What Is Dlive and Is It Better Than Twitch?

You may remember Dlive from that time PewDiePie reminded Youtube that they’re not the only place to live stream video games.

Dlive is a website that might change online streaming for good. This streaming platform is different than any other streaming service available today. The difference is that it runs on the Steem blockchain.

Available on Android, Dlive is live on Google Play, so Android users can easily install it on their devices.

Dlive is a decentralized service, so it doesn’t charge content creators any fees. The upvoting and flagging system is the motor that promotes and demotes content.

A piece of content that gets a large number of upvotes will automatically surface, so more users will discover it and perhaps give it their votes.

Both viewers and creators should benefit from this democratic system, as valuable pieces of content will surface and find their audience instead of getting buried within a few hours after launch.

Paying with cryptocurrencies for such services is an innovative concept and it is meant to make access to all features much easier and also safer. Since you don’t have to disclose your credit card details to pay for this service, you don’t risk to have your data stolen and misused.

Apparently, this attracted over half million users to join the platform and to pay for gifts, donations and upvotes.

Dlive creators can earn Steem tokens as a reward from their fans and followers. The more upvotes and gifts a content piece receives, the more tokens its author is going to get. Viewers also can earn tokens by making comments and by upvoting their favorite content.

Apparently, some streamers manage to earn nice amounts of money by publishing their content to Dlive.

Founded by Cole Chen and Charles Wayn, Dlive already counts over 20 million members all over the world with more added everyday. In a time when overbearing terms of service and censorship has swept the internet, it has good chances of growing to a sizable market share.