What Does Backseat Gaming Mean?

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If you’re on Twitch, you must’ve heard the term “backseat gaming” among many streamers! But what is backseat gaming? And how it affects gamers?

Backseat gaming mainly refers to the action when someone watching your gaming stream continuously offers suggestions and unsolicited advice. In most cases, backseat driving or gaming isn’t helpful to the person playing the games and can distract them from performing better.

So, in this blog, you’ll know the common problems gamers face due to such actions and the best ways to deal with them. Therefore, without further ado, let’s binge on!

Possible Problems Gamers Face with Backseat Gamers on Twitch

As a gamer, I feel annoyed when a backseat gamer comes with unwanted suggestions and opinions. All this talk not just distracts my natural gameplay but also I don’t find room for improvement.

Here’re some of the worst problems most gamers (like me) face with backseat gaming.

Derail Your Gameplay with Unwanted Commenting and Advice

One passion that almost all backseat gamers come up with is disrupting your gaming experience! Now, it’s not like they always do this intentionally, but it surely rubs the gamers the wrong way.

Someone continuously commenting on your game without your consent can take away your game interest. That’s not all; when you consistently hear opinions and unsolicited advice, it can become impossible for you to focus on your game.

So, imagine how annoying this can be when you’re playing a competitive game!


Let’s say you’re all set to stream a new game on Twitch (or any other platform). And the moment you’re about to start the game, the audience watching your stream starts to jump on with spoilers! This destroys the streamer’s interest in moving further with the game. And it’s absolutely justified!

No passionate gamers will love to continue the game any further if they are already aware of the plot twists. And such spoilers are common among friends; some do it intentionally, and some may ruin the game out of excitement.

Suggesting Play Styles

All gamers have unique play styles, and if a backseat gamer consistently comes and suggests different playing methods, this can frustrate the streamer

The reason is the streamer’s already set to play their natural game, and sudden playing advice can confuse them. These forceful suggestions can result in the player to lose focus and control over their play style.

Ways to Deal with Annoying Backseat Gamers on Twitch

You can find hundreds of ways to deal with annoying backseat gamers on the internet. But not all are as effective as they claim. So, here in this section, I’ve listed some of the sure-to-work ways that I use to deal with such backseat gamers!

Stay Engaged with Your Audience

Continuously engaging with your viewers is a striking way to manage backseat gaming without closing your chat. So, what you’re doing here is you’re not ignoring them but actually finding a way to include them in your game! 

You can do this by asking for opinions and responding to their suggestions. This will show that you respect their advice and also have full control over your gameplay.

Use Humor

Using humor is another bold move to stop backseat gaming for good! It’s actually a fantastic way to diffuse tension and manage backseat gamers on your Twitch streams. Making jokes about their unsolicited suggestions or using funny voices to respond to their comments can shut them down for good. 

But make sure not to insult or offend anyone through personal attacks. Add humor, not aggression, as this can rub your viewers on the wrong side! In short, accept their words, but don’t implement them! This can help you keep a healthy gaming atmosphere!

Turn Off Chat (If Needed)

If it’s uncontrollable to manage backseat gaming, turning off the chat can be the best option here. Yes, it may appear extreme, but it’ll surely help you focus more on your gameplay. 

However, if the situation can be managed by limiting the number of participants, then go for it! These actions will make your viewers realize that you’re serious about playing the game your way and won’t take unwanted advice!

Designate a Moderator

Designating a moderator can also help you to filter unwanted comments or backseat gaming. A moderator can aid you in managing chat while focusing on the game. 

But it’s important to choose someone you trust and who understands your expectations. Having a trusted moderator can keep your chat open while having complete control over the conversation. Ask good questions when you interview moderators

Don’t Rattle Your Focus

In the end, gaming is all about enjoying! Staying focused on your goal and why you’re streaming is the first thing you must keep in mind. So, it won’t be wise to let some backseat gamers distract you from your goals. 

Take breaks when needed, and enjoy your video game. Remember that your audience is there to support you, and it’s also okay to set certain boundaries and rules.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter which platform you stream your games on; you’ll always find backseat gamers distracting your gaming experience. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can always outstand the unsolicited advice.

Yet, if someone continues to distract you with their unwanted suggestions and game-style tactics, remove that user from your stream.

In the end, focus on your gameplay and let your viewers enjoy your stream!

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