How Can I Be A Good Twitch Moderator?

Being appointed to be somebody’s Twitch moderator is a boon. You would want to demonstrate to them they made an apt choice. An efficient moderator performs a significant role in the betterment of their channel.

As a Twitch moderator, you would want to execute all the proficient methods at your disposal to count yourself as a positive contributor to a streamer’s channel growth.

Twitch moderators have loads of duty to perform inside a streamer’s chat. You would be responsible for eliminating spam, banning trolls, and retain the streamer’s reputation by maintaining a smooth in-stream conversation.

What You Must Do To Be A Pro Twitch Moderator

  • Regulate a healthy in-stream chat box and take care of undesirable comments.
  • Maintain a smooth communication flow while not allowing the spammers to take over.
  • Show a warm welcome gesture to the contributors of the community.
  • Impose time-outs for those who fail to keep up with the Twitch community’s code of conduct.
  • Maintain a fun and engaging conversation.

The better you recognize a streamer’s attitude and the community rules, the better mod you’ll ever be.

Allow us to run you through a few heads-up that might help you to be an excellent Twitch moderator.

Importance Of A Warm Greet

Interaction is one quality that a Twitch mod cannot lack by any means. Always be extra attentive towards the viewers, and never make them feel neglected. Welcome them as warmly as possible. If you fail to do so, they are more likely to leave and head over to other channels.

You should have the ability to recognize repeat viewers, a.k.a “frequent visitors.” They are the ones who keep coming back. You must try to remember some of the names and give a “shoutout” occasionally. If you can pull off that, you are halfway there – pat yourself on the back!

It Must Always Be “Streamer-Centric”

No matter how good you are at this, you must never get carried away. Got promoted? Well, congratulations! Still, it isn’t about you. Your job will always be about helping a streamer build their audience and the overall growth of their channel.

Always be in touch with the streamer as much as possible. Try to know as much as you can, and it will only help you in the long run. Make your streamer shine in front of the audience. The viewers must feel that the streamer is worthy of their support and love.

Handle Trolls Like A Boss

It’s a no-brainer that Twitch is filled with trolls and spams, and you can do nothing about it. What you can do is keep that rubbish out of the chat room.

Trolls are inevitable, and if there are too many people interacting in the chat, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do your best at times like this. You can consult with the streamer and stick together. If you’re unsure what to prohibit or ban, you can always ask the streamer or another moderator.

Developing Your Community

A growing streamer will tell you that having a good community is everything. So, it is your job as a mod to help a streamer build it strong and sustaining. It not only boosts morale but helps you become more recognizable as an individual.

Expect No Perks

For starters, expect nothing in return. Don’t ever make a streamer aware of you being used. If possible, be grateful for the opportunity that you’ve got. You would be glad to know that they deeply appreciate your assistance.

Be At Par With The Reality Check

Being a Twitch moderator is cool, but for the most part, you won’t get paid. You’re there because you love their channel and appreciate their content. Therefore, never feel pressured.

It’s risky to consider Twitch moderators as a thing for a living. At any point, if you feel like backing out, do it. Keep in touch with the streamers you work for and ask them for a break when you want to. It might help you to decide whether you would want to continue with your duties.

Remember to take good of yourself and do what you love!

Finding a good Moderator for your Twitch Chat!

Finding a moderator for your Twitch chat session doesn’t have to be difficult but making sure you are getting a moderator will do his or her job is important. There are some guidelines that you need to follow when looking for a moderator for your community chat. Below is a list of qualities that any good moderator should possess.

What should you look for in a Twitch moderation

Make sure that you and the moderator are on the same page. A great way to do this is to write down what you consider offensive language and what should be not allowed in your room. Not having rules to go by will make the job of a moderator very difficult.

Interview the person before giving them the power of moderation. Make sure that this person has a sense of responsibility and professionalism. You wouldn’t want childish behavior by a moderator to ruin your community. So make sure they carry themselves well.

Pick someone that is friendly. No one likes to come into a chat room where there is a moderator that seems grumpy or standoffish.

Work out a schedule and make sure the moderator you get can be there when you need them. Depending on the size of your community you might need more than one moderator. This will give you the option to always have a moderator in your room at all times.

How much experience do they have? This is probably one of the best questions you can ask when interviewing a potential moderator. People with at least a few months of moderator experience can really be a great asset to your community.

Make sure to keep an eye on new moderators. Sometimes people can get carried away with the power that a moderator position holds. This can be abused and may lead to losing your community members. So make sure to watch new moderators in action for at least a few weeks.

The Key Takeaways

You are going to represent your streamer, so embody them well. Remember to keep these ideas and tips in mind, and your understanding as a Twitch moderator will surely enhance!

Most importantly, remember what it’s like to be a newbie Twitch mod. You might be, at times, working with other moderators who are just as fresh and perplexed as you were when you started it for the first time. 

You can make a note of your best streams so you may share them later with others. Always try to be tolerant of someone who is attempting to learn something new.


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