How To Make Money Playing Fortnite

making money playing fortnite

Even if you aren’t a gamer, you must’ve most probably heard of the game Fortnite by now. It’s among the most famous games at present when it comes to the Battle Royale category. Fortnite boasts of over forty million players who log into its servers each day. And if you’re unaware, many of those players are earning a comfortable livelihood off of it, even as we speak. With that in mind, here’s a detailed article on how to make money playing Fortnite.

If you wish to get a gist of the income prospects, take a look at Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja.

By his 26th birthday, he sat atop an empire, earning a considerable amount of money by playing Fortnite.

As of yesterday, Ninja boasts 16.7 million followers and 24.1 million subscribers on Twitch and YouTube, respectively. It’s clear that millions upon millions watch him stream and play Fortnite each day.

So if you wish to know how to make money playing Fortnite like Ninja, quickly go through the article.

Make Money By Playing Fortnite On Stream

Employing efficient streaming platforms such as Twitch is among the most effective ways to earning money playing Fortnite. Stream Fortnite on Twitch while you’re playing.

In case you’re a new streamer, it might be a little difficult to start making money right away. But with consistency and good content, you can rope in big bucks once you gather an audience loyal to you. And we mean some serious earnings of around hundreds to thousands of dollars.

As mentioned earlier, a classic example is that of Ninja. Thousands of Twitch users actually spend tons of money to watch him play.

Why? The audience think they can learn something new, and they enjoy watching him play Fortnite. Not to forget, his streams are quite entertaining.

Believe it or not, even if you take into account the revenue Ninja generates from streaming per month alone, it’s over half a million. Other than that, he earns through paid subscriptions, ads, and various sponsorships.

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Fortnite Streamer?

It’s vital to know that just because you decide to start streaming one day, you won’t make such a crazy amount of money right away. In all honesty, it’s a rarity to earn that much through streams dedicated to games for any Twitch streamer.

But if you do wish to go ahead, be ready to grind and carry out a lot of hard work. Most likely, you’ll have to stay online for long hours. That’s because only then, you’ll have a chance at getting your streams hosted by other prominent streamers.

Also, make sure to stream during peak hours to get the maximum number of views and audience. That will, in turn, affect your earnings.

At the same time, there’s a luck factor involved too, which many successful streamers attest to.

playing fortnite for money on twitch

Things To Keep In Mind

Hold on to your job.

It’s crucial to garner a decent number of followers and garner an audience before you quit your job. However, many people will suggest otherwise.

Since there’s no surety, hold on to your job to ensure a steady flow of monthly income. That is, at least until you gather a considerable following.

Good internet connection.

Streaming games consume a lot of bandwidth. So in order to provide your viewers with efficient and consistent quality streams, you require fast internet packages.

Also, take into account the fact that you’ll be making use of various platforms to communicate with your viewers at once.

Good quality webcam.

Your viewers wish to see you and watch the expressions you make while playing Fortnite. For that, you need a good webcam.

Your audience isn’t only interested in watching you play but also in how you are as a person. So your personality also decides whether or not they should invest their money and time watching your streams.

Take Part In Fortnite Tournaments

Tournaments offer an effective option to make money by playing Fortnite. Across the globe, there are many such tournaments with big prize money pools for good Fortnite players.

But to enter these tournaments, you’ll have to spend a little on the entry fee. But if you’re lucky and a skilled Fortnite player, you’ll be able to win prizes worth a lot more.

To enter top tournaments, you’ll need to be really good at Fortnite. These events have the biggest prize pools.

In contrast, prize pools are comparatively meager when it comes to online tournaments.

Try Your Luck As A Fortnite Coach

Lastly, coaching Fortnite players is another way through which you can earn money.

Even after all these years, Fortnite still remains popular, and players are searching for ways to get better. Unlike a handful of really successful and skilled Fortnite players, the majority find it hard to develop this skill.

As a coach, you can guide these players and help them become better Fortnite players. Besides that, you can even get paid while playing alongside these players.

Online platforms such as BidVine even offer services where one can sell their Fortnite skills. And in a gist, there are tons of Fortnite players who avail themselves of such services every day.

Such players will pay you for helping them win a specific number of Fortnite games. You can earn as much as 25 dollars for three wins or 10 dollars for a single win.

Closing Thoughts

That concludes the article on how to make money playing Fortnite.

As you can see, games have become more than just simple pastime entertainment or hobbies. One can generate an efficient (if not a lot!) amount of money, more than enough to sustain a livelihood.

But in order to have a piece out of the pie called Fortnite, you need to be more than good. Become a good player, hone your skills, and you’ll be able to attract diehard Fortnite fans to your streams.

You never know! You might be the next big streamer with a six-figure monthly income.

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