view twitch chat while streaming

How To View Twitch Chat While Streaming

Ever wondered why popular Twitch streamers have a running chat while streaming? Letting your audience express their thoughts and responding to them is the best way to make them your followers. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to open a different chat

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twitch streamer sitting at computer

How to Increase Twitch Stream Quality

Poor stream quality is one of the main reasons why streamers keep losing viewers on Twitch. According to the stats, if your video quality is low, about 50% of the viewers will leave your stream in just 90 seconds. Hence,

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Twitch streamer sitting at computer trying to think up a name for his channel

How To Come Up With A Twitch Name

If you’re starting a new Twitch channel, you must come up with an interesting name. As viewers visit your channel, they become instantly hooked if your channel name is memorable. Once you pick a name, it becomes your brand, and

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getting more viewers on twitch

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch [16 Tips]

Getting started with your Twitch channel? There are more than 9 million streamers currently active on Twitch, so attracting viewers to a new channel won’t be a piece of cake.  More views bring higher revenue and you need 25 streaming

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twitch algorithm

How Does The Twitch Algorithm Work?

Many new streamers start creating video content on Twitch and quickly become frustrated as they fail to attract new viewers. So, if you want to start live streaming on Twitch, you must learn how Twitch’s algorithm works to grow your

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two friends backseat gaming

What Does Backseat Gaming Mean?

If you’re on Twitch, you must’ve heard the term “backseat gaming” among many streamers! But what is backseat gaming? And how it affects gamers? Backseat gaming mainly refers to the action when someone watching your gaming stream continuously offers suggestions

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