XSplit Gamecaster Broadcast Software

This is a guide for anyone who is ready to start streaming. All you need is broadcast software. If you want to start streaming with Twitch simply create an account with XSplit Gamecaster. It free, and it’s easy!

To see which license suits you best go to the XSplit website. Licenses are available as free, personal and premium.

Getting Started With XSplit Gamecaster

As soon as you get started with XSplit Gamecaster you can begin streaming. It only takes just a few minutes. Take the time though to look over all of the customization options available. There are many to choose from. Here is an informative video that will help you get started.

Logging In To Twitch and XSplit Gamecaster

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the XSplit site and log into your XSplit Gamecaster account. As you are logging in you will receive a notification that you must confirm your Twitch account. Once you have authorized your Twitch account you will be taken to the Gamecaster start screen. You can start streaming with the in-game overlay. You can run any game you wish to. To access the overlay when streaming press CTRL + TAB.

Integrated Twitch Chat

After you sign into your Twitch account you will be able to see a Twitch icon in the overlay. A XSplit window will open if you click on the Twitch icon. This is the integrated chat system. You will see the title of your Twitch broadcast and will be able to participate in your channels chat. You will be able to use Twitch commands to moderate the chat.

Annotation Mode

The XSplit Gamecaster now has an exciting new feature. Annotation mode is new to the game. This feature allows you to directly draw on your gameplay. To use annotation mode press the pencil button in the overlay. A menu will appear. You will be able to see the different options that are available to you in annotation mode. To escape the mode press ESC.