Best Subathon Goal Ideas for Your Stream

subathon goal ideas

Are you looking for subathon goal ideas for your Twitch stream? You’re in the right place!


Subathons are enjoyable for both streamers and subscribers, but finding ideas that can keep you and your viewers entertained for a long time can be a tall order. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best subathon goal ideas you can try this weekend!

The Best 9 Sub Goal Ideas: Ready to Unlock!

All streamers are on a perpetual search for innovative ideas that will keep their subs hooked. And certain subathon incentives will encourage more viewers to subscribe. 

Here are nine subathon goal ideas for you to implement and grow your fan base (and profit). 

1. Host a Movie Night With Your Audience

Watch parties will never go out of style. Twitch enabled its users to get together casually, check out popular gems, and exchange ideas, which made for high engagement rates and an entertained audience.

However, be careful when streaming a movie to dodge possible legal repercussions. Stick with films that are authorized by the platform you use, and repay your subs with this entertaining stream. 

2. Eat Spicy Foods in Front of Viewers

Eating particular foods is one of the popular subathon incentives. And if you add some chilly or hot pepper into the equation, you’ll get the right formula for laughter and more subscribers. Still, you must put safety first, so ensure that you have no allergies or severe reactions that can affect your health.

3. Add a Discord “Sub Hotline”

Many of your subscribers would love to join you live on stream! And you can use Discord to award them with this experience. Most will be entertained by this approach, but make sure to prepare fun topics to talk about.

4. Use Other Platforms for Q&A

You could go for some Q&A time with the audience on any of the popular social media platforms. While the Discord idea makes them feel seen and heard, these Snapchat or Insta sessions will help viewers get to know you better. 

5. Thank Your Viewers on YouTube

Posting a “thank you” video on YouTube can work wonders. The viewers will feel more valued and become more involved, while you’ll enjoy a stronger sense of community and support. These videos can also contain some unusual or humorous details, depending on your target crowd!

You can use the first anniversary of your account as an opportunity to express gratitude. Or, you could acknowledge your supporters as a reaction to a milestone you’ve reached. Finally, if you haven’t tried this type of content before, you can take a shot at it purely to applaud your subs. 

6. Cook While Streaming

You’ve probably heard of a streamer who nearly burnt their entire kitchen down. While this event guaranteed them publicity, it’s best to steer clear of flammable scenarios.

So, ensure that you’re safe and up to the challenge. And choose this type of content only if it’s different from your usual streams to boost the surprise element. Also, you can save this idea for a more special occasion and bake a birthday cake live. 

7. Organize a Charity Stream

Doing a charity stream is a smart plan because it’s a win-win situation. You’ll get more engagement and possibly subscribers, and you’ll donate to a good cause.

First, you should find a particular cause to support publicly. Then, you must set a reasonable amount you can donate. Finally, know your stream’s scope before collecting donations. 

A stream like this will help you show how much you appreciate the support you get while helping other people.

8. Do a Cosplay Stream

Engaging streams are bound to reach their turning points. And once they hit the bullseye, that’s your cue to do something amusing, different, and memorable, like a cosplay. This subathon goal idea does the trick for each milestone you celebrate, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a desired number of subscribers. 

You can pick a costume that matches a well-known movie or show (and its protagonists), like the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, or dress up as someone from brand-new attention grabbers like Stranger Things, House of the Dragon, or Wednesday. Or, better yet – let your audience choose. 

9. Include Your Audience in the Celebration

If you’re planning a big event, use the chance to make it about your viewers. For example, you can create a collage or video that captures the funniest or warmest moments from the latest streams. That way, you can thank every sub for accompanying you and offering support.  

You can also add a few gifs, sounds, or memes that will make the subs laugh when they see the clip. This idea may be more favored and unforgettable than many other ideas. 

Easier Subathon Goal Ideas You Can Try

Some Subathon goal ideas require time, planning, and means. They may also entail a huge deal of interactions. And others fall under the “simple as ABC” category.

Here are ten (more) incentives that can land you more viewers and are insanely easy to implement: 

  • Dress up as a celebrity
  • Put on a wig or a funny hat
  • Show off a new tattoo (permanent or temporary)
  • Crack an egg against your forehead
  • Give yourself a “pie attack”
  • Do a stream with your daily workout program
  • Cut or dye your hair
  • Post a fake Tweet or Instagram story in front of the viewers (the more awkward, the better)
  • Play a puzzle or build a lego set. 

Extra Tips for Choosing the Best Subathon Goals

Before picking up on these clever Twitch subathon goal ideas (or whichever similar platform you choose), you must decide your stream duration. Since Subathons tend to last for extended periods, don’t forget to add your personal time and duties into the equation. Then, you should select a format. Most popular ones include games, vlogs, or “Ask me anything” content type. 

And ultimately, the best results come to streamers who stay attentive to their audience’s wants and customize their content accordingly. 

To Wrap Up

Well-planned marathons can bring high revenue and strengthen your base of subs. Still, lengthy streams can only stay engaging if some unique sub goal ideas are involved. And watch parties, food challenges, or cosplay never fail! But while you can turn any of these incentives into a success, it’s essential to stay true to your style and the community that welcomes it. 

So try out these new approaches, but don’t be afraid to modify them and add a hint of your persona and humor—memes included!

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