Guide on Avermedia Capture Cards and Devices

Streaming cards and video capture devices allow you to watch and record digital cable television channels without needing to use any other kind of equipment. One of the best approaches you can take is to go with Avermedia capture cards and devices. Many of these give you the ability for streaming at 1080p HD for your videos. As a result, you can experience all sorts of different video channels this day just like regular TV including sites like Here’s a review of some of these cards.

Avermedia AverTv Hybrid ExpressCard HC80

This card ranges right around $150 in terms of cost. The card allows you to use a TV tuner, get digital TV channels, and it also has abilities related to ATSC Analog VideoIn, MPEG2 hardware. The device works for at least Windows Vista.

The card is especially good for laptop users who want to watch video game streams on The card is known for its versatility. The card is officially certified on Windows XP MCE and Widows Vista Premium. It has a particularly slim size and is it’s easy to carry around and go. The card also has a recording scheduler and the Snapshot feature. You can add multi-user settings and fast channel switching as well.

Avermedia AVerTV CaptureHD

This card has the HDMI ability as well as the usual TV Tuner and Digital TV capabilities. It also has DVB-T , HDTV and Analog Videoin. The card costs around $200 or so. This means that the card is particularly good for those who want the highest range of technology possible. For example, on the one hand the card can give you true 1080i HD experience. You can also use it with HDMI so that you can watch videos like those from in the highest definition available.

The card has a remote sensor and an easy installation CD. It can work with the H.264 technology. It works equally well with 720p video streams however, and it also can even take Analog Videoin for if you need to interface it with an older model. The card comes with a remote control that even has batteries in it and it has the FM radio antenna so that you can connect it to your device easily for the best video experience as related to your particular personal preferences.

AverMedia AverTV HD DVR

This device helps you record your videos with HDMI ability and the Analog VideoIn as well. It’s ideal for recording videos from your favorite video streaming sites like YouTube from random videos, or for video game videos in special formats like the iPod format or VCD or DVD format. The cost range is usually around $200 or so.

The card can handle up to 1080i and its compatible with Windows 7 for sure. So if you have computing devices that are more modern, it can help to use a card like this since it can use the Windows 7 or an iPod or other more modern approaches to video display and you can use a card such as this one to capture this video with a handy DVR device.

AverMedia DVD EZMaker Capture Card

This card is on the cheaper side since it only goes for around $50. It has the basic features though including the Analog VideoIn. The card allows you to capture video, record videos and create videos as well.

You can even create videos on a DVD or on a CD in real time. The card allows you to use MPEG-2 VBR with a 5 Mbps average all the way up to 8.1 mbps. It also allows for VCF format and Mpeg-1 video. The audio is PCM with 2 channels.

It’s ideal for capturing videos you get on your camcorder or VCR to go to your computer or to a disc including either DVD or CD. You can get up to 720 x 480 resolution and you can also edit video that you’ve recorded previously again and then burn it to DVD again.

If you want to record your video game exploits for or other such sites, this is one of the best cards to do it with if you don’t have a lot of extra money since it’s so cheap and it gets the job done.

AVerMedia AverTV MCE 113

The price range for this card varies widely. It has the TV tuner and the MPEG2 hardware as well as the Analog video in. It works officially with Windows XP Media Center Edition. It provides the driver for Windows Vista MCE right in-box .

This means if you’re going to watch or other such video sites with an MCE OS, then this is a great approach to take. The card also allows you to do channel re-mapping and it has full scan capabilities and over scan as well. You can do manual setting for each channel if you want, and you can skip unwanted channels.

There’s also a personal video recorder in there as well where you can do silent recording and even automatically turn the power off after recording or a standby mode as well. If you have the MCE operating system or plan to get it in any capacity whatsoever, this card fits in very well with that operating system and it’s easy for you to set up if that is your aim.

AverMedia AverTV USB HD DVR

The price range for this is around $150.It has one of the highest full abilities of any recording device and it has the bonus of working with USB. You get the 1080i and you get component and analog video content through the s-video composite. The interface has the USB 2.0 high speed so this makes it much easier to get the recording and capturing you want done through your computer without a lot of extra set up.

There’s an IR blaster that comes with it, and you can use the recording scheduler to make recording even when you aren’t around a lot easier.

Overall, any of these devices will serve you well as you streaming video from and elsewhere.