How Gunnars Glasses can be Useful for Twitch Streamers

Many gamers usually don’t have extra money to throw around at eye-fatigue-reducing helpful, but expensive gaming accessories, particularly if you play casually.

Gunnar glasses are super effective gaming glasses that you can wear during long-time PC or Twitch gaming/streaming time, which enhance contrast and colors, lessen eye fatigue and also help protect eyes from the harm-causing lighting. If you thought this is all hype and are skeptic about them, we are here to answer all doubts you have and inform you about this eye-wear which truly makes a difference – or maybe not!

For how many hours are you glued to your computer, your phone or your TV in a day?

Do you experience fatigue and strain on your eyes, after sitting in front of that computer or laptop screen for hours?

Are you the sort that loves streaming on and gaming, and are addicted to several online role-playing games?

All of you need to know that sitting in front of the idiot box, or chatting on your phone or even playing games on your PC or streaming on Twitch for a length of more than 3 hours can be extremely harmful to your eyes. That is why GUNNAR has developed patented computer eyewear that not only protects your vision but also enhances it.

Okay, so who of all of you has a account?? We know most of you reading this review do. It is pretty cool and you can’t help spending hours there streaming away.

But too much of a good thing could be bad, if not handled properly.

Do your eyes hurt or water constantly or are your friends and family concerned about your eyes which are bloodshot too often? Are you getting constant headaches and is your migraine acting up?

Well all those painful and irritating physical ailments could be due to an overload of gaming addiction. We are not judging, just here to help – well, at least Gunnar is.

Read on, all you streamers and get some much-needed eye help!

How Does GUNNAR Eye-Wear Work + The Many Benefits

The Gunnar eyeglasses basically provide 3 functions that help the addicts out there preserve the sanctity of their eyes and still keep gaming:

1. Reduces Digital Eye Strain

The first signs of digital eye strain are dry eyes, eye-fatigue and constant headaches. This is basically caused due to the fact that you might be spending too much time in front of a digital screen, be it a PC or a TV or your phone. But with the brilliant focus power that Gunnar glasses are capable of providing you, you get sharper and clearer vision. And as it is helping you focus naturally, you don’t really have to strain anymore.

2. Comfort and Focus:

Are the bright artificial lights of your screen making you uncomfortable and your feeling a strain on your eyes? Do not worry, the Gunnar optiks eye-wear have a solution for this as well. Gunnar’s customized tinted lenses and its filters block out any harsh blue lighting, as well as any glare from the screen, efficiently reducing the strain on your eyes and helping you relax.

Now even if you have to play for hours on end, you do not have to worry about eye strain, and streamers have claimed to feel much more relaxed than before with a pair of Gunnars.

3. Eye Protection:

Your surroundings, which are usually filled with fluorescent lights and not to mention the harmful rays that are emitted by your PC/gaming device/TV might end up damaging your eyes and causing them to dry out. All the filters of the Gunnar work overtime to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, while putting a dampener on the nerve strain, when gaming.

How Much Do Gunnars Cost?

We are not really huge fans of the price as the lowest you can find it for online is on Amazon, and that too is for $74.99. If you plan on buying it from someplace like GameStop, it is going to cost you $5 more. Of course, there are a lot of models of Gunnars in the market, but this is the lowest model that’s being talked about here. From $74.99 to $111.99, it has an extensive price range. For gamers who live and swear by the Call of Duty, there also a special addition Gunnar glasses that are available at $99 on Amazon.

What We Loved about Gunnars for Streaming Usage & Gaming

The Gunnar eye-wear lens have an interesting affect, as they lead to a minor magnification, but it can also help you with visual acuity, what with your eyes focused so close to a screen all the time.

The big pro for us though, would be how the Gunnars glasses changed the color perception and the brightness of a digital screen. The most effective part of this cool Amber-tinted eye-wear is the amber coloration which filters and dims the light entering the Gunnars glasses wearer’s eyes.

The magnitude of your screen also appears brighter than without the funny-looking glasses on. It seems the Gunnars glasses could really help change a wearer’s ability to view color differences.

The frame is also excellent quality. The material is good and they have a pleasing design. No cheap quality material or cost-cutting here!

With a brighter view of the screen, and with an amazingly better color recognition, it is absolutely worth every pretty penny spent on these cool streaming and gaming eye-wear.

Thumbs up:

• They work beautifully – no doubt about that!
• Really light-weight.
• Material and finish is brilliant.
• The frame and arms are adjustable and so are the nose-pads.
• If you wear vision correction glasses, then you can have your Gunnar eye-wear specially made for you, power-based.

Thumbs down:

• Might feel like prescription glasses sometimes, what with a slight magnification about it, that is better only for certain distances. Walking around them might make you a little dizzy
• They smudge up really easily so having a cleaning cloth with you at all times is a must.
• Slightly pricey – but worth it anyway!

Curiosity isn’t a sin – The GUNNAR FAQ

Is there a difference between computer eye-wear and gaming eye-wear?

Not particularly, the lenses that they use are basically optimized to be used across all digital products. The only significant difference is usually the gaming eye-wear frame styles are designed to be compatible with a headset.

Will the pair I plan on buying really fit me?

The eye-wear is basically categorized according to frame type, shape and lens options. Otherwise after purchasing if you are not satisfied with the fit, Gunnars provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can change or return your glasses and get a full refund on your purchase price.

Does Gunners specifically design for all gamers, women and children?

Gunnars advanced gaming eye-wear, which is designed specifically for gamers, includes increased vowing angles as well as headset compatible temples. Also, available are unisex frame styles that can be worn by women and children alike.

Do Gunnars glasses affect your streaming and gaming in a positive way?


So here’s a shout out to all those gamers and streamers, in need of some eye-fatigue-reducing glasses out there. If you plan on spending more than three hours engrossed in your Twitch account, invest in some cool Gunnars – it will go a long way in keeping your eyes and your mind feeling comfortable, relaxed and stress-free.