Staying Healthy Tips For Twitch Streamers who Stream Long Periods

Staying Healthy Tips For Twitch Streamers who stream long periods

Doing streaming on Twitch can be lots of fun, as well as, profitable for all those who love to play video games of all sorts. However, twitch streamers do need to stay healthy, and the best way to do this is through some very good Twitch tips for gamers that will help them to guard their health regularly. Here is a list of 24 awesome streams tips to help make that possible for you. They are:

1. Give your eyes a period of relaxation away from the computer screen

There are people in developing countries who do regularly do eye exercises in order to give their eyes a break. What they do is to take their gaze and train in on an object in the distance. When they focus their stare on this object. It is said to be the very thing that can help to improve their vision overall. Western medicine has stated that these particular eye exercises don’t really do that much for a person’s vision. Nor do they have a tremendous effect either. However, Western medicine does agree on one thing, and this one thing is that you should focus your eyes on different objects at different distances. This is because it does help to prevent eye strain.

What the problem is very obvious. People use computers and they end up focusing their eyes on just one point that is only two feet in front of them for hours at a time. Eye focus is not something that just magically happens for the eyes. If anything, it is the work of tiny muscles, which do work hard to pull in the eye into a particular shape where a certain distance is then brought into focus. If you only spend several hours a day allowing your eyes to only focus on only one distance. It is something that can lead to eyes getting tired and sore. Therefore, do change it up, when you are taking breaks. You should make a note to focus on something that is about 30 feet away from you. If you have a window in your office that you can look out. Maybe there are some mountains that you can look across over at from that office window. You may find this to end up being something comfortable and relaxing to do.

2. Make sure that your fingers and hands are stretched out regularly

Carpel tunnel syndrome is something that you don’t want to get. This is because it is very painful to have and it can make life difficult. If you aren’t able to use your computer. You won’t be able to go to work and make the money that you normally do. If you are self-employed. This can prove to be devastating financially. Therefore, do make sure to take very good care of your hands. Doing a few simple stretches each day for your hands will keep you out of a doctor’s office. Go to Google to do a search for simple stretching techniques for your hands.

3. Make sure to stretch your back and neck on a regular basis

One tends to think that sitting in a chair and not moving is something that would be good for the body. Nonetheless, this isn’t true, as the human body is indeed made to be on the move and to be very active. So, with this said, if you just sit and don’t move much. It isn’t at all good for your body and your muscles on the average. Joints can get stiff, muscles turn to jelly, and bones can crumble.

It is very cheap to stretch. It also is very easy to do. You don’t have to join a yoga class to do this. Just do it. Simple as that.

4. Set a timer and take routine breaks

Timer settings should be like this. Every 45 minutes make sure to take a 7 minute break. These 7 minute breaks are the very thing to help a person to come awake and be eager to return to their desk. These very short breaks can be spent dong some quick stretches yourself, getting a nice drink of water, or walking around somewhat.

If you need some applications to help you set a timer. Here are some. If you use Linux 1, you can get the Gnome application called Alarm Clock. Those who use OSX can get the app Time-Out and for Windows the app Big-stretch.

5. Drink a whole lot more of water

People simply do not drink enough water. This is why they are walking around in a state of what is known as being minor dehydration. When you don’t drink enough water. It can be the very thing to seriously impact your mood, perception, and the manner in which you do rationalize things. All three of these things are very important to have in the computer industry.

6. Get out and socialize

Don’t permit yourself to be shut in far too much. You need to get out of the house now and then. Get out and about. Make some new friends to share good times with.

7. Kick the high fructose corn syrup habit

This stuff Is definitely a poison when it comes to good health. It is in a lot of things that you probably don’t know about at all.

8. Adopt a routine to get up earlier

The human body is like a machine and it lives best off of consistency. So, with this said, do strive to get up at the very same time every day. This rule must be applied no matter how much sleep or little sleep you have managed to get for yourself.

9. Get your breakfast as soon as you get up

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. The human body is a bio-mechanical kind of machine that does need its required fuel. Therefore, do feed it what it needs, in order to begin each day. Sometimes, all it takes is just a bowl of cereal, and maybe a cup of coffee to get yourself going.

10. Do get some awesome beauty sleep

Sleep deprivation is not a good thing. Because it can end up being the very thing that can cause depression and affect your overall general health. Don’t let this happen. This is something that can easily lead to trouble for those who do spend long hours using a computer. People who lack sleep can end up with mental disorders and other issues. Therefore, do shut your computer off about one hour before bed, and refuse to turn it back on. Hop into bed and tell yourself that you are going to go to sleep and do it.

