How to play music while streaming on Twitch

Streaming platforms want to protect the work of songwriters musicians and various creative artists. As a result the various streaming platforms don’t want to have to deal with intellectual property laws that might get them into trouble.

What music can I play while streaming on twitch

Music Licensed To You: If you somehow secure the rights to music, for instance if you purchased the song on the Internet or from music distributors then you are allowed to use that music on stream provided you abide by the rules of your license.

Music you own: If you sold your rights to another company or an organization controls any art you create you should make sure that you are not in violation of any contractual obligations before you use that music in a stream

As always, consult an attorney. 

Are you allowed to play music while streaming.

You can play music on your stream provided you have the rights to that music to play it on your stream. If the music is copyrighted and you don’t have the rights to use it on your stream it is possible your video or stream will get flagged.

Where can I find free music for streaming?

There are several ways you can find royalty free music for your stream on Twitch.

You can connect directly with musical artists and ask them to use their music on your stream.

This is a great way to find unique music for your stream and to give decent exposure to new artist looking to find new fans.

add music to your gaming stream

Here are several free website so you can download music for your stream. Most of these websites have fairly generic music they can use as background for intro music for your stream on Twitch or Mixer: Well the interface might be old you can still find a lot of good music here for your strings. Maybe you looking for something from a time long past. Maybe you’re looking for something unique that your listeners haven’t heard before. Anyway give this option a shot and see what you come up with. This website offers thousands of hours of free music. Musicians and vocalist upload thier music and you can mix them how you like. – A great eclectic collection of music from all over the globe. You’re stuck trying to find something unique for your stream give this option a shot and see what it offers.