How To Make Money Playing Fortnite

making money playing fortnite

Even if you aren’t a gamer, you must’ve most probably heard of the game Fortnite by now. It’s among the most famous games at present when it comes to the Battle Royale category. Fortnite boasts of over forty million players who log into its servers each day.

And if you’re unaware, many of those players are earning a comfortable livelihood off of it, even as we speak. With that in mind, here’s a detailed article on how to make money playing Fortnite.

If you wish to get a gist of the income prospects, take a look at Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja.

By his 26th birthday, he sat atop an empire, earning a considerable amount of money by playing Fortnite.

As of yesterday, Ninja boasts 16.7 million followers and 24.1 million subscribers on Twitch and YouTube, respectively. It’s clear that millions upon millions watch him stream and play Fortnite each day.

So if you wish to know how to make money playing Fortnite like Ninja, quickly go through the article.

Monetizing Fortnite Gameplay through Streaming

Streaming Fortnite on efficient platforms like Twitch can be a highly effective method of generating income from the popular game. Indeed, as you immerse yourself in the game, take advantage of the opportunity to broadcast your gameplay live.

For novice streamers, earning money immediately might prove challenging. However, with regular streaming and quality content, you can gradually build a dedicated audience.

This can eventually translate into substantial income, potentially ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Take Ninja, the renowned Fortnite streamer, as an example. A large number of Twitch users willingly pay to watch him play, not only because they can learn new strategies but also because his streams are highly entertaining.

Impressively, Ninja’s monthly streaming revenue alone exceeds half a million dollars. In addition to this, he earns from paid subscriptions, ads, and various sponsorships.

So, what does it take to become a successful Fortnite streamer?

It’s important to understand that instant success in streaming isn’t the norm. Making substantial money from gaming streams on Twitch, or any platform for that matter, requires time and effort.

If you’re committed to this path, be prepared for the grind. Successful streaming often requires long hours online. This not only helps increase your visibility but also improves your chances of having your streams hosted by other well-known streamers.

To maximize your audience, consider streaming during peak hours. The more views and audience engagement you have, the greater your potential earnings.

However, remember that there’s an element of luck involved in becoming a successful streamer.

Many thriving streamers acknowledge this factor. But with perseverance, quality content, and a bit of luck, you can navigate the world of Fortnite streaming and make it a profitable venture.

Finally, keep in mind that streaming isn’t just about making money. It’s also about sharing your passion for gaming, interacting with a community of like-minded individuals, and most importantly, having fun.

playing fortnite for money on twitch

Monetize Your Fortnite Skills through YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is a proven method for generating income while playing Fortnite, one of the most popular video games worldwide.

This approach has been incredibly profitable for many YouTubers, prompting countless gamers to venture into content creation and establish their unique brands on this enduring platform.

You’ve probably heard plenty of stories about people striking it rich on YouTube.

The highest-grossing YouTuber in 2021, Mr.Beast, amassed a staggering 54 million dollars in one year. Notably, gaming-focused YouTubers like Prestonplayz and Markiplier also secured places in Forbes’ top 10 highest-earning YouTubers in 2021.

The connection between YouTube and video gaming runs deep, dating back to the platform’s inception in 2005. In fact, one of the earliest videos posted on YouTube showcased gameplay from the iconic game, GTA San Andreas.

As time went on, gaming grew to be a key genre on YouTube, enabling numerous gamers to create thriving careers as content creators.

Following its 2016 launch, Fortnite became a YouTube sensation. Its widespread appeal and competitive nature thrust Esports into the spotlight, with professional gamers frequently appearing on YouTube’s Trending page.

Famous Fortnite YouTubers like Ninja and Tfue, known for their exceptional gaming skills and magnetic personalities, have inspired many to follow their footsteps.

Although the Fortnite YouTube scene is highly competitive, you can still make your mark by specializing in unique content.

Narrowing your focus to a specific aspect of the game can help you target niche markets and reduce competition. Here are some popular Fortnite video ideas to kickstart your creative process:

  1. Highlighting the best landing spots
  2. Reviewing the latest season or update
  3. Offering gameplay tips and tricks
  4. Showcasing fun party game modes like prop hunt and cops and robbers
  5. Theorizing about upcoming content
  6. Squad tactics
  7. Funny Fortnite moments


The key to standing out in Fortnite on YouTube is creativity. The gaming industry is fiercely competitive, so it’s crucial to bring fresh perspectives to existing ideas.

When it comes to monetization, many YouTubers rely on ads and sponsorships. To qualify for these, you must join the YouTube Partner Program by meeting these requirements:

  1. Garner over 1,000 subscribers
  2. Achieve more than 4,000 public watch hours in the past year
  3. Have a linked Adsense account
  4. Comply with all the guidelines and policies of the YouTube Partner Program


After becoming a YouTube partner, you can display ads on your channel and start earning money! Additionally, as you build a reputable brand within the Fortnite YouTube community, you can explore sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorships often represent the pinnacle of a successful YouTube career, offering the potential for significant earnings. However, achieving this level of success requires commitment, patience, and a strategic approach.

