One PC Setup vs. Two PC Setups for Streaming Game Content on Twitch

Broadcasting Games from Twitch to PC

One can stream games directly from an Xbox One game console, PlayStation 4, or even a PC when additional software is used.

When it comes to broadcasting games from Twitch to your PC there are a few things that are required, but nonetheless, it is quite an easy and simple process to undertake. The recommended specifications are memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM, CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD equivalent (compare CPU), and OS or Windows 7 Home Premium. Your GPU isn’t the biggest factor, but it is suggested that you have a card that supports DirectX 10 and up. You will also need a stable Internet connection, and you might want a camera and a headset that has a microphone integrated onto it in order to engage in the community.

Broadcasting Software

In order for one to broadcast Twitch, broadcasting software is required. There are numerous of different programs to choose from, such as FSplit, XSplit, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and more. All of these types of program are completely free to download, so one doesn’t have to worry about paying some sort of fee in the long run as it is commonly associated with other programs that are out-there on the market at the moment. Twitch doesn’t technically provide any kind of broadcast programs; it only provides the service.

One PC Setup vs. Two PC Setups: What is the Difference?

While partaking on this website, there are some individuals who prefer to setup two PCs while other people prefer to setup just one PC. For this reason, numerous of Twitch members who are new to this platform are asking themselves what is the difference between one PC setup and two PC setups when streaming game content on Twitch.
What is the difference? Well, encoding is known for utilizing a lot of CPU power; therefore, when one only has one PC setup when playing a game that uses a heavy amount of physics processing or CPU, there might be high frame drips and maybe shuttering. On the other hand, when one streams through a second PC, these types of matters can sometimes be prevented. But, just like everything else in this life 1 computer setup and a 2 computer setup have their share of pros and cons (read below).

One Computer Setup Pros and Cons

If you single PC is capable of running a video game and conducting the encoding correctly, there is probably nothing you will able to gain from a dual PC setup, which is a total pro as you’ll never have to worry about going through the hassle of setting up another one of these devices and having a lot of things going on at once. In addition, you will definitely save a lot on electricity.

On the other hand, if your computer is not capable of performing this action, this is where the cons might take place, as you won’t be able to enjoy your gaming to the max.

Two Computer Setup Pros and Cons

One pro that surrounds a dual PC setup is that it can provide gamers with a less troublesome game experience. The benefit of having a 2 PC setup is that you will have one computer process the game, and then it will send the raw video to another PC, which will capture it, and that second PC will run broadcast software to capture the screen and will then do transcoding and streaming.

A con that might affect a lot of gamers when having a two PC setup is that there could be more room for error, such as a delay between what is going in and what you are seeing on the screen, which can cause gamers to not have a good time at all, as there will be too many interruptions going on for them to be able to focus on a game. But, this doesn’t always occur when one opts for dual PC setup. Another thing, when one opts to setup two PCs, one has to be well-prepared for the up-and-coming electricity bill.

As you can tell, opting for one computer or two computer setups in order to stream game content on Twitch definitely has major pros and cons. For this matter, it is best that one tests both options in order to know what will work best when playing one of the many fascinating games that the online site Twitch is currently offering to all of its members. Once you have that figured out, the next step will be to build an audience, as no gamer wants to have a stream with no viewers.