Twitch Info Panels: What You Need To Know Guide

When you created your new channel page, all the content and design must be added to the page itself. The content that is in your Long Bio and the graphics that you have added in the Design settings will not be imported in the new page because of the of the difference in markup language. The new channel style uses Markdown whereas the old one used HTML.
Another important consideration for your Twitch TV profile page will be your information panel. This can be found below the video player and shows the panels that you have configured onto your channel page. In this area you have the ability to add more panels, and drag and drop them as you see fit in your layout.
Interested in learning more about the info panels on your Twitch TV stream? This short guide will help you learn how to edit them so that you can start streaming more effectively.

First Things First

Before me begin, it is important to note that information panels should be a maximum of 320px W and 300px H.

Building an Effective Twitch Info Panel

An effective info panel will contain:

Contact Info

This should include any information that will provide fans with a way to contact you. For example, in this area you can place a link for Twitch messaging, your business email for business requests, mailing address, etc.

Social Media

This portion should include a sentence or two that tell your viewers why they should follow you on social media. In addition, it is recommended that you include links to all your social media channels like your Twitter page, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and more.

Stream schedule

This portion of your panel should include your stream schedule. For example if you stream Monday through Friday from 5-8pm EST, you should mention this little tidbit here so that your viewers can watch your live stream.
This is a good practice even if you stream randomly. Use this area to tell your viewers the general time that you will be online. For example, if you tend to stream in the morning EST on certain days, be sure to let your viewers know this information. It pays to be as specific as possible. So, if you are generally offline a certain day, or days, during the week, make a note about that also. You may also want to add a link to your weekly schedule as well as the games that you play on Stream.


Twitch streamers generate money from their subscriptions, so be sure to explain why viewers should subscribe to your stream as well as any benefits that they will receive. Some of these include:
• Ad removal
• Getting an icon next to their name in chat
• Immunity to slow mode
• Ability to post links in chat
• Invites to subscriber only events
It is also important place a link that takes them to the page where they can subscribe to your stream.

Referral Links

This area should contain relevant links to the websites of your affiliate partners so that you can make extra money. For example if you are partnered with Amazon, you would place their link here.


This should provide information about the equipment that you use and the equipment that your viewers will need to view your stream better. You can also incorporate links to any of your affiliate partners that sell this equipment here.

PayPal Donation

This should include links to your PayPal donation page so that your viewers can easily donate to your stream. You can also include instructions that tell them how to use it, in order to eliminate confusion.

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