Who Are The Richest Twitch Streamers?

Today Twitch (owned by Amazon) is one of the world’s ruling live streaming platforms, especially when it comes to gamers and influencers. The gamers broadcast things or go live with the public. Then thousands of people subscribe to their channel

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How much did Amazon buy Twitch for?

$970 million dollars! Amazon purchased Twitch Interactive on August 25th, 2014. Google was rumored to be interested too but that deal seemed to have fallen through. Many gamers have mixed feelings about the sale of Twitch to Amazon. It was

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What Is Dlive and Is It Better Than Twitch?

You may remember Dlive from that time PewDiePie reminded Youtube that they’re not the only place to live stream video games. Dlive is a website that might change online streaming for good. This streaming platform is different than any other

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