of gaming.

The white motherboard from NZXT is crafted with ECS group effort; they are skilled in making stable products. They make use of the modern CAM module, which they offer in boxes with the white motherboard. This CAM module handles the whole thing from RGB lighting to the performance parameters tracking during gaming activities. It has unique headers; therefore, you are pressured to utilize CAM with the company’s products. NZXT white motherboard looks functional and classy; however, some parts are covered, which reduces the flow of heat and causes the hardware to suffocate.

This also comes with Z390 chipset and LGA1151 socket, which makes it a superb option for Intel fanatics. This motherboard is able to works well. The fact that BIOS is hard to tweak, however, is highly recommended for professionals. It is also integrated with Wi-Fi-5 with 5.0 BT that makes wireless connectivity stress-free.


  • Superb wireless connectivity
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 Support
  • Aesthetically Clean as well as Stunning


There is no RGB lighting

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ASUS Prime X470-Pro

Are you an overclocking fanatic? Do you want eye-catching hardware, then ASUS Prime X470-Pro is the best choice. The best thing about this motherboard is the 6+4 stage VRM that has a decent overclocking ability. The amount of wattage this product can make at voltage level is among the best performing white motherboards. It looks eye-catching due to the integration of superior white heatsinks.

This is intended for players as well as multi-tasking experts who’ll overclock their hardware in order to maximize their hardware. However, this one doesn’t have postcodes, and there are no diagnostic lights or LEDs. It has easy-to-use BIOS. Sufficient RGB headers are given for the chassis.


  • Visually eye-catching with RGB
  • Effective overclocking
  • M.2 Heatsink


Lack of diagnostic LED’s

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ASUS Prime Z390-A

This one has superb capability in overclocking with four phases as well as one for iGPU. This motherboard has Artificial Intelligence-based overclocking that functions in most conditions. The phases make sure a stable supply of the voltage to the processor.

It is also integrated with power-efficient components that make the running expense comparably low. It has M.2 drive features with Heatsinks to boost the transferring of heat and thus keep away throttling problems.

The white motherboard has an amazing look and exceptional design. But, it supports two RGB headers that are low. Components and PCB materials do not have a premium weight. It doesn’t have wireless connectivity but supports RAMS overclocking potential, thus making it the best choice for middle-range gaming computers.

It also has amazing board wired connectivity. It is also integrated with 3 USB 3.1 Gen 2 A-Type, USB 3.1 Gen 2 C-Type, and USB 3.1 Gen One A-Type. The internal connections of the board have enough choices to support the setup of RGB and fan header use in keeping it cool while running. The five-way optimization features predict CPU behavior through thermal loads as well as make sure continuing hardware performance.


A premium style for a very affordable price
Multi GPU support
Artificial Intelligence-based overclocking for newbies

Audio quality is average

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MSI B450 Mortal Titanium White Motherboard

This is also one of the best white motherboards available on the Amazon store. State-of-the-art MSI B450 comes with a white PCB, and this makes it look amazing in the chassis. It comes with black connectors that go along with the color theme. The whole thing from PCIe to VRM has amazing quality. The integrated humongous heat sink and well built to dispel energy effectively. The surface area is bigger than the usual heat sinks made as an art piece on other white motherboards out there.

Another amazing thing about this white motherboard is that it supports PCIe 3,0, while contemporary GPUs such as Radeon RX and Nvidia RTX make use of PCIe 4.0. This amazing feature may not make this white motherboard future-proof. But, it supports Crossfire for two AMD GPU setups. It doesn’t come with wireless connectivity but is integrated with a Gigabit LAN controller, thus keeping online playing at a lower ping.


  • Integrated with two M.2 slots
  • One-click BIOS updates
  • Synchronizable RGB


There’s no SLI support

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To Sum Up

Making a stunning and pleasing setup is a growing demand in the industry of gaming. Many brands or models have participated in the bandwagon and tend to make the product workable and functional and look stunning on the tabletop. White is the trending color, and manufacturers have adopted exceptional ways to integrate white color into their gaming tools. Above are white motherboards that come with black connectors, white PCB as well as white heatsinks, and there were also motherboards that utilized a combination of white and black or other colors all over the equipment. So, in due course, it is your choice with regards to looks and styles.