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Funny Twitch Streamers

The most popular video-streaming platform in the world is home to thousands of funny, entertaining and sometimes downright weird personalities.

Some streamers are just there to entertain you while you play games; others are more like comedians whose job it is to amuse and delight. Here are some  of the best.


Dimitri Raymondo goes by “GreekGodX” on Twitch. He streams games like Fortnite, Overwatch, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and many others. On average, he streams three times per week.

His channel has over 2 million followers.

He’s been a streamer for almost 10 years now, and he delivers plenty more banter while he streams. Whether it’s playing video games or just sharing glimpses of his daily life, GreekGodX does it all.

However, he’s perhaps most well known for his League of Legend content. In fact, he’s considered one of the top players in North America.

In February 2020, the eSports team TSM announced that GreekGodX would be joining the squad and representing the group in upcoming content.


Gamer Saqib Zahid is known for his popular stream where he plays games such as World of Warcraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and DayZ.

He streams every week on Twitch and has over 4 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Discord.

His humor often comes about when he interacts with other gamers on the platform.

He is often recognized as one of the best personalities on Twitch due to his ability to connect with fans.

In addition to being a gamer himself, he has been involved in several gaming communities since he was 13.

This includes organizing events and tournaments.

Summit 1G

Jaryd Lazar went by Summit1G on YouTube and Twitch. He was known for his skill in playing Counter-Strike: Global Offense. But he also had a knack for making fun of himself while streaming gameplay.

Lazar began streaming in 2013. His channel grew quickly over the next few years, thanks in part to his ability to make light of his gaming adventures.

In 2016, he switched to Fortnite, where he became one of the most popular streamers.

In 2018, Lazar announced that he’d be taking a break from streaming.

He says that he wants to focus on improving his mental health, and he’s been spending more time working on side projects like writing books about video game history.


Brian “Limmy” Limond is one of the most popular people on Twitch. Not just because of the gaming he does, but because he treats his audience to some very funny commentary throughout each broadcast.

He streams single player games like Resident Evil 3 and CoD, and sometimes he simply chats with fans.

When he isn’t playing games, Limmy often makes up jokes about current events or shares videos from YouTube.In fact, it’s hard to find anyone else doing what he’s doing.

While there are plenty of YouTubers making money off of gameplays and vlogs, few do it with such charm.


Imane Anys streams as Pokimane, and she’s quickly become one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. Her cheeky sense of humor attracts a large audience. In fact, her channel has over 2 million followers.

She originally focused on the game league of legends, but now she plays games like Valorant and fortnite. Occasionally, she also shares streams about her real life travels and adventures.

On occasion, she also shares videos of herself playing video games. These are often called speedruns, where players play a game to complete it as fast as possible.

In 2018, Pokimane became a part of the documentary series “Streaming IRL.”

On the show, she discusses her journey into full-time gaming, her attempts to expand her brand and how she balances fame and fortune.


Twitch streamer Dylan Beck loves making weird controllers out of everyday objects. He calls his creations “Rudeisms.” And now, he’s got over 200,000 followers watching him do it live every week.

Beck says his obsession started around 2011 while playing Super Smash Bros., where he built a custom controller out of a plastic fork.

This led to him creating different kinds of controllers for gaming platforms ranging from Xbox 360 to Nintendo Switch.

His most recent creation is a fully functional duck suit that lets you control games like Untitled Goose Game.

Beck designed the suit to look like a real duck, complete with flippers and even a voice activated beak.

The streamer says he plans to make more Rudeisms in the future. He recently announced a contest called “Build A Controller,” where people can submit their ideas for what they’d like to see next.


WSHand is one of the funniest streamers you’ll ever find on Twitch. His videos are filled with silly skits and sound effects, and there’s no shortage of entertainment value. 

You might even say WSHand is a living meme machine. But what makes him special isn’t just his humor or ability to entertain others — it’s how he does it.

He plays games while talking about them, and he often incorporates game mechanics into his chat.

For example, when someone asks him a question, he responds by saying something like “I’m thinking of doing X,” and then proceeds to do exactly that. 

Sometimes, he’ll make up words during his stream, and sometimes, he’ll use sound effects. 

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Easy Allies

Colin McRae and Greg Miller are former IGN employees turned Let’s Players.

They’ve been making videos together since 2011, and now they’re bringing you Kinda Funny Games’ daily talk show every weekday morning.

Their style is very casual and lighthearted, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. 


The Sour Kool Aid Show features comedians Dan Paul and Tim Baltz playing Dungeons & Dragons together and letting their fans join in.

They recently started doing live streams where they play D&D and let their audience interact with them.

You can find them on YouTube Live, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope.


In 2017, Nick Eh30 became one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. His videos of himself playing Fortnite went viral.

In 2018, he moved to Twitch where he still plays games and makes fun of them. 

But if you ask him what he does best, he’ll tell you it’s his ability to make friends. This friendly streamer doesn’t mind helping people out either. If you’re having trouble with something, he’ll gladly offer advice.

When he isn’t streaming, he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Simon Talbot 

The Danish comedian has been making waves online since he began streaming on Twitch. He specializes in gaming and doing standup, often playing video games while performing live.

His most popular streams include “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” where he plays the game as it appears in the anime, and “I’m Not Dead Yet.”


The funnyman known as MoonMoon has been making waves since his debut on Twitch in 2016. His comedic timing and ability to play just about everything are what set him apart. 

But MoonMoon isn’t just a comedian; he’s a gamer too. And he’s had a lot of fun doing both.


JasonR is one of the most well known streamers out there, thanks to his hilarious commentary and ability to make every single player feel like a complete idiot.

But while he may seem like a fun guy to talk to, he actually plays very competitively. 

He’s been seen throwing a round by buying the Zeus and killing a teammate, and even though he’s not ranked high enough to play professionally, he still has some serious skill behind him.


Originally part of the Yogscast team, Strippin, aka Sam Thorne, branched out on his own after leaving the company. Since then, he’s been rocking it on Twitch, playing a variety of games. 

His style is very unique; he’ll play games such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Grand Theft Auto V, among others. 

But what makes him stand out are his witty comments and hilarious reactions to the game he’s playing.

You’ve probably seen some of his videos online already. If you haven’t, you should check him out, you’ll be guaranteed a laugh!


Smosh is a duo consisting of Canadian comedians Anthony Padilla and Hank Green. They’ve amassed nearly 3.5 million followers across their channels. 

Their comedic style includes making fun of each other while simultaneously mocking pop culture and politics.


In addition to being a streamer, DisbeArex is also a YouTuber whose channel features videos about roleplaying games.

Her audience may tune in for the stories she tells, but they stick around because of her silly voices and impressions, too.

She began streaming in 2016, and since then, she has amassed many  followers across multiple platforms.

She started out playing games like Red Dead Redemption II, DayZ, LastOasis, and Ark, but she quickly moved onto other genres. She even did a video review of the popular game Fortnite.


Twitch is a greater platform that has gained popularity over the years, we hope you are fully entertained by watching some of the above streamers.