What Are Some Other Websites Like Twitch?

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Are you a professional gamer or enjoy playing games regularly? Well, Twitch offers you just the place for such passionate gamers and sports enthusiasts. 

Twitch has over ten million subscribers. The audience is fond of the fun and entertainment they receive on this gaming platform, but they also learn a lot from it. 

However, with more popularity comes a heavy crowd on the platform. And over time, it goes out of trend. With such a familiarity to Twitch, you need alternatives that fulfill your gaming entertainment just like Twitch or maybe better than that.

In this blog, you will learn about such gaming platforms like Twitch that perhaps perform better than it while fulfilling all your gaming fantasies.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube is not only a platform for video makers; it has a dedicated platform for gamers as well. YouTube Gaming stands outside of all the alternatives to Twitch. Similar to Twitch, YouTube has several abilities for gaming fans.

Gamers can also earn money through YouTube’s collaboration with Google Adsense and grow gaming traffic. Moreover, fans can converse with one another via the gaming channel.

Large traffic of YouTube Gaming streamers has access to diverted piling as well as some real gaming business. Comedic and novel perspectives of popular culture are what get reflected from these games on YouTube. 

Gaming is, thus, one of the most devoured categories on YouTube.


Although not exclusively for gaming purposes, Vimeo has a dedicated channel meant for all gamers. It is more like YouTube than Twitch. 

The difference between Twitch and Vimeo is that while Twitch is a platform mostly for gamers, Vimeo has a channel for gaming purposes besides others.

All you need to do is have an account on Vimeo with options to upgrade it later. You can download up to 500 MB of content weekly with free access. Vimeo makes selling your content simple. You can start a subscription plan with Vimeo too.

With Vimeo, you can earn money from hosting and streaming your content without the help of Google Adsense revenue generation tactics. If you are intense about creating a reputable subscription base, Vimeo is the choice for you.


Dailymotion is a platform you may skip for other streaming platforms as you rarely believe it is for gamers. However, it is quite similar to Twitch. It is a popular streaming platform that is used by a large network of people worldwide.

You can stream live or on-demand content on Dailymotion while sharing it on various platforms or web properties.

Your partnership allows you to monetize your streaming content on Dailymotion, and this way, you can earn good revenue. Gamers consider it to be a beneficial alternative to Twitch. Dailymotion allows you to broadcast your streams on multiple platforms and expand your reach in the traffic.

Facebook Watch

Who’d think that Facebook can be a spot for gamers? But it is. Thanks to the collaboration between esports leagues, who partnered with Facebook, which brought up the whole idea of Facebook’s streaming platform. 

Now you can stream the game on Facebook just like Twitch and share the platform with fellow gamers. You can also learn something new in the field while watching the live streams. 

The esports leagues streamed on Facebook are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, ESL One, and many more such tournaments. If you see any of your favorite game streamers on Facebook, it won’t be your luck because they surely are a part of it. You’d keep seeing glances of them.

If you have an account on Facebook, you can easily connect and communicate with these gameplay streamers.


Last on this list but definitely not the least is the UStream streaming services. Based in San Francisco, UStream is a worldwide streaming site that allows you to not only stream talk shows, live sporting events, private live movie streaming, but also games just like on Twitch.

It is now called IBM Cloud Video. IBM is the service provider and is used by reputed social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Intuit, and even NASA and Salesforce. 

UStream offers an integrated PlayStation 4, which makes it easy to stream your game with the console. UStream offers a much better service than Twitch. Even though Twitch tried to integrate streaming of all kinds in real life, UStream made it practically possible.

Like Twitch, UStream also enables its services for domestic clients on Android or iOS-based smartphones.


Final Thoughts

Not all of these streaming services just like Twitch, but some are even better! Although Twitch is a leading streaming service, it has fierce competition to beat.

Newer platforms are emerging in the streaming field. These aim to make user-created videos trendy and financially and innovatively profitable for gamers and, hence, the developers.  

Check out all of these platforms if you are a gaming enthusiast and are interested in exploring the gaming world. These streaming services serve almost all the best interests of gamers worldwide. Go ahead and stream your gameplay now!





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