How To Network With Other Twitch Streamers

Even though you might be physically alone in a room, streaming is far from a solitary activity. Successful video game streamers are able to create a sense of community around their channel.

But interacting with your audience isn’t enough. You also need to develop relationships with others within the larger community of streamers.

Let’s take a look at why you want to network and what strategies are best for doing so effectively:

Why Network With Other Twitch Streamers?

Networking helps boost your stream’s visibility. If a popular streamer interacts with you on-stream or hosts your channel, all of their audience becomes aware of your brand.

Plus, their audience is already likely to be interested in the content you provide (because you’ve done your research about the streamer’s audience before you approached them).

Also, networking helps increase your stream’s credibility. A positive mention is a type of endorsement.

Hosting is an even bigger endorsement because the streamer is essentially telling his or her audience “Hey, I think you guys will like this stream so much, I’m going to show it right on my channel.”

Twitch Networking Don’ts

Ever heard that phrase “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?”

Well, that phrase doesn’t apply to networking. Successful networking depends as much on what you don’t do as what you do. Here are some networking strategies you’ll want to avoid at all costs:

Don’t Try to Connect with Everyone on Twitch

Network isn’t about creating a connection between you and the biggest streamers in the world. Instead, you want to connect with streamers who make sense for your brand and audience.

This could mean streamers similar in game selection, audience size and personality to your own.

Don’t Be Pushy with Your Requests

The top streamers are constantly asked for connections. Basically, they’re looking for any reason to say no.

Acting pushy and too forward is a great reason for a streamer to decide they don’t want to work with you. Even if your brand is a perfect fit, streamers will reject a partnership if you seem difficult or annoying to deal with.

Essentially, don’t try to force it. Focus on yourself and your stream. Make the best content you can, improve everyday, and the connections will come.

Don’t Be Flaky

Streamers have enough to do each day. Even the best partnerships mean more work. If you do enter into any type of partnership, always be professional.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Always deliver by your deadlines. In short, make your streaming partner’s life easier.

Streaming Networking Do’s

The best networking is mutually beneficial. Here’s how to get better responses and form better working relationships with other streamers.

Understand the Other Streamer’s Audience

Before you reach out to another streamer, make sure you know what they’re all about. Is there audience similar to yours? Do your personal brands mesh? Will they actually have a use for a partnership with you?

When introducing yourself to the streamer, be specific. Mention exactly why you think the two of you would work well together. You don’t have to go overboard, but list a few reasons why you’re a fan of their channel.

Be Active on Social Media

Your social media profiles have a direct effect on the size of your stream audience. When you have active, engaged followers you can show other streamers concrete numbers related to your popularity.

Plus, social media is a great way to develop a relationship with another streamer. A streamer might not necessarily want to play together or co-stream if they barely know you.

But they’re far more likely to accept a friend request on social media. From there they can learn more about you and your brand.

Make sure your profiles provide detailed information about who you are and what your stream is all about. Post every time you go live and even post a few times while streaming.

Other streamers want to know you’re serious about this and not going to disappear in a few weeks.

Make sure your streams have engaging titles, because those will show on social media too!

A streamer won’t always have time to watch you when you’re streaming, but your social media profiles are able to provide info and stream clips 24 hours a day.

Be Helpful To Other Streamers

Develop a reputation as a helpful streamer. Host other streams. Pop into other chat channels and contribute to the discussion. Answer questions whenever you can.

The world of streaming is smaller than you may think, and word can quickly spread. Make sure your reputation is a good one.

How Can Streamers Help Each Other?

Other streamers can help you either on camera or behind-the-scenes. Even if a streamer doesn’t necessarily want to play games with you live, they might be willing to answer questions or provide advice. Having a seasoned stream vet in your corner can be a valuable resource.

The streamer might also be willing to help your stream gain exposure. They might mention your channel on air or across their social media. But the best way to help is to Host your channel.

This means their channel automatically plays your stream when you’re on the air. All of their viewers will have an easy opportunity to watch your stream.

Final Thoughts On Networking With Other Streamers

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other streamers. As long as you do your homework, and understand what benefits you can bring to another streamer, you might be surprised at how often people will be willing to help you.

Great networking skills are an effective way to grow and build your stream fast.

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