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How to Promote Your Twitch Stream

Whether you’re new or seasoned when it comes to Twitch streaming, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your viewership. 

In this post, we discuss how to promote your Twitch stream so that you attract more viewers and increase your engagement, so stick around!

1. Post About Your Stream on Social Media

The first easy way to promote your Twitch stream is to post about it on social media platforms. Here are some of the platforms you might want to utilize to promote your stream: 


YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to promote your Twitch stream because it’s one of the most viewed websites on the internet. 

One of the ways to promote your stream on YouTube is to create a short highlights video. This entails choosing the best moments after each Twitch stream session and compiling them into a short video.  

Another way is to utilize hashtags and write catchy titles. If you use a catchy title and the right hashtags, you can easily attract many new users.  


Twitter is another popular social media platform where you can advertise your Twitch stream. You can use Twitter to share information about your streams or even send out tweets during them. Perhaps users who catch your tweets will head to your Twitch platform to watch. 

Another way to utilize Twitter is to interact with other Twitch streamers to help more people know about your stream. You can simply share, retweet, and like their posts, and hopefully, they’ll do the same. 

Creating memes and sharing them on Twitter—or any other social media platform, for that matter—is another great way to promote your Twitch stream.


You can use Instagram to share behind-the-scenes content. You can show viewers where you intend to stream or give them a quick tour of your gaming studio. 

You can also show them other personalized parts of your life, like your pets or favorite food, to make them feel more engaged with you. This can help you garner a large following, as people like to follow those they can relate to.  


Facebook is another highly popular social media platform that you should definitely be taking advantage of. After all, the platform currently has over 2.91 billion users!

A great way to promote your Twitch stream on Facebook is to create a Facebook group and invite your Facebook friends to join it. C

You can also join other Twitch-related groups and groups related to the game you play and promote your stream there. This can take a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it when you see all these new viewers heading to your stream. 


Reddit is a social media platform with plenty of discussion forums for just about any topic you can imagine. That makes it a great place to find viewers for your stream. 

You can quickly head to a Reddit forum that revolves around the video game you’re currently playing or one that’s focused on Twitch streaming, and you can talk about your stream there. 

Another way to advertise your stream is to be active on the Twitch subreddit. There, you can join conversations and participate with other gamers. You can also ask for input from other users and tell them if you use their ideas in your stream.


Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform that you can use to advertise your stream. It’s very popular among gamers, so advertising there is recommended if you want to increase your following. 

On Discord, you can create your own game server or join other relevant servers to talk with other gamers who like the same games as you. 

It’s important to have an interesting and well-designed thumbnail to draw people in so that they follow your Twitch stream. You can have some gamer friends check it out and give you tips on how to improve it. 

Also, make sure you choose games on discord that aren’t over-saturated so that it’s easier for you to stand out. That means you should avoid games where you won’t be in the top few rows when people search for the game. Otherwise, it’ll take work for people to find you! 

2. Host a Giveaway

You can also advertise your Twitch stream by hosting a giveaway. It’s a quick and easy way to attract viewers to your stream. Who doesn’t love freebies, after all? Having a live giveaway on your Twitch stream can draw many viewers and even make you go viral!

Hosting a giveaway improves your chances of having people view your content. They may also purchase your products if you offer some or sign up for your email newsletter if you have one. 

3. Send Push Notifications Before Streaming

Push notifications are an excellent way to keep in contact with those who visit your blog to catch your Twitch stream. 

You can also send Go Live notifications on your Twitch account!

You can change your Twitch settings so that Go Live notifications are sent to viewers whenever you start streaming. 

It’s also worth pointing out that Twitch allows you to customize your Go Live notifications to your liking. You can add a meme or share information about the broadcast. 

4. Blog About It

Finally, blogging about your stream is a great way to promote it. Creating a personal blog is now easier than it has ever been. 

By creating regular content that people can check out on your blog, you help keep your viewers engaged and you increase your chances of attracting more viewers. 

Some topics you could talk about include your monthly streaming schedule, Twitch news and significant developments, and the perks you offer to your Twitch subscribers

You can also save your streams on your blog and publish them so that people who have yet to see them can catch up. 

Wrapping Up 

There are many effective ways and places to advertise Twitch streams, from promoting them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, to sending push notifications to website visitors and blogging about your stream. 

If you follow the above-listed tips, you’ll be able to boost your following and make your streams more engaging a lot quicker. Though it will take some effort and know-how, it will all be worth it once you see the results.