Best Twitch Poker Streamers To Watch

online poker player streaming on twitch

If you’re a poker fan there are many ways for you to enjoy the sport nowadays, but Twitch is one of the most popular platforms to watch poker on – it’s even outdoing major sports networks such as ESPN! 

Millions of poker fans around the world now log onto Twitch every day to play poker with their favorite Twitch streamers, as well as chat and make connections with fellow poker fans.

Twitch as a platform is doing wonders for the visibility of poker, and is drawing in lots of new players.

This is mainly thanks to the talents of poker players streaming on Twitch. Not only are they incredibly skilled, but have charming personalities and valuable strategy tips.

But with a sea of streamers out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Read on to find out!

1. Jason Somerville

Despite being semi-retired, many would say that Jason Somerville is the king of Twitch poker streamers and that he kick-started the trend.

He started streaming his Run It Up show on Twitch in 2014, originally with a goal to turn $50 into $1,000 by playing poker online. This soon evolved into a complete poker brand.

It wasn’t long before Somerville was the most popular poker streamer on Twitch and fans could even buy Run It Up merchandise.

Not only is Somerville a great poker player, but he has amazing charisma and valuable real-time insight into the game. 

He has been streaming less in recent years, but Run It Up’s archives are still popular and he still has over 200,000 subscribers. 

2. Adam “Eklo” Tocholke

Adam “Eklo” Tocholke is a Canadian poker player, and also had a career as a producer and musician.

This is evident by the great music he plays during his streams, which just lends to the chilled out vibe of his streams. 

Eklo has a quickly growing audience, who are drawn to his ‘everyman’ approach to poker and the insight he provides to new players that make you feel like you are playing with him.

As well as poker, Eklo also streams video games too. 

3. Daniel Negreanu

One of the world’s most famous poker players, Daniel Negreanu streams regularly on Twitch, as well as on Periscope and YouTube, and these streams draw in many viewers. In fact, Negreanu has around 1 million subscribers!

As well as being popular, Negreanu is very outspoken, which makes for highly entertaining streams and intriguing insights into the game. He’s full of plenty of stories from his years of playing the game!

His Old School vs New School segments also compare strategy over the years and assess how poker strategy has changed.

He also streams a lot during big online tournaments like WSOP events, and has posted high-quality vlogs over the years whilst competing in a live WSOP event in Las Vegas. 

Negrenanu also uses his platform to post videos of his online feuds with Doug Polk, which attracts thousands of viewers. 

4. Felipe “FelipeMojave” Ramos

Brazil has been an evolving market for poker recently, and Brazil has been the home of numerous online poker champions, such as Felipe Ramos.

He is a huge figure on the Brazilian poker scene, with over $2.6 million in live poker winnings. Ramos definitely has a lot of insight on the game on his Twitch streams!

Especially for Portuguese-speaking poker players.

His Twitch stream has around 30,000 subscribers, who enjoy Ramos’ humor and valuable insights into the game, as well as the great Brazilian and heavy metal music he plays!

He often streams prestigious tournaments, with his high rollers segment being a particular highlight, and a lot of his strategy clips highlight impressive folds.

5.  Fintan “Easywithaces” Hand

Fintan “Easywithaces” Hand playing poker on twitch

Fintan ‘easywithaces’ Hand definitely has the luck of the Irish! He has a vast wealth of poker skills, and viewers are drawn to his bombastic music selections, his tips on strategy, and charming personality!

Fintan is opinionated and talkative, but his streams have a relaxed vibe which has earned him over 110,000 subscribers.

He has live tournament winnings totaling $52,000, but has also done well on the biggest stages of online poker which he has streamed to his loyal Twitch viewers!

6.  Hristivoje “AllInPav” Pavlovic

Hristivoje ‘AlllnPav’ Pavlovic is an Austrian online poker player who began poker streaming in 2015 and has amassed a large following. He spends around $200,000 of his own cash every month on poker.

This is one of the biggest appeals of his streams, following him through his ups and downs. In fact, in his bio it even says: “Follow me and watch the madness as I climb my way up the rankings.”

AlllnPav gives his followers tips on how to become a successful professional poker player, as well as advice that is applicable to real life on what to expect if you become a full-time poker player.

One of his most famous quotes is: “Poker’s not a race. Poker’s about long-term sustainability,” and he’s definitely put that into action.

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7. Jeff Gross

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jeff Gross is a professional poker player who has built an impressive brand from his Twitch stream with over 80,000 subscribers.

He also has a popular podcast. His Twitch stream is all about having fun, with some tips on strategy sprinkled throughout. 

Gross has $3.4 million in live tournament winnings, and has great stories to share from tournaments he has played in, as well as from his personal and family life which fosters a warm, welcoming environment.

Gross’ aim for his Twitch stream was to present what it’s really like to be a professional poker player, and he’s certainly done that!

As well as offering strategic tips, he also gives advice on how to get into the right mindset during a game, and has great audience interaction. 

8. Johan “YoH_ViraL” Guilbert

Johan ‘YoH_ViraL” Guilbert is a French poker player and has become one of the most popular streamers in the world. He is the most popular professional poker player streaming in the French language.

Guilbert has over 80,000 subscribers on Twitch and regularly streams high-quality poker content, letting his followers in on live poker tips, which of course involves some high roller action.

He also has quite an animated style of presenting information, making him an undeniably fun player to watch.

9. Kevin “K-Mart” Martin

It’s safe to say that Kevin ‘K-Mart’ Martin took quite an interesting path to get to where he is today.

He competed two times on the Canadian version of Big Brother, and he started playing poker in 2014, immersing himself in studying strategy.

Three months later, he quit his job in radio and became a poker player full-time, and now has $300,000 of live tournament winnings to his name. 

Martin’s background in radio is obvious, as he is very at home around a microphone. He has a smooth tone which is nice to listen to, and is nothing but a professional when it comes to talking about poker.

He also has a side gig as a commentator for online poker games. 

He has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and describes his stream as relatable and relaxed.

He also has offered plenty of fun promotions, like giving $500 in Bitcoin to a follower when he made a $10,000 score.  

He provides an in-depth analysis of the game, and talks a lot about hypothetical situations within a poker game.

10. Lex Veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis is one of the most popular Twitch poker streamers in the world, with nearly 300,000 subscribers.

He started streaming in 2016 and is a beloved Twitch poker streamer within the poker community on Twitch.

It’s not just his high-stakes action that is popular, but his larger-than-life and gregarious personality. 

Hailing from the Netherlands, Veldhuis has a knack for analyzing his play and explaining his way of thinking to viewers.

He’s been playing poker professionally for 16 years, has nearly $700,000 in live tournament winnings, and has won millions more in online games. 

Much like Jason Somerville, he has developed a growing brand with merchandise and sponsorships. He’s also set some pretty impressive Twitch Poker records.

For example, one of his streams reached a (at the time) high of 58,799 views in 2020 while he was running deep in a huge online event.

He took 15th in that tournament, and was the most-watched stream on Twitch at one point. 

Veldhuis doesn’t shy away from describing the highs and lows of poker, and gives profound insight into what life is like as a professional poker player.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into online poker – or even traditional poker, for that matter – then you need to get on Twitch! 

Not only is there a large, buzzing community of poker enthusiasts on Twitch, but great insight from poker players at the top of their game – and some even stream tournaments that you can watch from the comfort of your own home!

We hope our article has helped you find your newest Twitch obsession! 

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