How To Get Verified On Twitch

How To Get Verified On Twitch

Are you an avid social media user? Then you’ve definitely seen the blue tick next to your favorite influencers name. Signifying their success on the platform.

Twitch is no different. Those with a certain amount of followers and that are deemed worthy by the runners of the platform can be awarded that small blue tick next to their name. Highlighting their success and why you should follow them.

Have you been streaming on Twitch, growing your platform, and are now ready to be accepted to the blue tick club? Then keep reading as we explain how to get verified on Twitch.

How To Get Verified On Twitch

In order to get verified on Twitch, there are a few hoops you have to jump through first. A streamer must become a Twitch Partner.

A streamer will automatically receive the badge designating their Twitch account as verified after they become a Twitch Partner. In their sole discretion, Twitch may also award the badge to individuals who are not partners.

These are the basics to get verified on Twitch. Let’s dive in some more.

How To Become A Twitch Partner

To become a Twitch Partner a streamer has to be extremely dedicated to streaming and streaming high quality content. The requirements are:

  • Have an average of 75 concurrent viewers over a period of 30 days.
  • Stream for a minimum of 25 hours over a 30-day period.
  • Stream on 12 inconsecutive days over a 30-day period.
  • Apply and accepted into the Twitch Partner program.

However, even if you meet all of these requirements there is still a chance that you will be rejected from the partner program.

For a variety of reasons, you might be dropped from the program, and in the end Twitch decides who they let into the partner program and who they reject.

It has been documented that Twitch are very particular about the image of their partners.

Meaning to make Twitch Partner you must have a clean record, have no violation of the Terms of Service and have the ability to attract a healthy audience and retain them.

Remember that even if you get rejected from the program, you can always re-apply once your channel is performing better

How To Get Verified Without Being A Twitch Partner

How To Get Verified Without Being A Twitch Partner

In short, if you are not a Twitch Partner but really want to be verified you can easily contact Twitch support and pitch your case. However, this is often rejected unless you are a well-known brand or celebrity.

Well-known brands and celebrities are often exempt from the rules of becoming a Twitch Partner to become verified as it serves the Twitch brand well to work in partnership with them.

Viewers can interact with the brands channel knowing it is authentic and not an imposter brand looking to make some extra cash.

Without the status of being a well-known brand or celebrity you may find it extremely difficult to become verified without first becoming a Twitch Partner.

Your channel must be doing extremely well over an extended period and you must be able to show what you can offer Twitch in exchange for being verified.

The Twitch Verified Badge

While other social media platforms have the blue tick to symbolize verification, Twitch has something more in theme with their brand.

The Twitch verified badge is a small purple octagon with a white tick in the middle. This will be placed to the right of a streamer’s name on their profile.

When a streamer joins Twitch, they immediately receive this checkmark, which can be changed in the chat settings of a Twitch Partner.

When a streamer is awarded the Twitch verified badge it is a symbol of authenticity and partnership with the Twitch platform.

Twitch partners now have the ability to monetize their platform, gain sponsorship, and have more opportunities for their channel.

Can More Followers Get You Verified?

Currently, there is no minimum number of followers required for a streamer to be confirmed or accepted as a Twitch Partner.

Twitch is more interested in how viewers engage with your streams than in the number of individuals that subscribe to your channel.

Similar to platforms such as YouTube a Twitch streamer could have minimal followers yet have a large audience of viewers while others have a high count of followers with a very little audience.

Twitch has more of a focus on the way your audience interacts with your content. So, having a small amount of followers but a large amount of consistent viewers is more beneficial to getting verified.

Followers are not the focus of success for Twitch as a bigger streamer can shout out a smaller streamer, encouraging their viewers to follow the smaller account to support them.

However, the new followers will not view the smaller accounts content.

The number of followers a streamer has is more important in the eyes of Twitch affiliates. One of the requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate is to gain a minimum of 50 followers.

Not that high of a number, however, you can easily have over 100 viewers tuning into your content.

Overall, the number of followers you have adds very little to your case in becoming verified. Once you reach Twitch Affiliate, you should turn your attention to increasing your average number of viewers.

This will indicate to Twitch your potential and popularity on the platform.

Round Up

Twitch is an awesome platform where you can stream content and explore your creativity. However, if you are wanting to make it your career, getting Twitch verified may be your first goal.

Unlike other platforms, Twitch will not award you for the amount of followers you have.

You have to meet the requirements to become a Twitch Partner and show your ability to produce high quality content that attracts a consistent audience.

So, focus on making fun exciting content, increasing your audience and watch as the opportunities come rolling in!

Have fun streaming and aim for Twitch Partnership to get that all important purple octagon.