twitch streamer modding someone on twitch

How To Mod Someone On Your Twitch Stream

As you start getting more and more audience in your live stream, the number of scammers and trolls also increases. It’s not easy to look for spam comments and keep your audience entertained at the same time. This is where you need to learn Twitch how to mod someone.

Mods or moderators are your soldiers who will look for the troublemakers in the chat messages, block them, and delete messages with inappropriate content. Thankfully, the process of modding someone on Twitch is easy. 

You just type mod commands, insert the username, and that’s it. The process is even easier if you choose Twitch mods from the chat room.

Click on the username, and Twitch offers you an option to make the Twitch user a moderator just by a click. Let’s dive deep into the details and find out different ways of modding someone on your stream.

Why Make Someone a Mod on Twitch?

When you assign moderators on Twitch, it helps you promote positive activity in the chatroom. Your moderators will do the job of banning users, managing your polls, and controlling the traffic on your channel.

A good mod makes sure all the posts and comments on your channel follow the chat rules, Twitch rules, and community rules. As a streamer, you need to choose the right person who can be a good moderator so that you can focus on your audience and make the live stream more fun.

Since mods are essential for channel growth, you should choose at least 2 mods for your small channels. For the larger ones, assign one moderator for every 200 followers.

Making Someone Your Twitch Mod – 4 Methods

There are multiple ways of giving a person the VIP status of a moderator. You can make someone a moderator while streaming or when you’re offline. Also, you can choose multiple moderators, which is recommended for large channels.
Here are different ways of making Twitch moderators:

Method One – Make Twitch Mods from Stream Chat 

This is probably the easiest way to make someone a mod. For this method, you must be streaming live, and the person you want to give the moderator status should be in the chatroom. Here are the details:

Step One – Select Your Twitch Mod 

First, you must go live from the Twitch website or the Twitch app. As you’re streaming, the viewers will start commenting, and you can select your moderators from the community members. Locate the person you want to mod and click on their username.
If nothing happens, you can click on the three dots beside the user’s comment.

Step Two – Choose the Right Icon 

As you click on the username, you’ll notice a new menu on your screen with the user’s profile overview and a few icons. Look for the ‘silhouette icon’, which is the outline of a person with a plus sign. When you put your mouse cursor on the icon, it will say ‘Mod [username]’.

 Click on it, and the user will be your mod on Twitch for the entire stream.

Step Three – Confirmation Message 

You’ll receive a confirmation message on your screen saying, “[your Twitch username] has granted moderator privileges to [moderator’s username].”

If the process is successful, you’ll see a green sword icon beside your moderator’s username. You can mod multiple people from your public chatroom using this easy method.

To unmod someone, click on their username and hit the silhouette icon again. A confirmation message will notify you that the selected user has been removed from the moderator role.

Method Two – Use Chat Commands to Mod Someone on Twitch

Twitch has several useful chat commands for different streaming options. The ‘/mod’ command is for choosing someone from the chat members for the moderator role. Follow the steps given below to learn how to use it.

Step One – Open Stream Chat 

Again, you need to go live first, and the person you want to make your mod on Twitch should be in the Twitch chats. To use the mod command, you need to know their username. From your twitch account, go to the chat option to type the command.

Step Two – Give Necessary Commands 

On your chat box, type ‘/mod username’. Make sure to give a space after the ‘/mod’ command and spell the username correctly. For example, if you want to make ‘John6902’ your moderator, type ‘/mod John6902’ in the chat box. Send the message or press Enter to successfully make a new moderator.

Step Three – Confirmation

Once you mod someone on Twitch, you should see a confirmation message on the screen. If not, look for the green sword icon beside the moderator’s username. There’s no limit on how many mods you can make. So, you can repeat the process in case you need additional moderators.

If you want to remove anyone from your moderator list, go to the chat box first. Type ‘/unmod [username]’ and send the command. For example, when you type ‘/unmod John6902’, the user will be instantly removed from the moderator position.

Method Three – Mod Someone on Twitch App 

To make someone a mod using your phone, you can use the Twitch mobile application. For this, follow the step-by-step process given below.

Step One – Go Live from Twitch App 

First of all, you’ll need the most recent version of the Twitch app installed on your phone. Open the app and go live from there. This method won’t work if you live stream using the Twitch website link.

Step Two – Choose Your Mod from the Chats 

Now, you need to locate the username of your mod. As you tap on the username, a menu will appear on your screen with multiple options. Choose ‘Mod User’ from the menu.

Step Three – Confirmation 

A new message will appear on your screen asking, ‘Are you sure you want to make [username] a moderator?’ Tap on ‘Yes’ to confirm your action. You can follow the same process to take back the moderator privileges from someone.

Method Four – Add Twitch Mods When You’re Offline 

Loading a particular username from the entire community is a bit tough. The task becomes even more difficult when you focus on playing and having a conversation with other viewers. So, I found a way to select moderators before going live while you’re offline. Here’s the easy process-

Step One – Open Creator Dashboard 

From the Twitch homepage, click on your username or profile icon. As a drop-down menu will appear, you need to select the ‘Creator Dashboard’ option. Now, you’ll see a new dashboard menu on the same page. Click on the ‘Community’ option from the menu. After that, select ‘Role Manager’. 

Step Two – Search for a Moderator 

Choose the ‘Add a role’ option from the new menu. On the search box, type the Twitch username of the person you want to make a moderator. Right-click on your mouse to select the mod username and click on the box beside the ‘Moderator’ option. Finally, hit on ‘Save’ to successfully mod the user on Twitch.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about Twitch how to mod someone. We discussed different methods of assigning mods both online and offline. You can use your Mac or PC to make mods from the Twitch website.

Or, utilize the Twitch mobile app to select moderators easily from your mobile. If you’re unable to assign mods even after following the instructions correctly, contact Twitch Support to get a solution.