The Biggest Celebrities That Stream On Twitch In 2023

Gone are those days when celebrities were like stars; you only see them on the big or small screens and know nothing about how they are in real life. Now you can go to any social media platform and watch them interact with the audience through live sessions.

Twitch is the most popular platform for gamers, so you might expect some of your favorite celebrities might have an active Twitch channel. Well, there are indeed many celebrities on Twitch, including actors, professional wrestlers, musicians, singers, and players. From Andy Milonakis to T-Pain to Sasha Grey, you can find them all playing their favorite games on Twitch.

If you want to know which celebs are actively streaming on Twitch in 2023, this write-up is for you. Let’s dive in and learn about some celebrity streamers on Twitch, how many followers they have, and what they do in their live streams.

List of the Biggest Celebrities Who Actively Stream on Twitch

You might have seen headlines about the appearances of popular celebs like Drake or Noah Schnapp on Twitch. However, they don’t have any active streaming channels on Twitch, so these are just guest appearances.

Hence, we aren’t going to mention celebs who appeared on Twitch just for a few streams. Let’s take a look at celebs who regularly interact on Twitch.


t-pain the rapper streaming call of duty on Twitch

T-Pain is a Famous American rapper, producer, and songwriter well known for his outstanding performance in “Bartender.” Faheem Rasheed Najm constantly streams on Twitch and shares his personal glimpse with his fans. He has 896k followers on Twitch, and people are blown up and inspired by his workout routine.

Using Twitch, the rapper shows off his studio, where he sings and writes popular songs, which fascinates his fans. In addition, he loves to share his producing talent on Twitch with fans to connect with him more.

He constantly collaborates with other famous streamers and celebrities on Twitch, such as Ludwig and Mizkif. T-pain has expanded his twitch community by live streaming and interacting with a new audience on this platform.

Terry Crews

This guy has over 102k followers on Twitch, and fans wait for his streaming videos. Terry Crews has an exceptional career as a comedian, and his infilter behavior, positive attitude, and delightful jokes are the reason for his mad following over Twitch.

However, he doesn’t stream live alone, mostly accompanied by his son “Isaiah’ while playing video games. They mostly play Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and Terry often makes fun comments about Isaiah’s performance while playing.

Crazy fans await this father and son duo to come live streaming more often, not just once after a few weeks. The witty jokes and unfiltered sense of honor online by Crews delight the fan’s mood.

Andy Milonakis

You might know him from the popular MTV show, the ‘Andy Milonakis Show.’ What you don’t know is that Andy Milonakis is also an actor, rapper, comedian, and regular Twitch streamer.

Apart from streaming games on his own channel, he collabs with other streamers regularly.

Right now, he has 649.1k followers on Twitch. The last time I checked, he was playing Hogwarts legacy and sharing updates about his Greece trip on his live stream. I won’t say Andy Milonakis is the best celebrity streamer on the streaming platform, but he can entertain people with his clever humor.

Adam Cole 

Have you seen Adam Cole going against Seth Rollins in the WWE NXT title match? Well, if you want to see a less aggressive Adam Cole playing games just like other normal people, visit his Twitch channel.

As it seems he has an interest in playing many different types of video games on his Twitch streams, including The Witcher, Resident Evil, The Callisto Protocol, Sekiro, and other FPS games. Adam Cole has 130.7k followers on his Twitch account.

His live sessions are typically 3-4 hours long. People like him for his consistency, fun commentary, and unique choice of video games.

Ben Simmons 

Besides being a top-rated basketball player, Ben Simmons is a dedicated Call of Duty: Warzone player on Twitch. His live streams are all about Call of Duty only, and he is a regular on Twitch. Ben Simmons always interacts with his viewers in the chat, and almost all of his Twitch streams are more than an hour long.

Simmons has 63.8k followers on Twitch, and he often collaborates with other popular streamers, such as Karl Anthony and Seth Curry.

Ju-Ju Smith Schuster

Among all the professional athletes on Twitch, Ju-Ju Smith Schuster is probably the most popular Twitch streamer, with 258.6k followers. And we can understand why he has such a huge fan base. Unlike most celebrity streamers, he takes the platform seriously and uses it to flex his gaming skills.

Although Fortnite is his favorite game to play, he plays other less popular games like ROBLOX. Schuster makes shorter Twitch streams, but he streams multiple times a day. Some NFL fans might say he spends too much time playing games on Twitch, but his Twitch followers couldn’t be happier about that.

Kenny Beats 

If you’re already a fan of his, you’re going to love his Twitch streams. Kenny Beats is an American record producer who is popular for his freestyle show ‘The Cave,’ where he produces hip-hop beats.

Kenny does exactly that in his Twitch channel. He creates music, new beats, and soundtracks in front of his live audience. 

Apart from that, he has an active chat room where he answers viewers’ questions regarding music production, the beat-making process, and the music industry in general. Kenny Beats has 334.6k followers on his Twitch account.

