How to connect multiple cameras to stream on Twitch

Twitch and the low price of the equipment needed for streaming have opened many doors. In this post, we want to focus on multi-camera streaming, and we will solve questions: How to connect multiple cameras to stream on Twitch? What tools to use? What software?

In this article, we’re going to break down all the equipment, hardware, software, and setup needed to stream with multiple cameras on Twitch or another platform.

How many cameras to use for streaming?

Three cameras would be more than enough, this way we can have a general shot, medium shot, and a close-up. In my case, I use a GoPro Hero 9, Brio webcam, and a Canon 5D.

Why do use a Canon 5D as a webcam?

Simply to raise the quality of the shot, as it is better than the quality of a normal webcam. Specifically, I use a Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24mm lens. With the 24mm lens I get a good depth of field, obtaining cinematic quality scenes. To power the camera I use an external power supply, this way I forget to change the camera batteries.

Switching between multiple cameras in Streaming with a video switcher or Stream Deck

Now, what is the secret to switching between different cameras and scenes during streaming? Easy, it’s best to use a mini video switcher, the Blackmagic ATEM for example, or a Stream Deck.

What software to use to stream with multiple cameras? OBS

Last but not least, is the software that is able to manage the entire streaming platform installed, the OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. With OBS, we can create different scenes that we can easily switch between during the live stream, with the Stream Deck we can do it with the push of a button.

OBS also allows you to record the program locally on your computer, very useful if you lose the Internet connection or want to re-upload it to Youtube for example.

Getting the perfect framing and lighting in multi-camera

Video production relies on good framing and above all good lighting, we must spend time improving our framing, scenes, and lighting, especially when using multiple cameras. What would a great shot be without good lighting?

If you’re looking for lighting that works well, with nice even light, and doesn’t make you look like a snowflake because of how white it looks, we recommend the Elgato Key Light.

Why stream with multiple cameras?

Multi-camera streaming makes audiovisual content more spectacular and exciting. Just watch any series or movie, the scene changes, and the music makes the viewer get fully involved.

In film and television, several angles or shots are usually used:

  • A general shot, the widest.

  • A medium shot of the protagonists.

  • And a shot focusing on the face of the protagonist of the scene, almost a portrait.

How to set up everything to stream with multiple cameras on Twitch

In general with everything we’ve told you in the article, it’s pretty simple. Here are the steps we recommend you to set up everything with multiple cameras on Twitch.

  • Check that all the cameras used are connected to the PC.

  • Test that all cameras are recognized by the computer.

  • Run OBS.

  • Open the Sources window, and click the + button to add a new source.

  • Select Video Capture Device.

  • You will see a window appear that allows you to add a camera and name it whatever you want. Do the same for each camera and name them by their make or model so you know which one is which, e.g. GoPro, Canon, Logitech, etc.

  • Once you have added all the camera sources, adjust the window size you want in each scene.

  • Add the created scenes to the Stream Deck, this way you will be able to control each scene with a button, and switch from one to another quickly.

Something important about setting up multiple cameras in Twitch, and that we often forget, is that we need many USB ports. Keep in mind that we will be connecting multiple cameras, a microphone, Stream Deck, keyboard, mouse, controllers, etc.

Creating scenes to switch between multiple camera sources

If you want to switch live between multiple cameras or setups, you need to create scenes. A scene is a composition of one or several sources in OBS, placing and configuring them as you like. For example, you can create a scene where you see a video game in full screen, with a small frame with your face and another frame of your hand moving the mouse, whatever you want.

You can also switch between scenes in OBS itself. After setting up your scenes, go to View in the OBS panel, scroll down and click on multi-view after you start streaming. This allows you to quickly switch between scenes from within the OBS itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of using multiple cameras on Twitch

The advantages of using multiple cameras on Twitch are many. However, the main goal is to offer higher quality content on the streaming platform and to be better than the competition. If your computer can handle three cameras at once without problems, do it because it is worth it at the level of audiovisual production.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of using multiple cameras boil down to two questions: Can your computer handle three cameras at the same time? Can you control the scenes while you are alive?

You must have good equipment to do multi-camera streaming, the computer will have to be able to control multiple camera inputs at the same time, and without lag. And all this must be added if you are simultaneously playing games or using other software that consumes even more resources.