Best White Gaming Setups

white battlestation gaming setup

There is a reason all white gaming setups are one of the most popular design choices for bright and minimalist decors. If you’re trying to create the crisp, inviting gaming setup of your dreams and haven’t considered white as your foundational color for your gaming setup, you might want to think again.

The Best White Gaming Setups On The Internet:

We’ve gathered this list of stunning white gaming setups and rooms to demonstrate just how awesome an all white gaming setup can be. Check out all the create ways streamers have decorated their gaming rooms with and all white theme:

This Clean 4 Monitor All White Setup from SMOKEY76228

This gorgeous minimalist all white gaming setup from SMOKEY76228 is one of our top choices for an example of a perfect setup that is all white with subtle black trim to help outline the features.

white battlestation gaming setup

Every aspect of this white setup has been considered. The white mechanical keyboard and white mouse bring center the setup. A white and black gaming chair from Nobel for seating. White speakers are found at the corners of the all white desk. A white microphone can be found below the 4 monitors.

Stunning White Single Monitor Setup From Rain-Men

Nice and minimal all white setup. A crisp white keyboard and mouse. Silver mousepad for a subtle contrast. Sleek all white wireless headphones sitting on a white holder.

white gaming setup widescreen


Modern White Gaming Setup From CoooookiesandCream

gaming setup that is all white


Badass Backlit White Gaming Setup

Our personal favorite, this incredible white gaming setup has a clinical cyberpunk feel to it.

white minimalist gaming setup with vertical monitor


How to Build Your Own White Gaming Setup

We’ve compiled some helpful guides to get your started on setting up your own clean and beautiful white gaming setup

The Best White Motherboards

The Best White Gaming Headsets

The Best White Gaming Chairs

The Best White Gaming Mice

The Best White Mechanical Keyboards


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