Maximizing Earnings through Fortnite Tournaments

Participating in Fortnite tournaments is a promising avenue for making money while engaging in the game.

These competitive events, held globally, often feature substantial prize pools, creating lucrative opportunities for skilled Fortnite players.

Before you can vie for these prizes, however, you’ll typically need to pay an entry fee.

While this requires an upfront investment, the potential rewards can significantly outweigh these initial costs, particularly if you’re both skilled and fortunate.

To successfully navigate the world of Fortnite tournaments, it’s essential to understand the different types of events available and what each entails.


  1. Major Tournaments: These are the cream of the crop in terms of competition and rewards. Major tournaments draw in the most skilled players from around the globe, boasting the largest prize pools. To stand a chance in these prestigious events, you’ll need to hone your Fortnite skills to a high level. Note that major tournaments often involve travel, as they’re usually hosted in-person at specific venues.
  2. Online Tournaments: These events, held entirely online, offer a more accessible entry point for many players. While their prize pools may not match those of major tournaments, they provide a valuable platform for gaining competitive experience and potentially earning money. Furthermore, online tournaments can be a great stepping stone to bigger competitions.


To maximize your success in Fortnite tournaments, consider the following tips:


  • Practice Regularly: The key to excelling in Fortnite is consistent practice. Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, learn various strategies, and adapt to the ever-changing game environment.
  • Stay Updated: Fortnite frequently releases new updates, which can include new items, map changes, and gameplay tweaks. Staying up-to-date with these changes can give you a competitive edge.
  • Team Up: If you’re participating in squad-based tournaments, make sure you have a reliable team. Practice together to improve your team coordination and strategies.
  • Watch and Learn: View streams and videos of top Fortnite players to learn their tactics and gameplay styles. You can then incorporate these strategies into your own gameplay.
  • Stay Healthy: Physical and mental health can impact your gameplay. Ensure you’re getting enough rest, maintaining a balanced diet, and taking regular breaks.


By considering these tips and diligently preparing, you can increase your chances of winning Fortnite tournaments and earning money while doing what you love.

Capitalizing on Fortnite Coaching Opportunities

Coaching in Fortnite is another notable avenue for generating income from your gaming expertise. With the sustained popularity of Fortnite, many players are continually seeking ways to enhance their skills.

While a select few may naturally excel in the game, the majority can benefit significantly from guided instruction.

As a Fortnite coach, you are in a unique position to provide this guidance, helping players improve their gameplay while also earning money in the process.

Furthermore, coaching can provide an enjoyable way to remain engaged in the game, as you can often play alongside your students.

Various online platforms, such as GamerSensei, offer services that allow you to monetize your Fortnite prowess.

These platforms connect coaches with eager learners, enabling transactions that benefit both parties. A multitude of Fortnite players avail themselves of these services daily, creating a robust market for your coaching services.

Depending on the arrangements you make with your students, they may pay you for helping them achieve specific in-game objectives, such as winning a certain number of Fortnite matches.

The earnings can be substantial, with rates potentially reaching 25 dollars for three wins or 10 dollars for a single victory.

To succeed as a Fortnite coach and enhance your earning potential, consider the following advice:

  • Master the Game: Before you can effectively teach others, you need to have a deep understanding of Fortnite’s mechanics, strategies, and updates. Regular gameplay and continuous learning will help you achieve this mastery.
  • Develop Teaching Skills: Being good at Fortnite is one thing, but being able to teach it is another. Learn how to communicate effectively, be patient, and tailor your approach to the individual needs of your students.
  • Promote Your Services: Use social media platforms and gaming communities to advertise your coaching services. Highlight your expertise, your victories, and any positive feedback from past students.
  • Set Fair Rates: While it’s important to value your time and expertise, setting competitive rates can help attract more students. As you gain experience and a positive reputation, you may be able to gradually increase your rates.
  • Offer Different Packages: Consider offering a variety of coaching packages to cater to different skill levels and budget ranges. This could include one-off sessions, win-based packages, or long-term coaching plans.

Through effective coaching, not only can you help others improve their Fortnite gameplay, but you can also make money doing something you enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

That concludes the article on how to make money playing Fortnite.

As you can see, games have become more than just simple pastime entertainment or hobbies. One can generate an efficient (if not a lot!) amount of money, more than enough to sustain a livelihood.

But in order to have a piece out of the pie called Fortnite, you need to be more than good. Become a good player, hone your skills, and you’ll be able to attract diehard Fortnite fans to your streams.

You never know! You might be the next big streamer with a six-figure monthly income.

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