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Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate Status?

With endless competition, earning the opportunity to make a living as a streamer can be a challenge. You must spend hours of hard work, dedication, and even sleep deprivation. 

So, few things are as rewarding as finally getting a streamer contract like the Twitch Affiliate Program.

But wait, can you lose your Twitch Affiliate status?

Yes, you can lose your Twitch affiliate status if you don’t comply with the rules and conditions of the platform or due to inactivity. When you become an Affiliate, you agree to honor rules like avoiding copyrighted music reproduction or harassing people. Failing to meet Twitch’s Terms of Service will lead to a suspension and loss of your Affiliate account.

In this article, you will learn more about the reasons why you could lose your affiliate status and whether it is a permanent decision. 

Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate Status? — Top Reasons

Joining the Twitch Affiliate Program and making a living doing what you love is a blessing. If you’re not careful, you could lose this opportunity and never get another one again — at least not on Twitch. 

Learn about the reasons you could lose your affiliate status to know how to avoid them.

You Break Twitch’s Terms of Service

Breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service will lead to Twitch affiliate status loss inevitably. 

Moreover, you could lose your entire account, depending on the severity of the offense. This decision is up to the platform’s employees after reviewing your situation closely.

Streaming banned games, harassing users, and broadcasting regulated content all qualify as serious offenses. Avoid these situations at all costs to prevent unwanted scenarios.

It can be a hassle, but being familiar with Twitch Terms of Service is the difference between a successful and a short-lived career.

Another thing to consider is that the terms of service change often. Keep up with any updates via Twitch notifications or emails to guarantee you comply with the rules.  

You Have Not Streamed in Over 12 Months

Twitch states that the platform can remove your affiliate status if you don’t stream for over 12 consecutive months and you fail to reach the minimum $100 threshold for payout. 

Streaming periodically is fine as long as you don’t spend a whole year inactive. Otherwise, the platform will remove any affiliate account that seems unlikely to return after a long time frame.

Streaming on a “semi-regular basis” is perfectly fine. You will not face penalties for skipping a couple of months due to personal reasons. 

You Played Banned Games

Twitch is very clear in its video game policies. If you don’t comply, you’re out. The criteria used to regulate video games are straightforward, meaning there’s no confusion or room for any loophole. 

Ideally, you must avoid the following rules −

  • Do not play any games rated for Adults Only.
  • Do not play any video game that violates community guidelines. Any depiction of sex, nudity, gore, violence and hate speech will lead to a ban.

Twitch offers a List of Prohibited Games to let streamers know which games are best to avoid. The platform updates this list regularly. 

Make sure to check it out after game releases to guarantee they comply with Twitch’s guidelines.

In some cases, the game gets a pass if the issue is not a central focus of its content. For example, Cyberpunk 2077 depicts nudity and sexual imagery, but Twitch allows it.  

You Streamed Across Other Platforms

When you sign the Twitch Affiliate Program, you also agree to be exclusive to the platform. Therefore, any live stream broadcasted on Twitch shall not be live on other streaming platforms simultaneously. 

Multi-streaming on different platforms at the same time is against Twitch’s rules, and your account may get banned for it. 

Many streamers upload VODs on YouTube, and this is fine by Twitch’s standards. Nonetheless, the immediate upload of VODs is not a wise decision. 

Wait at least 12 hours before making your Twitch stream VODs available elsewhere to avoid any problems. Otherwise, you may breach the exclusivity clause signed with Twitch. 

Avoid multi-streaming on Youtube, Instagram Live, Facebook Gaming, or similar platforms while broadcasting live on Twitch. This action is punishable, resulting in a minimum of a day-long ban. 

Some affiliate contracts demand temporary exclusiveness. After this period finishes, you can upload your content to other platforms freely. 

Make sure to read the agreement closely to understand your options and limitations on this subject.

