man who needs to get better at apex legends

How To Get Better At Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the Battle Royale games available right now that anyone can play for free. The game features fast movements, and compared to other Battle Royale games, this is a change of pace to some players, and it could overwhelm at first. It also features different movement techniques that can be a game-changer in some situations, making it harder for beginners to adjust to the environment. This guide will give you tips on being better at the game and ultimately be one of the best players.

Use the Firing Range

First of all, the firing range is one game mode that players can use to try out different weapons and attachments. You can use this to your advantage to see which is the best weapon for your playstyle. Practicing the recoil pattern of each weapon is also one of the best ways to improve in the game; this gives you an idea of how to use the gun and use it effectively during a gunfight. Try to spend time in the firing range as much as possible to help you warm up before a game, as well as practice muscle memory.

Understand your Character

Your character makes your game, and you have to understand them well to be effective in a gunfight. Each “legend” has its unique skills that you can utilize in different ways you can imagine, and learning when and where you use them will decide whether you win a fight or not. Try to be as creative as you can with the skills and use that to your advantage during a gunfight.

Don’t forget about the different sizes of the legends too. Some of them, such as Gibraltar and Caustic, have bigger hitboxes, thus making them easier to hit. At the same time, those with a slimmer character model will be difficult to hit. So try and find out which legends suit your playstyle the best and master them, but be sure to learn each one, so you would have an idea on how to counter them if need be.

Find the Perfect Sensitivity

Whatever game you are playing, you need to find the sensitivity that works for you. Sure, you want to try out your favorite streamer’s settings, but it would be better if you tailor it to your preference. You don’t want to be under or overshooting your target and potentially lose the fight, and having the right sensitivity will help eliminate that. You can always test out different sensitivity settings in the firing range, so be sure to take your time.

Aiming Down Sights, Shooting, and Strafing

In a gunfight, you do different types of movement, but shooting is how everything will always go down. Shooting the enemy down is a must, and knowing when to ADS is just as important. There’s no problem with using hip-fire, especially in close-quarter combats.

Strafing is another factor that you should practice. Aiming, shooting, and strafing goes hand in hand when in a gunfight. Being a harder target to hit and hitting your shots will decide the fight for you. Always try to be unpredictable as you can when strafing, as well as be creative with it.

Drop Hot

You may be scared to get into a fight early on; that is understandable, but dropping on hot zones where many people go to will help you gain experience quickly. A lot of enemies means a lot of shooting, thus giving you a lot of gunfight experience. Dropping hot will help you in the long run, as this can also help you practice your game sense and decision-making skills.

One problem with dropping hot is when an enemy gets to the loot before you, putting you at a disadvantage. You can eliminate this by communicating with your teammates, and this leads us to the last tip.


You may be a great player, in general, or a top-tier aim god that needs only a gun, and then you’re good to go. Apex Legends is a team game that requires a lot of communication, either by the Ping system or voice. Even top players or teams need communication to win the game, so communicating with your teammates in any way is a must and will provide an advantage for everyone.