11. Buy a much bigger monitor for yourself

The computer monitor is the one thing that you look at 100% of the time when you are using it. It is the one essential that needs to be just right. This is one product that you do need to splurge on in a major way to get the very best quality monitor possible. Buying a much bigger monitor is highly recommended for a number of reasons with one of the biggest reasons to prevent eye strain.

12. Go for a walk 30 minutes each day just to experience, sun, fresh air, and sky

Though it is a good thing to get some sunlight for Vitamin D purposes. However, the biggest advantage from getting some sunlight, fresh air, and blue sky is for total de-stressing reasons. A combination of sun, fresh air, and blue sky can make one feel calm and at ease.

13. Get yourself a Kindle if you do lots of book reading or document reading online

The Amazon Kindle is absolutely the very best electronic device out on the market today for reading. It is perfect for reading both books and documents. There is a new version of the Kindle out on the market and so far it is getting excellent reviews.

14. Place some sort of light source in the back of your computer monitor

The idea of placing a light source of some sort to the back of one’s computer monitor is apparent. This is because a computer monitor is in essence like a big white light bulb. When a person watches their computer monitor. Their eyes do have a tendency to roam around. They also tend to go above and beside the monitor as well. This can make the eye muscles get sore. Placing a light of some sort to the back of your computer monitor can help make alterations to this issue. It will help your eyes as they go roaming back and forth to make adjustments. This is so they won’t be pained a great deal and be sore.

15. You need to redshift your computer monitor each night

If you go to the office and do work on a computer. Then go home afterwards and are on the computer there. You should make a note to install redshift or flux to help with relieving evening eye strain for yourself. The reason for this is because a computer monitor is like a big white light bulb. It is not good to have the white glow of a computer screen at night. This is because it tricks one into thinking it is daytime and they won’t go to sleep. That is why it is good to install one of these apps to help with that problem.

16. Get some form of music going for relaxation at your PC

Music is almost always something that is highly recommended for being a stress reliever and soother in description. Therefore, if you are able to, do download or add some form of music to your computer while you are working. It is sure to be the very thing to make you feel great and to bring a calming presence in a big way to you.

17. Blink your eyes regularly each second

Do practice to blink your eyes regularly each second. Doing this will prevent your eyes from straining themselves and experiencing soreness or fatigue. Nine times out of ten this form of exercise keeps your eyes good to go whenever you are working on the internet. You just don’t want to get eye strain or fatigue at all.

18. Close your eyes every 20 minutes of time that you are on the computer

Another good practice to prevent eye strain is this. Close your eyes and just simply rest them about every 20 minutes of time that you are online working. Computer screens can tire and irritate eyes after a while simply because this is what they can do. Therefore, do make your eyes feel good, and part of this is by relaxing and resting them properly.

19. Recognize stress for what it is

Do know what stress is for what stress is really in nature. You don’t want stress to mess up you or your health. So, what you need to do is this, identify stress for all the bad things it can do and try to remove it

as soon as you are able to. It is the one thing that can make a difference or work against. you. Don’t let it work against you. Stand up against stress and replace it with happiness.

20. Practice healthy breathing techniques

When you practice good and healthy breathing techniques for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in front of a computer, behind the steering wheel of a car, or waiting to get stuck with a needle in a doctor’s office. If you breathe in and out softly and focus on doing it correctly. This breathing technique cuts the stress in half and makes one less nervous among other things. It also brings a calming presence with it.

21. Make good dietary food choices

You are what you eat. Therefore, do only fill up your body with good things from a food aspect. Healthy fruits and vegetables are things that are at the very top of the good dietary choice foods list. Put good things into your body and you will get good benefits out of them in the end. What we eat can make us feel good or make us feel sick. So, with this said, only try to eat good things that have ample nutrition and that are known for being healthy in a natural way for you to consume.

22. Practice good injury prevention when at the computer

When you are sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time. You do need to do it in a safe way that won’t promote any form of bad health, irritability, or just downright fatigue by doing it. Good injury prevention begins and ends with you and this is all about you. You either want to be aware of the things that can hurt you or you don’t want to be. Keeping safe is imperative when working with computers.

23. Make sure that your workstation has the right set up

A workstation for a computer in an office setting should be one that is right in set up. This means what it means and that is this. It should be done according to the most proper standards and that is that. If you settle for less than what is suited for the right workstation set up guidelines. Then you are creating an office atmosphere that won’t work with you but against you. Therefore, do it right, and it will be alright in the end.

24. A good office chair is one that adapts well to your body

A good office chair is one that does fit your physical frame and also your life. You should only get the right office chair as you will be sitting in it in front of the computer to work a whole lot of time each day. Having a very comfortable and just right kind of office chair does make a difference in that it promotes not only comfort but also the type of presence that a good office chair does have on its own.