You Decided to End Your Agreement With Twitch

This reason is less likely to happen, but you can lose your affiliate account by finishing the agreement. Many streamers make the mistake of joining the Twitch Affiliate Program soon after unlocking it. 

Nonetheless, this action may slow down your growth and affect your career if you don’t build a supportive audience first. 

Therefore, finishing the affiliate agreement may be beneficial. This way, you could −

  • Remove advertisements, allowing viewers to connect more with you.
  • Avoid an exclusivity deal, meaning that you can set up simultaneous broadcasting to reach audiences on platforms like YouTube.
  • Regain control of your image and brand. Under the affiliate contract, Twitch can use your likeness as they wish.

Terminating the Affiliate agreement also means that you don’t have access to subscriptions, exclusive emotes, and the bits system. Consider this decision thoroughly before going any further.

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Can You Apply for the Twitch Affiliate Program After Losing It?

Losing your affiliate Status is not an automatic procedure. Twitch employees decide to terminate the contract after a thorough review of your situation. 

Therefore, they’re more likely to stand behind their decision and deny your request to rejoin the program if you broke major rules.

Serious offenses are usually not redeemable. Thus, you may not have a chance to recover a Twitch Affiliate account again.

However, you could return under the Twitch Affiliate Contract if the reason for your demotion is less severe. 

For instance, Twitch employees are more likely to take you back if you lose your status due to inactivity. 

Contact Twitch Support and let them know about your situation and why you should resume your activities as an Affiliate. 

Is Losing Affiliate Status the Same as Losing Twitch Account?

Losing Twitch affiliate status is not the same as losing your entire Twitch account. When your channel is out of the program, you can still be a part of the community. 

On the other hand, losing your Twitch account means that you will not have access to your account at all.

You can surf around Twitch, chat with viewers, and also stream as you did before becoming an Affiliate. These activities are not possible if Twitch decides to ban or delete your account.

Do You Lose Twitch Affiliate Due to Bans?

Depending on the reason for the ban, you may not lose affiliate benefits. 

Twitch evaluates case-by-case bans to guarantee appropriate penalties. Therefore, minor offenses require mild punishments, and you could return in hours to resume your activities as normal.

Twitch rules state that the platform can end the affiliate agreement with or without cause if they deem it necessary. 

This clause often leads to confusion, as streamers sometimes don’t know the reason for their contract termination. If you experience a similar situation, contact Twitch support to get a clearer answer on the matter.

When Twitch terminates your affiliate status, you can still get your money under one condition. Any unpaid balance below $100 will not be eligible for payout. Twitch will keep this money, as stated under the Twitch Affiliate agreement. 

Can You Lose Twitch Partner Status Too?

Twitch claims to hold all of the platform’s users within the same standards, including Twitch affiliates and partners. 

Breaking Terms of Service and guidelines will result in significant penalties, going from temporary to permanent bans. The same applies to Twitch Partners, which can lose their status on the platform if they don’t comply with the rules.

So, do not take Twitch lightly. This streaming platform has not hesitated to ban popular worldwide streamers like xQc. 

When you’re starting your career as a streamer, receiving similar penalties could halt your opportunities to make a living out of online streaming.

Final Words

Becoming a Twitch affiliate takes time and dedication. Some requirements may seem easy, like gaining 50 followers and 3 concurring viewers. 

Nonetheless, achieving these seemingly minor milestones can be a challenge for most. 

So, when you finally unlock the Twitch Affiliate Achievement, the least you want to do is maintain your status. 

Many criticize Twitch for its harsh rules and sometimes unjustified penalties. But managing them can be a real hassle. 

While you can behave and be a stand-up personality, communities can also be damaging. Thus, make sure to get Twitch mods to manage your chat. 

Keeping trolls and spammers away will make your stream friendly for everyone. Plus, your channel will look more professional. 

If you know how to behave and what things to avoid, Twitch can be an excellent platform to grow your audience and earn money doing what you like the most.