Best White Mechanical Keyboard

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Having the best and suitable equipment is essential in your internet gaming conquest, and one of the most critical tools is, of course, the keyboard. This gaming equipment has to respond fast to your command that obviously leads to a mechanical variety. Also, there are other vital features you must be aware of. However, with all the attributes and features, a lot of gamers leave out the best factor.

The white keyboard is considered one of the best and coolest color choices. This stark color, harmonized with a stunning RGB backlight, will surely up your cool quotient.

Top 4 White Mechanical Keyboards

Today, there are lots of white keyboards that look amazing. Therefore, we took the chance of sifting through them for you. We came up with a list of four of the best and stunning white gaming keyboards available on Amazon.

Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard

Many working components have to be considered very carefully in the making of a high-quality gaming keyboard. Rii’s designers knew that, and they ensure to take in the following attributes and features in the modern RK100 white keyboard.

Key Features

Integrated with 104 keys
Compatible with many Operating Systems and Platforms
Made with a sleep mode for improved energy efficiency
Compact and lightweight design

The Rii RK100 white keyboard is a satisfactorily made gaming keyboard that has features that you will surely love. It has amazing design and performance. Made with a classic 195 bey build, RK100 is a wired white keyboard with bright backlighting. What is more, it offers a versatility of application which is remarkable and amazing.

The best thing about this white mechanical keyboard is that it is compatible with different operating systems. You can use this on your PC or Mac. The style of the parts and keys used in making this white mechanical keyboard grants the gamers a silent play.

It is also integrated with energy-saving features, which is one of the many reasons you need to invest in it. When it comes to aesthetics, RK100 is virtually perfect, except for the logo. The placement of the logo disrupts the appearance and could be an issue for players not looking to flash their equipment’s brand.


Well made gaming keyboard
Lessened noise from keys
Made with sleep mode


  • The logo is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Not made to be water-resistant

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Redragon K550 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming gears, one company that stands out is Redragon. Redragon K550 is synonymous to comfort and customization. This white mechanical keyboard is armed with state of the art features such as:

Key Features

  • Made with mechanical switch 134 eyes for anti-ghosting
  • Many easy to program Macro keys
  • Programmed with 8 colors, 18 backlight modes, and 5 brightness levels
  • Keyboard has 12 multimedia keys
  • Easy to detach wrist rest made of ABS and aluminum
  • Made with the full numerical pad
  • Compatible with different Operating Systems and platforms

This white mechanical keyboard is well made with full attention to features, which will help in improving your gameplay experience. One biggest plus this Reddragon has its customization. Made with many easy-to-program macro keys, Redragon white mechanical keyboards are suited to assist your reaction time regardless of your gaming style.

Another significant feature of this white mechanical keyboard is the control of its volume. This enables for improved, more refined control of the sound or audio. This is made to offer amazing comfort with its good size detachable wrist rest that allows players to put the rest at the best placement for the best comfort. It also comes with 2 USB wires.


  • This white mechanical keyboard comes with many easy to program mechanical keys.
  • Improved volume control
  • It comes with 2 USB wires
  • Integrated with detachable wrist rest feature


  • Some problems with too clicky keys
  • Need to lock windows key first to utilize backlighting feature

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LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

This white mechanical keyboard stands out when it comes to versatility. This is not just for gaming but also for other tasks. To ensure, Langtu Membrane had superb versatility as well as a high-working keyboard. Modern features included in this white mechanical keyboard are as follows:

Key Features of the White LANGTU Membrane Mechanical Keyboard

  • Seven colors LED backlighting
  • Made with responsive, soft keys
  • Made with twenty-five anti-ghosting keys
  • Multiple combinations of multimedia key
  • A wide array of compatibility
  • Plug and play
  • Non- slip pads made of rubber material
  • Waterproof

A lot of factors play a vital role in making a superior keyboard for a unique gaming experience. One important factor is, of course, versatility. Being capable of using regardless of computer Operating Systems or gaming console makes this gear stand out. Available in an easy plug-and-play design allows you to carry the keyboard to anywhere you want or set up any place you want to.

It has a nice aesthetic design with some remarkable brightness when it comes to backlighting. What is more, you can also play games without too much noise as the keys produce little to no noise.

Pros of the LANGTU Membrane

  • Good looking
  • Aesthetically pleasing style
  • Silent
  • Versatile
  • Lighting provides superb levels of brightness


  • You can adjust the keyboard
  • Some problems with sticky keys

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GK61 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a superior white mechanical keyboard available for gamer enthusiasts. This stands out when it comes to features and build. Knowing what mechanical keyboards need for gaming, the makers ensure to integrate some of the best features.

Key Features

  • Integrated with Gateron Optical switches
  • Programmed with much RGNB backlighting easy to customize modes
  • Keys caps made of ABS
  • Works with a wide array of Oss

This is a good white keyboard for gamers looking for their own exceptional aesthetic. It provides individuality-lit keys that can be customized to the lighting. With this keyboard, you get the best style and function.

The keyboard is made with a tough material that provides it a long life expectancy. The keys are well made as well. Beginning with the optical switches utilized under the caps of the keys, they provide an amazing feel and a better tactile response. It has nice stock keys too.


Dust resistant
Hot-swappable white mechanical switches



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So, if you look for a high quality white mechanical keyboard to complete an amazing white gaming setup, well, you need to know that there are many models to select from. To make your chase for the best keyboard stress, we put together some of the best products available on Amazon, focusing on features and design.


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