How to Set Alerts in Your Twitch Streams

There are many tools that allow us through a series of settings to define alerts, to notify followers, subscriptions, who has hosted or raided you, donations, bits, etc. So today we want to focus on how to set alerts on your Twitch streaming.

There are already millions of people who have a Twitch account, and many others who generate income by creating their own content on this platform. Today we want to show you some tools that will allow you to set alerts and notifications for Twitch streaming – Twitch Alerts, so your life will be more interactive with the chat.

Twitch Alerts 2021

The most important thing in Twitch to interact with your followers and subscribers, in full stream, are the alerts. Since these notifications or alerts appear in your live stream alerting you of new:

  • Followers.

  • Donations.

  • Subscribers.

  • Bits.

Hosts or raids made by other Streamers.

Therefore, it is important to customize in a fun way these alerts to give information, notoriety or thank the user of your Stream.

How to set alerts and notifications for Twitch streaming – Twitch Alerts

In other tutorials, we have already indicated the importance of using the OBS Studio application in your stream, and with it we can also set up alerts on Twitch. You will also need to have Streamlabs OBS installed. In 2021 it is no longer necessary to install it, we can do it via the web by logging into Twitch from the Streamlabs website.

To set these Twitch alerts, the first thing to do is to open our Streamlabs program and click on the + in sources. In all this menu, we go to the right part where it puts Widgets and we give to the box of alerts.

Put a name to the source, for example, Alert box to know that it is a notification. We have already added our first alert box in Twitch! But currently, it will not appear, as we will have to add an action to it.

Modifying Twitch Alerts

This is probably the most important interaction for your audience, specifically talking about Twitch widgets. Every time a viewer of your Twitch stream subscribes, makes a big donation or raids you, an alert will play in your live stream with an animation, customized to your liking, showing the username and a few words of thanks that they have dedicated to you.

Before we have already created an alert in our alert box, but as we have no idea what is going to appear or anything, we are going to customize it to our liking. To do this in the main Streamlabs panel, we look at the vertical menu on the left side and click on a button that says the panel.

As you will see how we have a lot of options, where we can focus on alerts for new followers, new subscribers, donations, hosts, Bits, etc…

Customize alerts for new Followers and Subscribers on Twitch

We can now customize each of the alert boxes, focusing on each of them. To modify and customize the alert for new followers we will simply have to go to the Followed tab in Streamlabs and modify the alert to our liking.

Customize subscriber alerts

We can customize text, text animation, add an image, video or gif, sound, alert duration, etc.

If we click on the selected image, we can put the gif, image or video that we want, and of course upload one ourselves. As we see in the image below, we get several options that we can choose, but if we want to upload ourselves an image or gif, we give it to uploads and from there we upload it.

Other factors to take into account when creating the Twitch alert

  • In sound, we recommend you to upload your own sound, since most Streamlabs sounds are premium.

  • Lower the volume of the sound, as it tends to be very loud. Test between 15 – 25%.

  • Everything else that comes out can be fiddled with and modified to your liking. We can change the font size, font, colors, animations, … as you like!

  • Don’t forget to save the configuration when you are done.

  • Test every time you modify something, to see how the alert will be displayed. Test “Follow”, Test “Subscription”, etc.

How to set up alerts in your Twitch Streams – StreamLabs OBS

As always we leave you a complete video tutorial to configure alerts in your Twitch streams with Streamlabs.

Use Twitch Studio Beta to set and modify alerts in your Streaming

You can also use the new Twitch Studio to set alerts in your streaming. From this useful Twitch software we can add integrated and customized Twitch Studio alerts. They are introduced through a very intuitive guided process.

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