Can You Sleep on Your Twitch Stream and Wake Up Richer?

Twitch allows you to stream a wide range of content, from gaming to cooking. But can you sleep on Twitch? Imagine saying that you sleep for a living!

As strange as it may sound to some, sleep streaming on Twitch is a thing. Naturally, this raises a few legitimate questions: Why do people watch others sleep on streams? Can Twitch ban you for sleeping while streaming? 

Continue reading to get answers to these and more questions about sleeping on Twitch, including the rules to follow.

Can You Stream While Sleeping on Twitch?

Yes. You can sleep on Twitch streams. Twitch used to consider sleep streams as idle/unattended content and thus prohibited them. The platform lifted the rule in February 2021, allowing creators to sleep on streams worry-free. There’s even a “Sleep” or “I’m Only Sleeping” category now. 

It’s worth noting a streamer is still subject to Twitch’s terms of service even when sleeping on a stream. So, how can you sleep safely on Twitch? More on that later.

Do People Stream Themselves While Sleeping?

Yes. People stream themselves while sleeping on Twitch, with some successful sleep streamers waking up thousands of dollars richer. For instance, Asian Andy earned $16,000 after seven hours of sleep, and Ludwig Ahgren was surprised to wake up as the most-watched streamer on Twitch one night. 

This raises even more interesting questions. How do sleep streamers make money? How much money can you earn sleeping on Twitch?

twitch streamer sleeping at his gaming computer

How Much Do Sleep Streamers Make?

There’s no exact figure for how much Twitch streamers make while sleeping on a stream. The number of viewers and the money-making strategy a streamer uses largely affect the final amount. 

Let’s look at the two main ways content creators make money while sleeping on a stream:

  • Text-to-speech donations
  • Media share donations

Text-to-Speech Donations

Twitch streamers enable text-to-speech recognition, allowing viewers who donate to issue commands that disrupt their sleep. For each donation, fans can send messages that are read aloud and trigger various actions. For instance, a message can sound the streamer’s alarm clock, get Alexa to play loud music, or anything else disruptive.

The main advantage of this strategy is that most dedicated fans appear willing to pay to disturb a streamer’s sleep. On the downside, the streamer doesn’t get quality sleep for the night.

Media Share Donations

The media-sharing donations allow viewers to submit videos that’ll play on the stream in exchange for making donations. The streamer occupies most of the screen space, with random clips from viewers displayed in one corner. 

The primary risk of media share donations is that fans may post something that violates Twitch’s terms of service, resulting in trouble for the streamer. On the brighter side, you can make a lot of money if you have generous viewers. Rinaudo, a Twitch streamer, woke up $5,600 richer this way.

How to Do a Sleep Stream on Twitch

How can you sleep on Twitch without jeopardizing your channel? Nobody wants to wake up to find out they’ve been banned after working so hard to build their Twitch channel. Here are a few crucial pointers to keep you out of trouble:

  • Prepare your equipment and scene
  • Dress appropriately
  • Use the right stream category
  • Find good moderators

Prepare Your Equipment and Scene

Prepare your streaming equipment early on. Charge your camera battery to prevent it from shutting down while you sleep. 

The other important equipment for sleep streaming is lighting. Your viewers must be able to see you. If you’re streaming at night and prefer to sleep in the dark, you’ll need to find a solution that doesn’t interfere with your sleep while still allowing you to remain visible. 

You can also find creative ways to spice up your background. It can help spark conversations that keep your fans engaged.

Dress Appropriately

Twitch has very specific policies on how to dress during a stream. It primarily prohibits nudity and see-through clothing. Dress appropriately and position your camera so that no body parts Twitch considers inappropriate are visible.

Use the Right Stream Category

Whenever you’re sleep streaming, use the “I’m Only Sleeping” category for your stream. Moderators can end your stream if it falls into the wrong category, such as “Gaming” or “Just Chatting.”

Find Good Moderators

Things can go wrong when you’re sleeping. You might do something that violates Twitch’s ToS, for instance, showing body parts that the platform doesn’t allow. Your viewers may also do or say something that puts you in trouble, and you aren’t awake to attend to it. 

The solution is to have dependable moderators who can moderate your chat, handle issues, or alert you if something gets out of hand.


Why Do Streamers Sleep on Twitch?

Streamers broadcast their sleep for different reasons, including:

  • Create unique content 
  • Keep the stream running when marathon streaming
  • Unplanned naps when tired

Can You Get Banned for Sleeping on Twitch?

No, Twitch can’t ban you for sleeping while streaming unless your stream violates the Terms of Service.

What Happens if I Fall Asleep When Streaming Another Category?

Most of the time, you shouldn’t get in trouble for falling asleep unexpectedly for a short while. If it happens often and for extended periods, some people may report your channel as inactive and get you in trouble.

Final Thoughts

Sleep streams are legal on Twitch, but should you hop on the trend? Some streamers have succeeded with sleep streaming occasionally, while others have dedicated their content entirely to the sleep category. Maybe you might be the next successful sleep streamer!

Popular channels with a large number of followers usually perform well in this category, but we can’t say the same for those with fewer followers.

This is because, while the “I’m Only Sleeping” category is becoming more popular, most people aren’t searching for the content. As a result, people might not find your channel, which means it may not be the best option for someone looking to grow their channel.