best overwatch streamers on twitch

Who Are The Best Overwatch Streamers On Twitch?

Are you an online multiplayer game enthusiast? Then, surely, you’re among the Overwatch streamers on Twitch. When you enjoy Overwatch but hate loading the game, you’ve arrived at the right spot!

Listing out the live streams that suit your fancy can be overwhelming. But Twitch has you covered for the top Overwatch streamers. Here, you will read about five of the best Overwatch streamers on Twitch.


Emongg covers the top numbers whenever it is about Overwatch and streaming gameplay. Emongg used to play as a part of Selfless Gaming in the early stages of Overwatch. Over time, he became one of the reputed best streamers on Twitch.

Not only is he a talented player, but Emongg also specializes in the off-tank role. He adds so much more to his gameplay than routine players. With Emongg, competitive Overwatch eliminates the toxicity of the game with positivity and educational content.

Overwatch fans prioritize gameplay over any personality. However, with more than 580,000 followers on Twitch, Emongg stands out in the crowd of his fellow streamers. There has to be something special about him, right?


Just when you thought that Overwatch is a place more for some man action, Fran enters with her unapologetic stance in the gameplay streamers on Twitch.

Fran climbs up the ladder with flex support from her fans, playing on multiple accounts every season. She is not only an authentic Overwatch streamer on Twitch, but she also entertains her fans during the gameplay.

Although Fran performs indifferently for support heroes, more so for Zenyatta and Baptiste, viewers keep coming back for her vibrant personality.

Fran reveals her bold and brave moves in her gameplay and, without hesitating, calls out to bad sportsmanship whenever necessary. Newbies who follow her on Twitch could learn a lot from her confidence and boldness.

Fran is also an avid Path to Pro supporter and, as such, has hosted several tournaments for competitive gameplay.


You cannot miss out on Seagull when it comes to the top Overwatch streamers on Twitch. A_Seagull is among the topmost Overwatch streams with the following base of over a million. His channel is the second most popular stream, following the Overwatch League.

Brandon Larned began as a Team Fortress 2 player, after which he debuted in the Overwatch League Inaugural Season.

Currently, he is spotted as one of the top-rated Overwatch Twitch streamers. Fans love Seagull for his friendly nature, knowledge about the field, and the fact that he is excellent at Overwatch. He answers all your queries with much interest, making his viewers learn so much more from him.

This way, his stream proves to be informative. Seagull is popularly known for the characters of Junkrat, Genji, Pharah, D.Va, and Hanzo.


Félix Lengyel, or xQc, a Canadian Overwatch Twitch streamer, is a professional Overwatch player. He has successfully secured many followers on Twitch and is also the sub-tank for Gladiators Legion.

Although he is not seen on the list of Overwatch streamers because he is technically a variety streamer, his primary gameplay is still the Blizzard shooter. xQc has dedicated himself to streaming entirely because Gladiators Legion is currently not participating.

xQc streams 10 hours a day, with an average number of viewers ranging to over 40,000. Getting to watch him play Overwatch is hit-or-miss. But it is so much worth it when you do get to watch him play.

With over 3.7 million followers, some refer to his personality as abrasive. However, that is simply an opinion of some out there. xQc is primarily seen playing as Winston, Reinhardt, and Orisa.


Dylan Rudeism Beck is one of the most creative Overwatch streamers on Twitch who is not a professional Overwatch player. He is a coder and programmer and streams himself about how one should not play the game.

He is getting quite popular for his inventive approach to Overwatch streaming on Twitch. Rudeism is the guy who played Winston with bananas and Hanzo with a Nerf bow.

Rudeism once rigged a microwave to play Symmetra. He has also done other experiments while playing Overwatch on Ana, who he played with a teacup, Mercy with a broom, and Zenyatta with a balance board and tennis balls.

While he is quite entertaining during the stream, he may not be the streamer who would be helpful if you want to get better at gameplay. However, he is a gem, and you can watch him if you are looking for some fun and entertainment. Also, you can learn the set-up process for wacky controllers watching him.


Twitch is an interesting platform with exciting and interesting stuff for all kinds of gamers. Overwatch has emerged to be the most played and streamed gameplay, which is why you are here in the first place.

The list of the best Overwatch streamers on Twitch is a long one. However, we have narrowed down the list to these best five out of the best overall. With their unique tactics and professional gaming skill, you can learn a lot from them while also have fun and entertainment in the process.