How To Play Music On Twitch Without Getting Copyright Strikes

Do you want to play music in the background while you’re streaming? There are some rules on the platform for that. In the latest years, Twitch has been taking Copyright infringements more gravely.

Many streams have been getting strikes on their account instead of having their VoDs muted. If you obtain three strikes, you’ll be banned from the platform. And to make this situation even worse, Twitch can give you strikes for old clips.

So, what is the best way to stream music on Twitch?

Royalty-free music may be the best option in this case, although there are some other rules you may have in mind if you want to use music for your Twitch streaming.

How to play music On Twitch without getting copyright strikes

Streaming platforms want to protect the work of songwriters musicians and various creative artists. As a result the various streaming platforms don’t want to have to deal with intellectual property laws that might get them into trouble.

You cannot play music on your stream without permission, according to copyright laws and Twitch’s own terms of service. If you upload any type of content you do not own without previous authorization, it’s hugely likely that you’ll suffer a DMCA takedown by the person who owns the rights to that content.

When it comes to music, you are allowed to play three different types: music you own, music whose owner has given you the authorization to play, and any performance that was previously uploaded to Twitch Sings or Twitch Soundtrack.

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Consequences of playing music regardless of Twitch’s terms of service

Many streamers have been playing copyrighted music on a daily basis. Some of these videos are muted, while others get away with it and don’t suffer any consequences. People at risk are those with larger fan bases, and it is known that some people have been banned for as long as 24 hours (sometimes more) for uploading or using copyrighted content.

These takedowns will continue in the following years, as more similar platforms like YouTube or TikTok have been taking action against these issues.

If you have uploaded clips with copyrighted music, it’s very likely to get deleted and get strikes. Most streamers have been evaluating and erasing previous content to avoid having their channels deleted.

Taking YouTube as an example, they have taken further action against this huge issue. The lead platform for video streaming created an algorithm, and now it’s possible for videos to get taken down as soon as they’re uploaded and in real-time.

Rules for playing music on Twitch

You should know that using copyrighted music without authorization was never legal in the first place. However, 2020 was a crucial year for music labels as they forced all the major streaming platforms to become stricter regarding their music guidelines. You can play music on your stream provided you have the rights to that music to play it on your stream. If the music is copyrighted and you don’t have the rights to use it on your stream it is possible your video or stream will get flagged.

Similarly to what we mentioned above, you should know there are three basic rules for playing music in Twitch:

  1. You are allowed to play the music you own and royalty-free music with no problems.
  2. If you have acquired authorization or license from the owner, you may use copyrighted music.
  3. This part may sound stupid, but you should also be careful if you want to play games like Just Dance or Guitar Hero while streaming. It is possible for you to get your VoDs muted or even strikes in the worst cases. Until January 2021, Twitch Sings was excluded from this list. This is because while these games have the rights for using the music, it is meant for personal use.

You can purchase a song via platforms like iTunes, for instance, but that doesn’t mean you hold the rights for it. These music rules may seem confusing and too stupid, but your channel will be safe as long as you don’t use music owned by a third-party.

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The music you can actually play on Twitch.

To avoid this problem from happening, Twitch worked on creating a music library to put safe content at all streamers’ disposal. Renowned music labels like Monstercat and Rhymesayers were part of the project, and you used to be able to find the whole library on
Still, you’re allowed to play copyright-free music on this platform without suffering grave consequences.

Additionally, you may also use cover songs if you follow certain rules, such as not using the original recordings (including music and vocals) unless you’ve acquired permission. To summarize, you are allowed to play any type of music as long as you’re the person who created it.
There are many websites you can use for finding royalty-free music for your streams. Here you have some excellent examples.

Epidemic Sound


Epidemic Sound is one of the largest libraries with copyright-free music. You will find music perfect for your streams in various genres. This library is updated daily with new songs, so you will never be left without options. Additionally, the platform grants you a free month to try it out and see if you can find something you and your audience might like.

Still, you won’t receive any copyright claims as long as you have an active subscription on the platform. Epidemic Sound is one of the leading websites for copyright-free music for some time now, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it out at least during the free trial.

Not only can you use this music library for Twitch, but you can also use it for content on different social media websites like YouTube or Facebook. You can also find sound alerts for your stream!

Jingle Punks

Streamlabs OBS is one of the most used streaming software worldwide. If you upgrade to the Prime plan, you’ll have access to an enormous library of copyright-free music. Jingle Punks will also show personalized alters, similar to the previous option.
You can also make the music only hearable for your viewers if you want to pay close attention to whatever you’re doing but want to keep a good atmosphere for your audience.

Free Music For Your Stream


Here are some places that offer music and sounds for free. They’re not as high quality as the others mentioned, but if you’re on a strict budget and looking for something unique, you might find some gems. Well the interface might be old you can still find a lot of good music here for your strings. Maybe you looking for something from a time long past. Maybe you’re looking for something unique that your listeners haven’t heard before. Anyway give this option a shot and see what you come up with. This website offers thousands of hours of free music. Musicians and vocalist upload thier music and you can mix them how you like. – A great eclectic collection of music from all over the globe. You’re stuck trying to find something unique for your stream give this option a shot and see what it offers.

Connect with musical artists.

You can connect directly with musical artists and ask them to use their music on your stream.

This is a great way to find unique music for your stream and to give decent exposure to new artist looking to find new fans.



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