How To Get Sponsors On Twitch

How To Get Sponsors On Twitch

As Twitch grows as a streaming platform, more and more opportunities are created for their streamers.

Twitch streamers are now finding the ability to monetize their channel and can even develop a full time income from the platform. 

How do they do this? The most common way for influencers of any kind to earn an income from their platform is through sponsorship.

A company will pay the streamer to promote their products during a stream or on other platforms. 

In this article we explain how streamers get sponsors on Twitch and how you can find the right one to begin building a profitable relationship for your platform. 

Twitch Sponsorships Explained 

Twitch is a live streaming service that has not only emerged as one of the top game streaming services but also among the top streaming services overall.

Though largely utilized for gamers, Twitch is also a venue for music, chat programs, and other lifestyle streams.

The kinds of businesses that support Twitch streamers may vary depending on the nature of the stream.

As a streamer grows on the platform, brands will reach out to the streamer in hopes of a sponsorship or brand deal.

This is where the company hires the streamer to promote their products on the streamers channel. 

This can be done in various ways including:

  • Affiliate links. The streamer will receive a small commission of any products purchased through the link. 
  • Appearance of products when streaming. Whether there is a full section dedicated to the product or it is mentioned briefly, the streamer is paid for that appearance. 
  • Sales Banners. Similar to affiliate links, the streamer will receive commission for every product purchase through the sales banner. 
  • Product Giveaways. This is the modern day competition, as the streamer receives products to give away to their audience. 

How To Get Sponsor On Twitch 

One of the most difficult aspects of securing sponsors for Twitch streamers who are still building their audience is getting noticed by businesses.

Use these pointers as a manual as you expand your fan base to help you stand out to businesses wanting to sponsor Twitch streamers:

Be Active On Social Platforms 

While Twitch is your main focus, other social media platforms are just as important to grow your channel and attract sponsors. 

You want to post engaging content that brings your personality to life. Through other social media platforms you can show your audience different interests and find a wider audience to interact with. 

The quantity of likes and comments can aid in convincing a sponsor to work with you going forward.

Social media platforms you will want to be active on are:

  • Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube 

Stream Consistently 

Streaming content should be your main focus. You will want to stick to a schedule that works for you and your audience.

This means your audience can begin to interact with you and will anticipate your streams. 

Your streams will not only have to be consistent but also of high quality. Although it requires a lot of work, concentrating on high-quality content positions you to receive sponsorship opportunities.

Additionally, producing high-quality material can increase your average viewership, draw in new subscribers, and engage your audience. 

Your chances of being recognized by advertisers will ultimately increase if you provide quality material.

Your Channels Appearance 

Having an attractive channel is a significant factor that can impact a sponsor’s decision to work with you greatly. It also impacts whether your audience will continue to visit your channel or not. 

Your channel’s appearance can reflect your own personality. It should be inviting, colorful, and full of all the necessary information such your bio and contact information. 

Including high quality graphics can help show off your skills and should be featured on your channel. 

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Gain Feedback 

Positive reviews will influence your capacity to obtain sponsorships, since potential sponsors will consider those who have received positive reviews from your audience.

When talking to sponsors as a Twitch Streamer, it will only assist if your channel is seen favorably by your subscribers, followers, and sponsors.

Where To Find Twitch Sponsors 

Since the boom of streaming in the early 2010’s, many companies have flocked to be involved in the lucrative marketing business. 

Companies of all sizes reach out to streamers of all levels to widen their reach and improve their sales.

The market for sponsorships through Twitch is so lucrative that there are now networking companies getting involved. 

This allows you to find sponsors and affiliates to work with in order to gain income and grow your channel. 


One of the most well-liked connection providers for both companies and streamers is Powerspike.

It is simple to sign up for this free platform and link your company with a Twitch audience that has already built up a following.

The automated tool is helpful for both businesses and broadcasters seeking for relevant streams based on parameters like follower count, time spent watching each video, etc.

Hello Gamers 

For any professional gamers wishing to stand out in this cutthroat business, Hello Gamers is the ideal matchmaker.

In addition to offering options for sponsorship with reputable companies, Hello Gamers will assist you in managing all of your professional relationships so you can concentrate on developing other facets of your brand.

Final Thoughts 

Do you spend all of your free time either watching streamers or streaming yourself? Why not make some extra cash?

Sponsors are always looking for their next big break. They will send you products to promote, provide affiliate links, or pay you to use their products.

And your account doesn’t have to be massive in order to attract one!

Check out different networking sites that put you in contact with a potential sponsor. No matter the size of your account, you can begin growing through sponsorships and even end up as a full time streamer!

Remember to be active on other social media platforms and stream highly quality content for potential sponsors to find your channel and want to work with you!


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