The Best Twitch Bots That Make Streaming Easy

Streaming content on Twitch is one of the most wholesome ways of reaching out to the widest possible audience. But as your channel and following grow, it becomes harder to manage streaming logistics along with the quality of your content.

Adding some automated utilities to your streaming will allow you to focus on building quality content without the hassles of micro-managing your streams. So, here’s a list of the best Twitch bots (or chatbots) that offer you that convenience.


As one of the most widely used chatbots, Nightbot continues to rank high thanks to its ease of use. Its compatibility with Twitch, Trovo, Youtube, PC, and Mac makes it a good fit for many streamers out there.

The basic capabilities include customizing options, automated commands, and fully searchable logs, and a clean dashboard.

Standout Nightbot features

There are other additional features that can enhance the experience for your viewers. The song request feature, for example, allows your viewers to pick the songs that play when you stream. If there are special giveaways or contests you want to have, Nightbot has an in-built feature for that. Also, the timer function allows you to send preset messages or commercials at specific intervals.

If you have a website where you need similar features, Nightbot will easily run there, too, if you integrate the API.

The verdict

All in all, Nightbot is an incredibly useful utility that’s especially suited for streamers who recently started out. As far as the simplicity and ease of use go, it’s one of the best Twitch bots available today.


You’ve probably heard of Streamlabs already if you’ve watched gamers like ‘Nickmercs’ and ‘ZombieGrub’ on Twitch. It comes with a host of useful features that are great for various niches and content.

Standout features

One reason Streamlabs remains a popular choice for gamers is the cool overlays you get. The awesome designs and the thousands of choices make it suitable for almost any gaming setup.

Of course, you get all the regular features you’d expect in a chatbot – dashboard, commands, timers, sound effects, events, moderation, notification, etc. But features like ‘Quotes’, which allows users to type and save their quotes, are a nice addition.

Connecting to your Discord server is also easy with Streamlabs. And it also supports localization which is helpful if your viewers are primarily from a specific part of the world.

The Verdict

While Streamlabs offers a wide variety of features, it can occasionally face compatibility issues with other platforms like Youtube. But it’s arguably the best Twitch bot if your primary requirement is streaming games.


PhantomBot is an open-source and incredibly versatile chatbot. It comes with tons of features, customizations, and capabilities. Setting up is more of a challenge since it’s open-source, but the benefits are unparalleled if used correctly.

Standout Features

The most redeeming feature of PhantomBot is surely its ability to get customized for a variety of situations. The web panel comes in-built, and the moderation is superior to most of the competitors.

You can create variables for different commands, set a variety of permission levels, and all sorts of notifications. Also, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because you can tailor this chatbot to work across all platforms. PhantomBot easily integrates with services ranging from Discord and Twitter to Streamlabs and TipeeeStream.

Additional features include loyalty points for your ardent fans and game features that keep your viewers entertained. They can gamble with loyalty points or play raffles for rewards.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for feature-rich chatbots, this one’s surely among the best Twitch bots available. The only downside is that you’ll need some coding skills to tweak it all the way. So, PhantomBot is unmatched in customization, but it may not be the best fit for new users.


Touted as your ‘Twitch Streamer Assistant,’ DeepBot is another feature-rich alternative. As a cloud-based service, it’s easily accessible and offers more capabilities than your average chat assistant.

Standout Features

The name partly comes from the fact that it supports deep integrations with a variety of other services. So, if you run a Discord Server or use services like OBS, StreamLabs, etc., the cross-platform connection is a breeze with DeepBot.

You get the normal chatbot features like dashboard, raffles & giveaways, games, and custom commands. Additional features include customizing your bot name, voting/polling for your viewers, managing viewers, etc.

DeepBot also allows you to chat with all other streamers who use the service. It’s a simple way of exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

The Verdict

Besides the depth of features, DeepBot keeps its transactions completely free. So, it’s surely among the best Twitch Bots for being donation-friendly and accommodating various integrations.

Own3D Pro

Own3D Pro is fast becoming the go-to choice for streamers who want exciting visuals in their streams. It offers a decent free plan that comes with basic chatbot features, with a subscription plan that gives you full access.

Standout features

If there’s one feature that makes Own3D Pro one of the best Twitch bots available today, it’s the overlays. You get access to more than 600 overlays in the premium category. Whether you prefer the futuristic and modern designs or the dark and neon layouts, there’s an overlay here that will fit your stream.

Own3D Pro also allows you to set alerts/notifications in nine different languages. So, localization is much easier on this chatbot.

The free plan also offers a countdown widget and music that’s copyright-free.

The Verdict

Own3D Pro doesn’t have as many customizations as alternatives like PhantomBot, but it offers more dynamic overlays than any other service.

Stream Elements

Stream Elements allows you to focus solely on your content as it handles almost every aspect of streaming. For many streamers, it’s the all-in-one Twitch bot that gets the job done.

Standout features

Stream Elements has one of the best spam protection features in the market today. And their engagement tools range from Twitter integration and automatic alerts to smart timers and custom commands.

Your viewers can also participate in contests, build leader-boards and enjoy a fun loyalty system. And all these tools are easy to manage thanks to their cloud-based system.

You can also seamlessly integrate your activity feed and channel’s chat with OBS, making it easy to track and oversee viewer trends.

The Verdict

Stream Elements is known for delivering decent features that work in a variety of environments. It may not have exceptional custom features, but it surely delivers all the basics you’ll want.









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