Grace Van Dien 

All of us have seen those ‘Chrissy, Wake Up’ TikToks, right? Popular for her short appearance as ‘Chrissy’ in season four of Stranger Things, Grace Van Dien has been actively streaming on Twitch even before she joined the popular web series.

Thanks to her short streaming clips that went viral, she has 281.8k followers on Twitch. Unlike other celebrities, she didn’t stop streaming on Twitch after gaining popularity. 

She regularly plays games on her channel and interacts with her audience on Discord. VALORANT is her favorite game to play on the channel. Sometimes she has guest streamers with her to just chat with each other and the viewers.

Valter Skarsgard 

You’ve probably seen him in the movie ‘Lords of Chaos.’ If not, you at least know his last name, as he belongs to the famous Swedish Skarsgard family. Besides being an actor and model, Valter Skarsgard is a part-time Twitch streamer. He currently has 11.3k followers on his channel.

Valter plays all the trendy games on his channel, such as Minecraft, League of Legends, Hogwarts Legacy, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. He has a wicked sense of humor which is clearly visible in his Twitch bio. 

Although Valter says he is not a serious streamer, he has been on the platform for over five years and streams multiple days per week.

Wil Wheaton 

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you probably have a Wil Wheaton action figure just like Sheldon Cooper. Yes, the Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory fame Wil Wheaton is available to hang out with you on Twitch. He joined Twitch in 2020.

Wil plays NHL 20 in his stream, but that’s not why he signed up on the platform. His main purpose is to hang out with his viewers in the chat and talk about anything around him. 

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any video archive on his channel. His last archived was about the Comicon for the most part. Wil has 11.8K followers right now.

However, he doesn’t have any fixed schedule for his streams. He’s currently not active on the platform, but you might consider clicking the follow button, as he can be available anytime for chit-chats about his popular roles.

Chandler Riggs

Popular for his role in ‘The Walking Dead,’ Chandler Riggs has expressed his genuine passion for games by actively streaming and game producing. No wonder he has 311.8k followers on Twitch. 

He spends more of his time on his Twitch streams than enhancing his acting career. All his streams are 2 to 6 hours long with thousands of views.

Riggs has appeared in game-related productions, including Rooster Teeth and Game Grumps. His channels are full of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. However, he also plays various FPS first-person shooter games and IRL (In Real Life) content.

Snoop Dogg

Have you heard Eminem’s new track, ‘From The D 2 The LBC’? It features the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg who is also an avid player on Twitch. However, you can’t take his gaming streams like other Twitch channels. As per his Twitch bio, he’s here to deliver a ‘chill vibe’ to the viewers.

Instead of doing a commentary during his Twitch streaming, he just sits there and plays some game of Madden. You might think his streams are boring, but he has 367k followers on the channel, which is saying something. Mr. Snoop Dogg has been popular on Twitch-related forums for many different reasons.

Once he forgot to turn off the stream and left the room while his camera was still pointing at his empty chair! He appeared in the discussions again when he muted his audio during Twitch streaming and had no idea of it for days. Who can miss that kind of fun?

Sasha Grey 

You’ll be lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on Sasha Grey after watching her in Game Of Thrones. Apart from being an actress, Sasha is also an international DJ and author. 

Her Twitch channel is just as impressive as her acting and music career. With 1.1M followers, Sasha is the most followed Twitch celebrity streamer on this list.
Her streams are in the variety category, and she plays Dead Space in her streams. 

However, most of her streams are categorized as ‘Just Chatting,’ and she spends hours on Twitch talking to her followers and replying to their queries.

Felicia Day 

With a whooping 230.1k followers, Felicia Day is one of the most active celebrity streamers on Twitch. She is an actress and author popular for her works Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, The Guild, and Legend of Neil. On Twitch, she mostly plays Fortnite with her friends.

Felicia also plays other popular video games like Circus Electrique and KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! However, she spends most of her time just chatting with her followers. Her streams are typically 2 to 3 hours long.


Who could’ve thought the two times Grammy award nominee is also a gamer? Logic is an American music producer and rapper who has 548.7k followers on Twitch. In his Twitch streams, he plays video games, builds beats on live stream, and arranges chess matches and Q&A sessions to connect to his followers.

Although he isn’t as active as other celebs, he has a huge fan base outside Twitch which helped him to gain a considerable number of views on his streams.


Looking for something unique on Twitch? The Canadian music producer Deadmau5 is probably the most unique content creator on Twitch. His recording camera is set at the top of his studio, and he gives the audience a tour of the studio while streaming. 

Deadmau5 explains the use of instruments and devices in music production. He shows the tools and devices to the audience to give a clear view of how sound is produced and processed before playing on their radios. If you have a thing for music and sound creation, you can follow his streams, each of which is 3 to 5 hours long.

Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity Streamer?

So, now you know about the most popular celebrities on Twitch. I’ve discussed celebs from all different fields, from athletes to musicians to actors. As you’ve seen, not all of them are there for playing games.

Some prefer to chat with their viewers and entertain them with fun Q&A sessions. Many offer more creative content, such as creating beats and music on stream. Go ahead and follow your favorite Twitch celeb to get fun new content regularly.

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