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How To Improve CPS: Fastest Mouse Clicking Methods

When you’re playing a highly competitive game, your mouse-clicking speed can be the deciding factor in whether you’ll win or lose the game. Higher CPS (Clicks Per Second) makes you more efficient and quicker. 

So, if you’re a new streamer, improving your CPS is a must. Now the question is how to click faster with your mouse.

First, you need to choose the correct clicking method, like Jitter, Butterfly, or Tag clicking. Practicing regularly, getting a gaming mouse, correctly positioning your hand, using an auto clicker, adjusting the DPI on your PC, etc., are some effective ways of making your mouse clicks faster.

Let’s dive into the details and explore different techniques and methods of improving your mouse-clicking speed.

Improve Mouse Clicking Speed with Different Clicking Methods 

First things first, master the correct clicking method before you try other hacks. In general, there are three fastest clicking methods: Jitter Clicking, Butterfly Clicking, and Drag Clicking.

Each method has its pros and cons, so you must consider them while choosing a method.

Here are the different clicking techniques to improve your mouse click speed-

Jitter Clicking 

This is probably the most common mouse-clicking technique among the three. Here, you click on your mouse at very high speeds to generate hand vibration. The vibrations are transmitted to your fingertips resulting in several clicks in a second.

In general, you can do 6 CPS with the Jitter method. Once you master it, you might be able to do up to 9-12 CPS. However, mastering this method is difficult, and it needs a lot of practice. One drawback of the Jitter technique is that it puts excessive strain on your forearm and wrist.

Also, there are chances of physical injuries while moving your hand. 

So, you must be careful while practicing this method. Here’s how to do the Jitter Clicking- 

  • Learn to move your forearm muscles in a controlled way to generate rapid vibrations 
  • As you move your forearm, keep your wrist stiff. Otherwise, the created vibrations won’t move toward your fingertips
  • The vibrations will be transmitted to your fingertips resulting in a burst of clicks within seconds. Make sure you don’t grip the mouse too tightly, as it will prevent the jittering of your hand

Butterfly Clicking 

Many pro players use this technique while playing competitive games. In the Butterfly Clicking method, you click the mouse just once, but it will register two clicks as you’ll be using two fingers alternately.

Typically, people use their index and middle finger to alternately click on the mouse button. This way, you gain twice as many clicks as you previously did. With the Butterfly Clicking Technique, the highest recorded CPS is 20. 

In general, you can generate 5 clicks per second with this technique. Pro players can do 15-20 clicks, but it takes a lot of practice.

Here’s how to easily do the Butterfly click-

  • Place your index finger and middle finger on the right button of your mouse and set the cursor on your screen. Now, start tapping on the mouse button once with your index finger and then with the middle finger
  • Keep tapping continuously with alternate fingers without stopping. As you’re using two fingers, you’ll generate a high CPS rate
  • Don’t put too much pressure on a specific finger. Otherwise, your clicking speed will become slower. Apply an equal amount of pressure on both fingers to ensure fast and consistent clicking speed

Drag Clicking 

If you get this method right, you can achieve 32 clicks per second or higher! In fact, the world record for the highest CPS using drag clicking method is 614.1 CPS. However, this technique has a huge disadvantage. It puts a lot of pressure on your mouse button and switches, shortening its life span.

Besides, if you don’t know the right way, you might end up breaking the mouse. So, before you try Drag Clicking, choose a good-quality mouse with high tolerance power. In this method, the users gently drag their fingers across the mouse button. 

As you’re continuously putting pressure on the mouse, it registers multiple clicks instead of one. Here’s how to do Drag Clicking- 

  • Hold the mouse in position with your hands and place your index and middle fingers on it. Slightly flick your wrist, creating an angle, and press the mouse button downwards while putting gentle pressure
  • Simply glide your finger through the mouse button instead of pressing it too hard. Repeat the process without stopping to generate more clicks per second. You’ll hear a grinding noise if you’re doing it right

6 Proven Tips to Improve Your Mouse Clicking Speed 

From your seating position to the mouse type, everything plays a key role in deciding your clicking speed. Below are some proven tips that will help you achieve a high CPS rating.

