How to Get Partnered With Youtube as a Twitch streamer

You’ve created an awesome channel, and now you’re racking up all kinds of hits. You’re gaining subscribers on a daily basis; and more than you can easily remember. You’re spending a lot of time on YouTube; so you start to wonder if there’s any way that YouTube can work for you. As it turns out, it can- with a program called YouTube Partners that gives you access to revenue sharing and also tools to increase your overall viewership. Before we talk about making money; there’s a very strict set of guidelines that must be followed:


In the end, the decision is up to YouTube on whether or not they want to be your partner; but there are a few things that do help your chances: First, your Channel has to be visited by a LOT of people already. Secondly you have to own the rights to distribute everything that’s showing there. If you’re just posting videos of famous artists’ songs, or other people’s material and infringing on copy-write law; well, there go your chances right there. Furthermore, YouTube only offers these partnerships to 27 different countries as of 2011.

How You Make Money

You make money in two distinct ways:

-Allow YouTube to put relevant ads alongside your videos when they are played, and when someone watches your video, the advertiser who’s ad is displayed pays YouTube a designated amount, and you, the renter, get a revenue share.

-Set up a “rental channel” that viewers pay a small fee to get to see your videos. When people pay to see your videos, you get a portion of the earnings.

So, now that it’s clear what YouTube Partnership Means, Here’s How You Get YouTube and Ad Revenue to Work for You:

Step 1:

Research about the perks of ad revenue. Interestingly enough, you are automatically enrolled in the Partner Channel Program as long as you have one video that’s monetized. Applications for partnerships aren’t required any more.

Step 2:

There are several tools that YouTube offers to improve user’s video creation. You can check in-depth analytic information about your viewership and their ad-clicking habits as well as using the special Partner Chanel features that allow a user to use the customized thumbnails, or even broadcast a Google+ Hangout.

Step 3:

As easy as that, you begin to earn rewards for subscribers. If a channel that you operate reaches over 100,000 subscribers, you receive a framed silver “play button” plaque that has the YouTube logo embossed on it as well as your Google username; that comes from Google itself. Channels that get over a million subscribers get the same plaque except it’s embossed in gold.

Step 4:

As long as all of your videos abide by the terms of the YouTube Partnership program, you will continue to gain add revenue; but as soon as any video you have gets flagged as a violation of the terms and community guidelines that have been laid out, your eligibility to receive ad revenue will be terminated. The only way to prevent this from happening is by making sure your videos are unique and original, and comply with all of the terms that YouTube lays out on their website:

The Second Method: Monetizing your Videos

Step 1:

First, enable your account for monetization. In order to do this, your account must remain in good standing and you have not violated community guidelines or uploaded copyrighted content to YouTube. Simply log into YouTube and navigate through the options to your Channel Settings page; and under the “Features” tab click “Enable” next to monetization. After that, you are required to read and agree to the terms and conditions YouTube has set forth.

Step 2:

Check the content. You have to review each video before ads are placed in it. Be sure that all of your videos follow the guidelines specifically to guarantee that your suggested video is going to pass review and that your account will remain in good standing. First and foremost, double check that you own the rights to everything; including music, images, and text. If you don’t own the rights you have to have written permission from anyone who does own something used in your video before you can use it to make money off of it. Secondly, it must not contain sexually explicit content, gratuitous or unnecessary violence, shock videos or hate speech. There are a few other types of videos that are prohibited, and the full list can be found on YouTube’s terms of service page.

Step 3:

Enable ads on any older videos, and anything you’ve uploaded in the past and want to start showing ads in, and follow the following steps:

-Find any videos you want to place ads in

-Click the “$” symbol next to your video, opening the Monetization tab.

-Check the box that says “Monetize my video”

Next select the specific ad formats you want to appear. Overlain video ads have pop-up text that appears at the bottom of the video while it’s playing; or TrueView in-stream ads are advertisements that can be skipped after a few seconds of playing, and standard in-stream advertisements have to be watched the entire way through before the other video begins. Then you save any changes you’ve made and your video will undergo a review process to make sure that it doesn’t violate terms or conditions; then they will ask about information of your rights to commercially use any content in the video.

Step 4:

Begin enabling ads on new videos, and when your videos upload, immediately follow the steps listed above. Your new videos will be reviewed before they are added.

Step 5:

Start an AdSense account; in order to receive payments. Also, you must be over 18 years of age, with a physical mailing address. Under the Monetization add on the YouTube page, associate your new AdSense account with YouTube. Verify your information and your age.

The Final Method: Receiving Ad Payments

Step 1:

Enter your tax information (only for US accounts) and as soon as you reach $10 in earnings, you must submit your tax information to YouTube. Sign into your account and navigate to Accounts Settings page, and “Update tax information”; filling in all required fields.

Step 2:

Verify your payment address; and when you reach USD $10 in ad payments, YouTube will send you a PIN through the mail to your address for you to verify your physical address.

Step 3:

Select your payment method. This is the best part because you start making actual, cold, hard cash. At each specific amount, YouTube will ask you to confirm your payment method. The amount paid is different in each country; 10 dollars/euros/pounds in the United States, Europe and Great Britain respectively; 1000 yen in Japan, and 15 Australian dollars.

Step 4:

After you reach a specific payment threshold, again based on your country of origin; you get paid your unpaid earnings.

  • United States: $100
  • Europe: €70
  • Great Britain: £60
  • Japan: ¥10,000
  • Australian: A$150

Just like that, your viewership can work for you! It’s that easy: with just a little bit of effort you’ll make money off of ad revenue in no time!