How To Check Watchtime On Twitch? [Simple And Easy]

twitch watchtime

If you’re a regular Twitch streamer, you must be curious about the hours you spend on this platform. Knowing this time stat can help determine whether your time on stream is creating the necessary hook with your audience. 

So, how to check watch time on Twitch, then?

Twitch doesn’t have any features that can help you know the hours you spend on this platform. However, with the help of third-party software and websites, you can achieve this information.

Now, how to get this done? Well, no worries! This blog will help you know how many hours you spend on Twitch in no time. Therefore, binge on till the end!

Ways to Find the Hours Spend on Twitch on Your Android, iOS, and Desktop: Step-by-Step Process

Are you spending too much time on Twitch stream and want to check on the hours spent? Then this section is here to guide you through! Ensure not to skip any of it.

For Android Mobile Device

Here’re the steps you’ve to follow to figure out the hours spent on Twitch on your Android mobile.

Step-1: Tap and open your android settings

Step-2: Scroll down and click on “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.”

Step-3: Once you enter the option, you’ll find “Dashboard.” Click on it!

Step-4: Slowly scroll down the Dashboard, and you’ll find your Twitch App. Hit on it, and you can see the Twitch watch time check.

For Desktop Users

With these following steps, you can easily check on the hours you spend on Twitch. 

Step-1: Open your browser and download “Watchtime Tracker” (it’s entirely free).

Step-2: Once downloaded, click the “Add to Chrome” option and hit the “Add Extension” button.

Step-3: Click on “extensions” (you’ll find it in the top right side corner of the Google address bar); it’s like the black “puzzle piece” icon.

Step-4: Now, push on the toggle

Step-5: You can now see how many hours you spend on Twitch

Pro Tip: Before downloading the “Watchtime Tracker,” install an anti-virus to be extra careful from any malware.

For iOS

Before starting with the steps, let me just tell you this. One of the best features of iOS is that it shows stats bars of your time on an application. That’s something pretty fascinating! Let’s proceed with the steps:

Step-1: Go to your iPhone’s settings

Step-2: Scroll down and search for the “Screen Time” option

Step-3: Once found, click on it and turn on the option

Step-4: Now, go back and click on the “See All Activity” option

Step-5: Here, you can see the stats of your daily and weekly phone usage. Just hit on any of the options you prefer

Step-6: Finally, scroll down and look for Twitch; you’ll find the exact data on time spent watching Twitch streams there.

How to Check Watch Time on Twitch Using Third-Party Software and Website?

As we mentioned before, Twitch doesn’t have features that can show you the hours watched on this streaming platform. So, here are some of the third-party software you can use to get these stats.


It’s a pretty famous “All-in-one platform” specially designed for streamers. StreamElements offers a wide range of tools, including a dashboard that tracks revenue, engagement, and viewership. You can also check your hours watched on Twitch through StreamElements.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step-1: Login to StreamElements and then hit on Twitch to give the login details.

Step-2: Now, on the right side of the dashboard, you should find an option called “Bot Settings.” All you’ve to do is tap on the “Join Channel” option.

Step-3: You now need to let your StreamElements bot moderate the Twitch chat. So, to activate, you need to head back to your chat and give a chat command “/mod streamelements” (it’s more like the chat commands you give on Discord to play music or stuff) and hit enter.

Step-4: Once done, return to the dashboard and scroll down “Loyalty Settings.” If you see the toggles not enabled, simply turn it on to check on your watch time command.

Step-5: Now, take your mouse cursor to “Chat Bot,” then click on “Chat Commands,” and turn on “!watchtime.”

Step-6: Finally, head back to Twitch chat and type the chat command “!watchtime.” The bot will now give you the watched time on Twitch live streams.

Twitch Tracker

Twitch Tracker is a website that can provide you with different tools, including tracking and analytics tools. Here’s what you need to do to check how many hours you spend on Twitch.

Step-1: Visit the Twitch Tracker site

Step-2: Afterward, enter the name of your channel in the site’s search bar and click on your profile.

Step-3: Then select the “Stats” tab and view the overall watch time.

Streamlabs Chatbot

Streamlabs is another striking third-party software that can aid you in monitoring and check on the hours watched on Twitch. Below are the steps you need to follow to set up the software.

Step-1: Visit the Streamlabs site and then download and install the software.

Step-2: Once done, get the software connected to your Twitch account by clicking on the “Twitch” button.

Step-3: In the dashboard, you now have to click the “Commands” tab and then hit the “Add Command” button.

Step-4: Enter the chat command “!watchtime.” When you type this on your Twitch chat bar, it’ll now show you the watch time.

Bottom Line

So, there you go! Now you can easily check the time frame you spend on this platform. It’s true; there are quite some steps that you may need to cover to check on the time info! Yet, it’s absolutely fine, as at least you can now monitor the watch time on Twitch.

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