Practice the Popular Methods of Mouse Clicking 

If your target is to get the fastest mouse click speed, you must practice clicking techniques regularly. Jitter, Butterfly, and Drag are the most effective clicking techniques for clicking faster. You can master any of these only through regular practice.

Watch video tutorials to learn how to apply these clicking techniques in the right way. You can take the ClicksPerSecond Test to track your progress. 

Choose a Good Gaming Mouse 

Using the right mouse is essential if you’re playing games on your live streams or YouTube videos. To click fast, use a mouse instead of your laptop trackpad. Then again, a gaming mouse is the best option to learn fast clicking.

Gaming mice have high Dots Per Inch or DPI ratings, which ensures fast cursor movement. Besides, they come with mouse buttons to adjust the DPI faster while you’re on the go. 

Although it’s not easy to pick the best gaming mice, Cyborg and Razer Mouse are the two most reliable brands. Choose a mouse from these brands and get as many extra features as you can.

For example, some gaming mice have buttons and mouse switches on the side for specific actions like moving forward in the game or casting an ultimate.

Adjust the Mouse DPI 

As mentioned, a gaming mouse has a higher DPI, which is a significant advantage over a regular mouse. However, if you’re using a normal mouse, adjusting the DPI will help a lot to click fast. Dots Per Inch (DPI) indicates how far the cursor moves when the mouse moves by one inch.

High DPI mouse detects small movements and offers greater sensitivity. So, go to the mouse settings on your computer and set the DPI to high. This way, you can click faster, even with a regular mouse.

Have a Good Grip on Your Mouse 

Many gamers tend to choose the wrong mouse gripping style, which causes slow clicking speed. While gripping your mouse, don’t put excessive pressure on the click button. Otherwise, the denounce rate will increase, which lowers your clicking speed.

As you discover the optimal mouse and hand position, you’ll be able to click faster without straining your arms and fingers. There are 3 different mouse grip styles:

  • Fingertip Grip: As the name suggests, fingertip grip refers to the mouse position where only your fingers touch the mouse button. This mouse grip might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s very effective for faster clicking.
  • Palm Grip: This is the opposite of the fingertip gripping style. Palm grip refers to the position where you place your palm on the mouse and use your fingers to click on the mouse buttons. This grip is more comfortable than the other two as it doesn’t strain your arms and fingers. 
  • Claw Grip: In this position, you bend your fingers on the mouse so that it resembles a claw. Although it’s the best position to click quickly, it puts a lot of stress on your hand.

Seat in a Comfortable Position 

Forget about fast clicking if you’re using your mouse lying on the bed. Mouse movement is extremely difficult and tiring if you’re not in the right position. You must sit in a comfortable chair keeping your back and neck straight. 

Besides, your wrist should remain straight as you move the mouse. Otherwise, a bent wrist won’t offer precise mouse control. Set your computer in a comfortable position where you don’t have to hunch over it. Otherwise, it will put a strain on your body and makes mouse movement slow and difficult.

Use an Auto Clicker Software 

Let me share a lazy trick for increasing your click speed. You can use auto clicker software for free to ensure fast clicks. Auto clicker software is designed to automate different tasks like fast clicking or scrolling.

The best thing is auto clickers are free, and anyone can use them. It will particularly help when you play a game for extended periods. GS auto clicker and Speed Auto clicker are the two most reliable tools. Set the clicking speed as per your needs and let the auto settings do their magic.

Wrapping Up!

So, now you know how to click faster with your mouse. All you need is regular practice using the right mouse click method and position. Always take the CPS test to see your improvement. 

Challenge yourself to push the boundaries and ensure that you have the right mouse to assist you. If nothing else works, let an auto-clicker tool do the job for you.