Who Are The Richest Twitch Streamers?

Today Twitch (owned by Amazon) is one of the world’s ruling live streaming platforms, especially when it comes to gamers and influencers.

The gamers broadcast things or go live with the public. Then thousands of people subscribe to their channel to watch them play their favorite games or reveal their winning tactics.

The combination of a vast number of subscribers and viewers and the capability of rich sponsors and companies that pay to get their content featured on this platform. The result of this brilliant combination is how Twitch became an income generator for thousands of streamers worldwide.

Did you know that your most admired streamers are making thousands and hundreds of dollars every year? Surprisingly, true!

Let us find out who are the richest Twitch streamers in 2021 through this article.

The Richest Twitch Streamers of 2021.


Undoubtedly, the most popular and the most-watched streamer in the world, PewDiePie is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of gaming streamers. After being a successful content creator on YouTube, this Swedish gamer joined Twitch in 2017 and soon rose to the top.

Today, PewDiePie has a net worth of a whopping 55 million dollars with his unique and evergreen approach towards gaming and entertaining the audience.


An American Twitch streamer, Summit1g, started about five years back and soon became a sensation. Every month there is a huge surge in his subscriber’s list.

Today, Summit1g has a net worth of 7.5 million dollars with his unmatched gaming techniques to lure in the audience.


Timothy Betar is named TimTheTatman on Twitch. The noticeable feature here is that Timothy has a pre-defined streaming schedule. It makes the audience easier to follow in his work.

As a result, TimTheTatman has a worth of 6.5 million dollars.

Tfue (FaZe Tfue)

He is a Florida-based Twitch streamer, famous for his awesome skills while playing Fortnite. Apart from whooing people with his gaming on Twitch, he is also known for his hilarious commentary.

Today, Tfue has a net worth of 6 million dollars.


Thomas Cassell, a British gamer, started his gaming channel on Twitch under the name Syndicate. He smashed the internet by getting over a million views on his very first stream, and there is no stopping him since. He is known for his two favorite games – Halo Read and Modern Warfare 2.

Today, he is merely 26 years old and has a net worth of 4.8 million dollars.

Dr. Disrespect

PUBG and Apex Legends are the two games that helped Dr. Disrespect slay the internet world. He had been in the market long before but became a sensation in 2017. With his influence, he even organizes challenges like the triple threat challenge.

Today, Dr. Disrespect has a net worth of 3.5 million dollars and is amongst the top ten richest Twitch streamers of 2021.

TSM Myth

Ali Kabbani, a.k.a. TSM Myth, is one of the top five most-watched Fortnite streamers. His gaming skills are top-notch, and this shows on his YouTube channels as well.

Currently, the net worth of TSM Myth is 3 million dollars, and he is only 22 years old!


Another American gamer, Rabia Yazbek, runs a YouTube channel. But owing to his fan-following in Twitch, he devotes most of his time to the latter. He is famous for his gaming highlights, patch note reviews, gameplay montages, and unparalleled commentaries.

Today, Nightblue3 is amongst the top ten richest Twitch streamers and has a net worth of 3 million dollars.


DrLupo or Benjamin Lupo is a hero emerging from PUBG. He is around 32 years old and plays like a boss defeating most youngsters. The one thing that sets him apart from the crowd is that he allows his fans to play with him, regardless of their experience.

Today, DrLupo has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.


He, too, is a Florida-based streamer. Imaqtpie talks about gaming highlights and various tips and advice with his viewers to better their gaming tactics through his streams.

Currently, the net worth of Imaqtpie is 1 million dollars.

Wrapping Up

The media was jam-packed with breaking news in the streaming industry in the past couple of years Most of the world’s popular and richest Twitch streamers predominantly belong to the gaming genre. They use the platform to stream various games to connect with gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

For some people, it is merely a hobby. On the contrary, certain others have the talent of juggling between being a skilled gamer and an entertainer with an appealing on-screen personality. And it is for these streamers and their immense fan-following that they win lucrative rewards and a hefty sum!


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