How To Run A Giveaway on Twitch

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Running a Twitch giveaway program is a great way for you to boost your fan base and attract more loyal viewers. Giveaway programs are a fun way to interact with your audience and give them something in return for their loyalty.

If you have a new account and you want to build followers fast, giving away a neat prize is one way to get people talking about your channel. It is also a great way to reward those users who keep coming back to your channel.

Competition on can be hard and building a fan base isn’t something you are going to be able to do overnight. But by hosting daily, weekly, or monthly giveaways your chances of becoming popular will get better. But remember before hosting any giveaways make sure you follow all rules set by Twitch and check your local laws as well. So let’s take a deeper look at how to run a successful Twitch giveaway program.

Tips and tricks for running a great Twitch giveaway

Use an extension to help you

To make the job of picking the right winner more fairly and to see who are most active in your room, you should utilize an extension software program. There are a few extensions that have various features that will help you with your giveaway and add value to your chat room. Let’s take a look at a few of these extensions and were to download them.

The Google Chrome Twitch Giveaways extension is the perfect tool for running all your contests.

This simple to use and easy to download extension will allow you to have a giveaway button to pop out or embedded twitch chats. This program will also allow you to see who is chatting and what they are saying which is a great way to keep track of the users in your room. After your contest is over this extension will allow you to use a random generator called “roll the dice” which will help you fairly choose a winner.

You can also exclude users from taking part in your giveaway. This is great for blocking spammers or bots. You can download this wonderful tool here:


The Moobot download will allow you to seamlessly manage your chat room. This bot will help keep spammers out with a very comprehensive filter. This filter will automatically detect and delete any spammer’s message out of your chat room. You can set up this bot so that you can manage it from your dashboard which is a big plus.

Another great feature of Moobot is that it will alert you when someone has subscribed to your channel so that you can give them a personal welcome. But the best part of this bot is of course its ability to help set up and run giveaways without the normal hassle. To download this amazing bot please visit this link


The Opera Twitch Extended

Another free extension that will help you manage your campaign. This simple to install add-on is great for those of you who like to use Opera as your main browser. This extension doesn’t provide you with a giveaway button like Google Chrome’s version but it does allow you to better manage your chat room. This will help you decide which users should be allowed to participate in the contest and will help you avoid spammers. You can also view and store deleted messages which will help you better manage your room.

What Should You Give Away In Twitch Contests?

This is always a very important question that is often asked by Twitch streamers. Many streamers simply have a hard time coming up with the right items to give away. While the prices don’t have to be expensive it’s a good idea to put a little thought into them.

If you are hosting a Twitch channel that’s all about World of Warcraft, it’s a good idea to give prizes that are related to your channels theme. While your users may love a gift card from Bed Bath and Beyond it’s best to keep your prizes game related. Let’s take a look at some really great prices that you may want to consider giving away on your channel.

Give away a game key code.

There are many fun and affordable games that can be purchased for a few dollars. This is a great way to say thank you to the members of your room and it will give them a chance to explore a new game. A great place to find cheap game key codes is here is a link to their gaming page

Give away points that can later be redeemed for a bigger prize.

This is a great way to build fan loyalty. The more they visit your room the more chances they are going to get to win points. Make sure to announce what the prize is before issuing points. This will give users something to look forward too. One important note is you must keep up with which points are given to which users. A great way to do this is to simply keep their username in a notebook alongside how many points they have been awarded.

Give away gaming merchandise.

This will have to be mailed to the winner but it is a great promotional item. Items such as t-shirts, game related action figures and hats are perfect items to give away.

Give away a digital item.

If you have a lot of digital items that you have acquired while playing a game, why not add them to your giveaway? Items such as in game gold, weapons and other gear will make your users happy and it will give them something that they can use. This is a great way to promote your favorite game and bring in new players.

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